Night of the living bad games- BG4



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    sup nicako i never see you when i come on. i need to remember how to play this game :<
  • SF3LPSF3LP Nica K.O Joined: Posts: 3,496
    sup nicako i never see you when i come on. i need to remember how to play this game :<

    im mostly on ggpo due to competition being better but i get on 2df once in a while
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  • werepigwerepig Joined: Posts: 1,215
    im mostly on ggpo due to competition being better but i get on 2df once in a while

    yeah. i been on ggpo a bit recently. not really 2df at all.
    lets game some games in next time were both on.
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    bgs to ChiTown Legend.

    I play this cat online today in alpha 3 on 2df. I beat a nigga ass, natch right. So then, this dude, he starts talkin all that shit. I was like...."nigga you aint nuthin but a lil razzle dazzle" and that pissed him off. Talkin bout finding me, blowing up my house, raping my dog, you know the usual shit. So i just laugh it off. Few days later, this dude sending me my info like my adress and shit, saying i bettet watch mah back. So i let a nigga know, "U mad". I hope he doesnt realy go through with his plans with my dog though.
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    bgs to hedonist called me a cheater and said i have programmable combos??? :confused:

    here is the convo.

    7:02:20 PM hedonist: how many logins do you have?
    7:02:30 PM Frantastic: only one lol
    7:02:37 PM hedonist: hmmmm
    7:31:13 PM Frantastic: aww get raped ***
    7:31:21 PM hedonist: by your noob broken char
    7:31:24 PM hedonist: learn a real char
    7:31:27 PM Frantastic: stop mashing
    7:31:29 PM hedonist: nice cheating btw
    7:31:32 PM hedonist: i love your rapid fire keys
    7:31:32 PM Frantastic: go play sfiv
    7:31:35 PM Frantastic: haha
    7:31:37 PM hedonist: scrubs play sfiv
    7:31:38 PM hedonist: like you
    7:31:44 PM Frantastic: i know how to do lightning legs
    7:31:48 PM hedonist: bullshit
    7:31:49 PM Frantastic: haha
    7:31:50 PM hedonist: cheating
    7:31:52 PM Frantastic: hahaha
    7:31:53 PM hedonist: using rapid keys
    7:31:57 PM Frantastic: this is great
    7:32:06 PM Frantastic: im gonna save this convo
    7:32:14 PM hedonist: your cheating the game was lagging and you still pulled off combos and parries, impossible
    7:32:16 PM Frantastic: this is pretty funny
    7:32:24 PM hedonist: that's why i beat your ken and your scrub yang
    7:32:28 PM Frantastic: wtf it was lagging for me too
    7:32:30 PM hedonist: but then you win with chun, big deal
    7:32:38 PM hedonist: anyone can win with chun she's for noobs
    7:32:41 PM Frantastic: lol i won 8 straight
    7:32:52 PM hedonist: no you didn't
    7:32:59 PM Frantastic: yeah i did
    7:33:00 PM hedonist: chun doesn't count becuse she's god tier
    7:33:12 PM Frantastic: lmao you would hate my yun then
    7:33:35 PM hedonist: yeah you use programs to make combos i've seen guys here post vids about it
    7:33:39 PM hedonist: that's how they rape with chun/yun
    7:33:41 PM hedonist: no skill involved
    7:33:46 PM hedonist: your urien is the worst btw
    hedonist has left.

    Online play doesn't really matter to me i play for fun lol

    I'm so tempted to sig that SF4 part.
    3s: Makoto/Sean/Yun
    SSF4: R.I.P Makoto
  • velocityvirusvelocityvirus Roo Nub Joined: Posts: 26
    Some moron who thinks he's good on GFWL named FailBob keeps giving it the disconnect when he's about to get whooped.
  • Vampire_SaviourVampire_Saviour R4 Joined: Posts: 333
    Bad games to Natazz-Boy. He was just being a hard SOS scrub a few minutes ago on ggpo CE.

    He reset the game 3 times mid-match when I perfected him and right as I was about to take the second round, and then he said "I win" after each time.
    After I left and said ggs he freaked out on the message board in Spanish. What an ass.
  • omfgomfg Joined: Posts: 2,028
    BGs to TheUtilityGirl in ST room. What a whiny, pretentious little bitch..
    see ya buddy

    even if you die, I'll kill you... :badboy:
    <3 don't let life fool you. everything is black or white
  • konakona KAYO HAATO~! <3 Joined: Posts: 1,012
    BGs to breakyoself in the ST room. He accused me of using macros because I used Chun's stored super.
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  • Sakura.DensetsuSakura.Densetsu This is delicious! Joined: Posts: 1,283
    On SF4 on PC

    To the Akuma player who hit me twice with two fireballs, did an Ultra I dodged, ran across the screen like a bitch spamming fireballs and the like while I weaved with Bison through them without taking a hit and killed with a HS...then DC before round 2. Didn't catch your name; not only are you a poor sport but you also were one of the worst and most predictable Akumas I have ever seen and I hope you read this.

    And too the Ryu player (Got his User Name. p snikt) I played two matches later, who disconnected the moment I Ultra'd through his Fireball for the win on round 3. Was a relatively decent and equally skilled match overall until you showed your true colors.

    BGs for you both
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  • Trouble BrewingTrouble Brewing Super Coffee Fighter V Joined: Posts: 5,174 mod
    Against my better judgment, I accepted a 1 bar match against a guy named "EtchASketchSock."

    After beating him with my Dhalsim, I get a message from him saying the following:
    scrubby dhalsim, running back and forwards. lmao. you dont know how to play, do you?

    Naturally, I replied 1 bar games are serious business.

    Anyway, he's British, so watch out Euros.
    The artist formerly known as Starcade RIP
  • RushedDownRushedDown back in the usa Joined: Posts: 2,046
    bg's CUTWEST in st on ggpo

    wins the first round then says u fuckin suck and drops

    fuckin bum
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    BG's to TheGoul on 2df. Picked Q and he started bitching about me turtling. Couldn't handle losin to Q I guess.
  • TheghoulTheghoul Joined: Posts: 139
    BGs to riot guard who gets beaten after i say "jesus christ you turtle" after i win the majorty of the games, trys to talk shit and say i was bitching.
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  • Riot GuardRiot Guard Old School Joined: Posts: 3,907
    Actually you call me a turtler then I win. Who complains how I use a low tier while no one is bitching about you using top tier. I like how all your responses were so mature as "stfu" yet you are runnin off first. Oh and nice ragequit there buddy. Not worth my time, lag was horrible too.
  • TheghoulTheghoul Joined: Posts: 139
    LOL ragequit? i won again you fail to my perfect on you and such. I didn't bitch i simplely said "jesus you turtle" then perfected you i just adapted to your turtle style. then you i told you to stfu b/c idc really and just wanted to play. then you win 1 time and say something smart ass i beat you again and leave how is that a ragequit? quitting during any game is a ragequit to people now. I don't have to play you if i don't want to....

    edit: and you say high tier you used urien after like urien is such a low tier character?
    [GAMECAST]Ghoul/GMMA Ghoul
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  • Riot GuardRiot Guard Old School Joined: Posts: 3,907
    I fail to your perfect? You win after my 3 win streak once with Chun and then hurl some more insults at the character select screen then quit. No last match statement or nothing. Notice you didn't quit during the win streak but waited to get one more win and then quit like a child that needs the last word. Did I rage or rub it in after I immediately perfect you back like you are trying to do now? See how I threw that in or did you forget that happened, lol. Urien is mid tier and I like playing against high tier, however I don't cry when someone plays using a style I don't like. And no I won 3 times and then said something smartass which was do you want me to go back to turtling since you felt I was doing it and obviously stopped, but your memory is clouded with lies and or arrogance. Now everyone is gonna watch these garbage lag ridden matches which you probably think are good since you advertise them like a Geico commercial in your sig. Remember to keep me on your ignore list.
  • TheghoulTheghoul Joined: Posts: 139
    hahaha again you assume the reason i do things is the only reason you would. Hurl insults? i just fucking left i didn't wanna play you anymore! ok you won 3 times...what does that have to do with you claiming all the other stuff i won the majorty though. I'm gonna quit eventually idk why everyone these days has a stick up their ass when somone leaves. OMG YOU RAGEQUIT I WAS WINNING!! people take this shit so stuipd is a game eventaully somone is gonna laeve lol. sick of playing douchebags online
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  • NobodySummonsMegaNobodySummonsMega tron Joined: Posts: 5
    bg 2df, stop crashing on meh
  • sait0usait0u Joined: Posts: 1,151
    I got a hatemail playing this guy name Tornado79 or something like that. He was getting mad that I was playing on a stick and beating him on friendlies. LOL. He also claims i was using turbo functions. LOL

    edit: forgot to mention i was playing sf4.
  • _Snake__Snake_ wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Joined: Posts: 608
    AH! My old blog! Good news, I started playing 3s again, and I already picked a fight with someone >_> ..........(Carnoustie took my shit talking alil too seriously, but in the end he had like a 5000000000000000-4 winning record over me)

    (We then spent over an hour philosophizing about perspective, which ended with him frustrated with my radical thought and leaving)

    Carnoustie is really cool and one of the few good player on 2DF. His Oro makes me want to break things :grrr:.
  • NobodySummonsMegaNobodySummonsMega tron Joined: Posts: 5
    icedm0nster on supercade, you need to stop whining about delayed parries when the lag was almost nonexistant. "Oh I was with MOV this week, I learned so much shit with Ken!" No, that doesn't matter, just because MOV gave you tips doesn't mean you'll be the next MOV. Chill out.
  • RushedDownRushedDown back in the usa Joined: Posts: 2,046
    bg's to dam near ever person i played on sf4 pc
    i have a 100 percent ignore rate lol

    doesnt surprise me that pc sf4 has the lowest quality and bitchiest players out of all the platforms its on
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    RIP Harold John Grinnell 8/29/53 - 8/29/09 you will be missed dad

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  • ¤Scrimples¤¤Scrimples¤ Beauty = Strength Joined: Posts: 334
    Hi there!

    I'll Paypal MM you (provided we have a quality connection).

    I have a dazzling connection to EC players.

    FT10 $20?

    ¿Qué puedo tomar asiento?
  • RushedDownRushedDown back in the usa Joined: Posts: 2,046
    Hi there!

    I'll Paypal MM you (provided we have a quality connection).

    I have a dazzling connection to EC players.

    FT10 $20?


    online mm's?
    nah im set with that lol
    Home Depot Vagina TM
    Xanoz says the cure for the common Emil is Semi-Tight White Pie
    RIP Harold John Grinnell 8/29/53 - 8/29/09 you will be missed dad

    RushedSRK on psn and live
  • ¤Scrimples¤¤Scrimples¤ Beauty = Strength Joined: Posts: 334
    Kay, back to not-so-fun stuff!
    ¿Qué puedo tomar asiento?
    Bad games with Metric, the dude takes online way too seriously. We had a set me Necro vs his Yun, Urien, Makoto or whatever and while the win/loss difference isn't major, after I get a 3 win streak on him, he says this is stupid. I just told him not to take it seriously, its just online and we both know we'd play better offline anyway, then he calls me a scrub. I never said I was good but I remember him saying one time people play much better offline than online anyway. So, how can he tell if I'm a scrub online. I'm not saying I'm good but this dude has some problems with online play. I just play for fun which I think everyone else should too.

    But other than that, I've had a great time in my 3 days on ggpo. Glad I finally got my ports open.
  • metricmetric - Joined: Posts: 1,203
    lmao I wasn't aware that people still complained on these threads. Your ping doesn't show up but when you told me you were from Virginia it all made sense, we have 150 ping.. you are new to ggpo so I'll elaborate.. YOU TELEPORT AND SKIP.. hence me saying "this is stupid". Hell, you were doing FULL SCREEN EX's with necro and I couldn't even react to block because frames were skipping. I've been on GGPO a long ass time, trust me I don't take 150 ping games seriously, if it weren't for your ping not showing up I wouldn't have accepted your challenge at all.

    Oh and I called you a scrub because you randomly brought up "YO BRO IM WAY BETTER OFFLINE 2, REMEMBER THAT".. really guy? Your main is ken and he's honestly the only character I can take seriously from you and he was a joke.. I'm not the best or even top player, but I can see someone that lacks knowledge.
    So, you took my Ken seriously but everything else you can't take it seriuosly since its 150 ping. But on the other hand, my Ken should be taken seriously for 3 matches since that mattered even though the play stability was the same in all the matches we played? In fact, why did I even pick Ken? It was because I WAS NICE ENOUGH THAT YOU ASKED ME TO PICK HIM AND I DECIDED TO SINCE I HAD NO PROBLEM WITH YOU AT THE TIME. That was after a 6 or 7 fight winning streak with Alex when I was in Alex mode. Alright bro, have fun.

    Oh, and if you think Alex is king online, just become a spectator of one of my sets with Cruise and he'll show you how to parry some of those annoying things you couldn't handle properly. Online has to do with it, but he could handle it and he lives around we have about 95 ping too.
  • metricmetric - Joined: Posts: 1,203
    I didn't take any of your characters seriously, but with ken I can at least see how you deal with zoning and pressure, where with alex and necro you would spam headstomp crossups and random slashes in lag. You said your mains were Ken/Alex, so I asked you to use Ken. Me, being a ken main as well wanted to see what you knew, I could judge how good you were by your performance with someone that doesn't rely on gay spam lag mix ups, not saying those characters rely on it, but you do with them. Thank you for being such a nice guy for picking a character on a video game, Oh and I'm assuming since you're bringing Cruise up that he would roll me? Well, he doesn't haha. Parrying headstomp in 150 ping online is comedy, almost as funny as you actually coming on SRK and posting in the bad games thread, lmao. I wonder who WONT challenge me now!
  • RUk[T]RUk[T] Joined: Posts: 138
    lol@ mochimoto. I said the word "system!" after I won and he ragequitted, then rechallenged me to ft10 ken mirror and left at 8-2 when he won his second win. He said "i'm done with you scrub", called me a noob, and ragequitted ggpo.
  • DRCsyntaxDRCsyntax The Ugly Joined: Posts: 1,032
    Online MM matches? Do people really do that?
    Please read this and understand why it is, that you suck.
  • starkilledstarkilled Black and white (I'm really black) Joined: Posts: 1,702
    BGs Gamibako on ggpo/ST. Was having a blast going back and forth in games, then when I win by the timer running out on us he RG and begins to talk his noise in the lobby. Good Ryu to play though, just wasnt called for with all that other stuff.
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  • CWheezyCWheezy Joined: Posts: 889
    BG's to jamusaeons.

    Terrible chun player who starts to cry when his strategy of jump off the wall mk loses
  • ChadChad Joined: Posts: 1,291
    Shut up bitch.
  • cmonstercmonster Joined: Posts: 117
    First of all, BGS to GGPO. Is it just me or has GGPO gone straight down the crapper? Prior to maybe two months ago, ~95% of my games were with chill people with the rest being the whiners/ragequiters/trolls, etc. Now it seems like the total opposite. Also, it's been laggy as HELL and so damn hard to connect to people.

    I come back after taking a break for few months and bam! All of my games are BGs. BGs to majority of my matches yesterday, with lag abusers who constantly taunted and shit talkers who wouldn't shut up.

    Today, BGs to Stryder### . Obviously better than me, but I've played better players before so I was expecting a fun challenge. I beat his Hugo with my Ryu after losing to him and he picks Ryu for a mirror match. Since I knew he was better than me in terms of zoning and execution, I played patiently and barely beat him 3 games. H then quits, probably butthurt from losing to another Ryu, with a random yet somehow typical ragequit remark, "boring ass turtle".

    I didn't know baiting/avoiding shoryus and parrying obvious jump-ins made someone a turtle. This feels like 2DF all over again. Not a day goes by without me wishing there was a decent arcade with 3s near my house.
  • HeLGeN-XHeLGeN-X Pro Kramer Joined: Posts: 351
    Dyne is the most annoying, whiny bitch on GGPO IMO. Dude played me once, I was using one of my not so good characters (Elena, and my Elena is quite good for my bad characters,) he won one match out of 3 (won the last one,) and goes back in the room and goes "I did it! Helgen is such a fucking noob, I just owned him". And he had like 2 fan boys or roomates in the room agreeing, even though I posted the screenshot lol. Dude tries to parry everything, and brags about playing Japanese players, like if a lot of them are even good. I live in Japan now, and most of the players are decent.

    Aside from throwing that childs name out, I really got owned by Great Japan... I want a rematch against him so badly.
  • R.P.D rookieR.P.D rookie Totally Destructed Joined: Posts: 1,570 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    So I think I just played some guy in Canada for the hell of it (I'm in florida) so the connection was fucking awesome, I lost the majority of the matches and won a handful and get complaining about technical shit over ggpo. So, I play Q, that's strike one, I'm playing on ggpo with you all the way in Canada, strike two...

    AND I'm playing SA3 every now and then, that's like three strikes by itself. You use Yun, Makoto which shit all over Q, I'm talking like a big nasty shit, then they wipe with his trenchcoat. I win a few matches and it's "sigh" then it's Akuma hurricane kick spam and "this is the only way I know to beat you, you're just too random". My IQ dropped several points, it's fucking Q on ggpo in lag and if Akuma's hurricane kick spam is the only way you know to beat Q, you're hurtin'. Did I mention this was on ggpo? I activate SA3 when you play Makoto and you runaway jumping mk spam, knowing I can't catch you or counter that but not one complaint from me about that because it's just casual fun. Frame skips and all that great stuff and not a peep out of me, I really didn't care I was just playing to pass time, it's a game. =P

    But complain away if it makes you feel better about yourself. It's a great defense to losing.
    "Come up in that fucken cornfield!!" --Rocky L Rose
  • CWheezyCWheezy Joined: Posts: 889
    Does makoto's command grab startup faster than DANGER?
  • LouiscipherLouiscipher Joined: Posts: 8,177
    Bad games to Pyrolee-DenjinArcade on GGPO. 3S match, I use my main Alex, and he went with Yun, and he did patterned shit. Beats me one round, and taunts at the end. 2nd round I rape him, 3rd round is close (Alex's jLP beats Yun's Dive btw) and I beat him, I don't taunt, and he ragequits.
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