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SFA2: Hitboxes now available

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Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/StreetFighterAlpha2/

The facebook page now has hitbox data available for download as well as a link to my dropbox as another source. KeikoMars has been sent the info as well and should appear on the Alpha 2 blog.

This thread is being updated to be more organized. Therefore all info has been consolidated into a quick reference thread. Continue to discuss and ask away here, but any information will be in the following link.


I think as far as old games go this one is the most slept on nowadays and people are missing out on one of the best games to play casually. Here is pretty much alot of the stuff I learned from ogs and other people in the 7 years I have been playing this game. This game is so much more deep than build metter and ac or cc. Most the time if you randomly cc you are wrong and get countered. When everything is done, Ill add all this to the wiki, and update them as needed. These are basic guides breaking down characters normals, specials, supers, ccs, acs, and how to apply the tools they have to win. I'll also try to go more in depth when they are all done, character matches etc.

Now I think Alpha 2 is one of the best games to learn in terms of being able to play SF. This game combines what you need to know from basic footsies that apply to all game and well as the threat of customs in other games such as A3 and CvS2. This is a heavy footsie based game. If you can play ST you can play this. The biggest reason this game scares off people in my opinion is easy high damage customs and alpha counters. Anyone abusing those can easily be beat if that is their entire game plan although depending on you character it can be effective. People tend to give A3 a chance over A2 because if those reasons. A3 nerfed the ac to be unusable and the custom system is much more broken if you can utilize it correctly leading to unblockables, otgs, guard breaks, and infinites. The biggest problems with customs in A2 is mainly the Valle CC and high damage on certain ccs. The same as Alpha 3 though you can counter activate a custom, but a difference is A2 ccs have nowhere near the invincibility as A3 vcs. In A2 it easy to bait customs due to people trying to get a blowout cc.

In general if you play the game like ST, but understand the uses of customs and acs, the game becomes rather easy and hands down one of the most fun games to play. The following is a list of the more abusable things in the game to watch for and some things to use against it.

Kens's kick alpha counter- The range is incredible and shuts down fireballs with ease. Easy to alpha counter reversal with normals.

Chun Li- Just the character in general. Too much priority on everything, really good hitbox on fireball, huge damage on cc. You really want to be safe and know how to anti air or dp to stop her from jumping. Even then her ground game is so good. You have to know the match up well to win vs a person of around equal skill. Comparable to fighting ST chun in terms or air priority.

___To be updated more___

SCANS IN PROGRESS: http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/7426/scan0001dzy.jpg

I'll set them up in mega upload or something as soon as it is all complete, I will release on a character by character basis until the whole book is scanned.

****AWESOME A2 SITE**** SFZ2 Blog

Street Fighter Alpha 2 wiki updated

Charlie wiki complete
Rose wiki complete
Sodom wiki complete
Birdie wiki complete
Guy wiki in progress
Zangief wiki in progress
Adon wiki in progress

---Dan vids

- [SFZ2 match

Birdie 101 (UPDATED CCS MARCH 29, 2009)birdie_switchblade.gifRSX and Co. teach A2. By RSX

---Birdie vids
(5 final cc by thegreenplug in a real match)

---Gen Vids

- [SFZ2 match
- [SFZ2 match
- [SFZ2 match

---Akuma vids

- [SFZ2 match
- [SFZ2 match
- [SFZ2 match

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  • str[e]akstr[e]ak Friendly Neighborhood Sneaker Ninja Joined: Posts: 2,885
    when we played last night, i noticed you were using meaty cr.fierce with the shotos a lot.

    is meaty cr.fierce their best meaty attack? because i usually use meaty cr.strong.
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    I saw it coming, HAHA.
    Also known as LordJimmyBones.

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  • EveryFlowerFlowEveryFlowerFlow You Want Pain? Aegis Reflector Joined: Posts: 3,784
    How do I beat rose's dumb shit?

    I'd give this game a chance if there was a way round not losing 1/3 life while blocking a soul illusion combo
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    ^how do you do cheap soul illusion combos?
  • EveryFlowerFlowEveryFlowerFlow You Want Pain? Aegis Reflector Joined: Posts: 3,784
    I believe anything involving Rh. Spiral while you activate Soul Illusion does massive chip damage, but RSX plays her (probably) so he could set you straight. I do know j.fierce, cr.strong XX Rh spiral does like 50% damage when it hits.
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  • HeaTHeaT mindgames Joined: Posts: 3,245 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    i just played against his rose last night...and that block damage made me laugh, shit was nasty...the only thing i can think of is alpha counter, but i cant get them to come out on my shitty stick at all so i couldnt see what happens...

    im outi

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  • CronopioCronopio ST Joined: Posts: 2,238
    This is a great initiative. But besides doing this, it would be great to improve the wiki so everyone can easily access to info of this game.

    Quality A2 info is not easy to find.
  • yatesyates RandomDragonPunches Joined: Posts: 66
    Alpha countering that SI block string shit only gets you hurt, most of the time. There a few spaces where an AC will work and be safe, but it's on the last hit of each multi-hitting normal, for the most part.

    Beating Rose:

    First of all, you have to be aware of the Alpha Counter game. Her punch AC will suck in just about any normal during any part of said normal's hit window (except in a few whacky crossup situations). To beat that, you have a few options. Throw them. Throw their asses to hell and back. Smart Rose players CC/Super you for getting overzealous. So when I say throw the fucking shit out of them, I intend to say that you need to be on point with your reading skills, rather than just recklessly trying to throw. Also, you can Delayed AC Reversal (aka Choiversal) her AC. I would say that her punch AC is the hardest to AC reversal in the game without committing to the move.

    Soul Illusion shit. Dude, I see too many people just sitting there and taking it when she activates. Hit her first. Unless you have absolutely no choice. They want to run her Soul Illusion shit? Cool. But at least make it a pain in the ass for them.

    Dealing with cr.str: Yeah, this move is a bitch to get past. But that's the problem, you're trying to get past it. You can't. Get over it. Rather, ermmm, under it. The best way to beat cr.str is with a move that goes below it. i.e. Shoto sweep. Most any character has a move that works from some particular spacing with some particular timing to go under cr.str. Alpha Counter works, of course (don't forget that Rose can AC reversal too, though).

    If you're a shoto: Most Shotos just rule out fireballs against Rose for some reason. Fuck that. Just don't be predictable, and don't throw stupid fireballs from full screen.

    There's obviously more, and I could go on (I could also be less frank) but...honestly, if none of that stuff is helping you out...


    Along with RSX, when I'm around, I'm always down for exchanging ideas, tactics and knowledge. I usually just type lessons to people while I beat them up, though.

    "stop jumping at me". "stop trying to alpha counter me". "stop moving and get beat up".

    No seriously, we're all nice guys in the A2 room and we like new players.

    Oh, btw,

    Good Shit RSX! *thumbs up*
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  • dbostickdbostick probed in hadouken Joined: Posts: 1,014
    All I want to know is: How the hell do you get all 8 hits in Gen's uppercut kick? I know you have to mash the button, unlike in A3, but can you tell me some kind of rhythm?

    Is it bada, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap?

    Or ba, dapap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap?

    Or just a bunch of baps and less badas and dapaps?

    I know in A3, it's ba... da... bap... bap, bap, bap, BAP, BAP!
  • doujinshi_2001doujinshi_2001 Superman That Ho Joined: Posts: 2,428 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    ill bap you
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  • MightyMarMightyMar Why you lose to me? Joined: Posts: 391
    I would like to Learn A2 as well. I will be on later today. I'm trying to build up my level of execution so that its on point (its pretty poo right now). Therefore I'm going to learn Ryu.
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  • KerseyKersey Cyrax Wins Joined: Posts: 504
    I'm certainly down. I love A2.
  • NeREMIXEDNeREMIXED [S.H.] Joined: Posts: 1,954
    I'd love to learn, cause the game is fun. But it gets real frustrating because it's hard to alpha counter on reaction online.
  • azisazis Megaton Puncher Joined: Posts: 255 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Is it bada, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap?

    Or ba, dapap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap, bap?

    Actually I heard it was Pon pon pata pon, pata pata pata pon, but faster.

    I wanna learn some Rose's SI combos.

    Is it possible to finish an easy setup with slide than CC into c.RH to drill and DP?

    Tell me some killer combos with her and teach me the basic lvl1 CC.

    I also would like to know some pokes and combos with Sagat, including CC.

    Here is me playing Sagat, P1: http://www.4shared.com/file/56992188/3d1c2a14/Azis_Vs_Sarda.html

    Tell me how to master and improve him, I liked him a lot while playing, and much more after watching a japanese guy playing, but it was so few matches that I learned nothing, just had time to say Oh my G... then he quit.

    Thanks in advance.

    And guys, lets play more A2, for Christ sake!
  • HishamHisham Purple Drank! Joined: Posts: 379
    I'm down to learn how to play A2 better. I normally play Charlie or Ryu/Evil Ryu...

    I am okay I think...
    I am the jenga master.
  • DreamfireDreamfire ~And it's a long way forward, so trust in me. I'll give them shelter, like you've done for me.~ Joined: Posts: 167 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Tell me some killer combos with her and teach me the basic lvl1 CC.

    I also would like to know some pokes and combos with Sagat, including CC.

    Here is me playing Sagat, P1: http://www.4shared.com/file/56992188/3d1c2a14/Azis_Vs_Sarda.html

    Tell me how to master and improve him, I liked him a lot while playing, and much more after watching a japanese guy playing, but it was so few matches that I learned nothing, just had time to say Oh my G... then he quit.

    Her basic level 1 CC is just: Activate, sweep, then RH drill twice into her flying grab move (DP+P) It's good to have a nice mix of SI pressure/combos and still do CCs too. You can also do fancy shit like activating SI when you're about to get ticked by Gief's SPD and you won't get grabbed, while being able to follow up with a combo.

    As for Sagat...I just mainly use s.mk for a ground poke/far antiair (like full screen jump from a tiger shot), s.fp for a fair antiair, s.rh for a closer antiair, and c.mp for like all purpose ground poke/combo/counterhit/whatever.

    His CCs are just: Activate, sweep, RH tiger knee xN, end with fierce DP.
    Antiair CC: Activate, s.jab, RH tiger knee xN, end with fierce DP.
    Little trick most people should know: If you lvl 1 Tiger canon as someone fireballs, it'll hit them even full screen. Ryu can do it to you as well so watch out for that.
    Vs Ken: Try not to tiger shot anywhere near 1/4 screen since he can get a free AC+K on you everytime, really frustrating.

    I can post some more later.
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  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Ok check this out imma post some A2 info on this board also, Ill be training nicknackfiend and Shodokan123 on ggpo, but Ill answer any questions on here
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Ill make a rose faq here soon, there is some good stuff on the wiki and ill post my old faqs along with maxstahs. Here is some random stuff:


    After Bison's cc ending in Headstomp, his meaty sweep in unblockable.

    I believe after Sim's Air grab super his sweep is unblockable. Also you can do 3 lvl 1 air grabs in a row, after landing 1, immeadiately do another, this will grab them on the ground as long as they dont hit any buttons.

    After a sweep with Rose, Activate lvl 1 shadow super and do a meaty df+mk. If done right only the shadows hit which are unblockable and you can tag on a c.mp xx mk drill.

    Sak and birdie have the best ones. Sak can c.lk xx hp dp or super kicks after, birdie can sweep for a knock down

    Rose combos:

    After any sweep, activate soul illusion and immeadiately do df+mk. The meaty df+mk will be unblockable and allows for a free c.mp xx mk or rh drill.

    after a cross up mk, c.mp xx sould illusion, walk forward a little bit, c.hp xx hk drill

    Cancel c.mp or s.fp/c.fp into soul illusion, immeadiately activate and combo into cc.

    cross up mk, c.mk xx soul illusion, lvl 2 soul spark for heavy damage
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Charlie 101 charlie-noanim-salute.gif
    Posted: 2008-04-03 1:14 AM MDT
    Charlie 101 Oh yeah here we go.

    Charlie has an incredibly good defense and offense. He has alot of good thing going for him and a few bad, so we will start there.


    AA monster, high priority normals for anti-air (s.mp, s.mk, s.hk) as well as lk flash kick which beats anything and his AA cc.

    Great projectile, though its not as good as guile's in other games, not giving frame advantage like guile really, but come out fast and has good speed and trajectory and does allow for combos when thrown from afar.

    C.mk is universal poke with far range and is really annoying


    Easy as hell to cc thru his AAs, and due to him being so solid, alot of people will try jump-in cc.

    Outside c.mk his normals are so-so, f+fp is so slow, and other normals are more for AA.

    ACs arent all that great with them being slow and sometimes missing.

    CC isnt damaging like other characters.

    ****Normals Breakdown:


    s.lp- Just a normal standing lp, nothing too special about this, can AA sometimes and you can s.lp walking pressure on whoever cant duck this.

    s.mp- A really good anti air, he does a quick uppercut. Cancel this ino a sonic boom to keep up pressure. I usually cancel into a lp boom if I AA with this.

    s.fp- I straight punch that I havent really found much use for.

    s.lk- A quick kick to the shin, I use this rarely, seems to have decent priority but no range :(.

    s.mk- Another great anit air when your opponent jumps in fram afar, such as Sagat jumping in with rh. Can cancel into specials.

    s.hk- Ugly angled kick which is good or anti-air, same uses as s.mk with a little more power behind it.


    c.lp- This is your combo starter. Combo's easily into sonic booms, flash kicks, supers.

    c.mp- Limited anti air ability, better to stick with your other choices IMO. Good to cancel into sonic boom for pressure or use in combos. Seems to have ok priority, seems slow to me compared to other characters c.mp's.

    c.fp- Probably top ten useless normals in A2. Looks like Guile's godly c.fp from other games but gets beat by everything. I fucking hate this move.

    c.lk- I like this normal, cancels easily into booms and supers. Decent range, I like to walk up and poke with this.

    c.mk- His best ground all-purpose poke. Great range, speed, hits low, and has great recovery. Quite annoying when playing a Charlie player because this move can very effectively keep you out due to its range. Seems to leave you on even frames, maybe very slight frame advantage.

    c.rh- Eh. This move doesnt really suck but really isnt great. Slow coming out and heavy recovery. I really dont use this at all, unless Someone whiffs a dp, etc from afar.


    j.hp- This move is dope, hella priority, speed, and if done close you get the throw. Best air-to-air period.

    j.mk- GREAT range on this jump in and pimp cross up, use to punish fireballers, and dont swing if you think a dp is comin, cc their ass on recovery. great jump-in.

    j.hk- Great jump-in too, good priority and awesome angle.


    f or b+hk- This is his foward moving hop kick. Good range, but slow in this game. Very useful for moving forward after a sonic boom.

    f or b+mk- Slow ass overhead which im pretty sure leaves you at neg frames. Use at MAX distance to be safe, I usually will do it after a boom.

    f+fp- This normal is best used as a anti-jump. Good in the corner when doing soni boom pressure, toss is out it you think they will jump and it will it them :).

    ****Specials Breakdown:

    Sonic Boom:

    The best fireball in terms of release speed and recovery, and a key part of zoning and pressure with Charlie. This is very hard to punish and with good charging techniques you can keep up a while vs ryu's. This isnt as good as later games since point blank it doesnt leave you with much if any frame advantage, but still allows combos from certain ranges.

    Flash Kick:

    Probably the best AA in the game, easily beating jumps in with the lk version, and easily beating ground moves with mk version.


    Sonic Break:
    Very useful super since it seems he first sonic boom comes out no matter what which ean at worst it will trade making it very reliable AA. As far as chip goes I would just cc. Good to push opponent back, can delay booms by spacing punch input. Good AA, but i would cc instead.

    Sonic Blitz:
    This is the super you want to combo into, decent damage and combos off light attacks at any lvl, safe on block.

    Somersault Justice:
    Better in A3. When comboed you usually miss hits making it weaker to combo into than Blitz after a cross up, but looks better. Unless going for chip or style points, stay away from this super unless comboing from a jump in (Which gets all the hits).

    ****Custom Combos:
    Oh yeah, CCs, another reason this fucker is annoying. And if they block your cc, or you can see they will, dont fucking flash kick! Sonic boom, its safe. Note that his cc leave him in prefect cross-up position.

    Lvl 1:

    c.rh xx lk flash kick, hp sonic boom xx hk flash kick
    c.rh xx hk flash kick x2

    For chip and/or block:

    This CC is really good because you can walk behind these unlike other chip ccs. Walk behind these and go for a counter hit, overhead, or throw. Make sure to start out with c.rh, cause if they do get hit they get juggled.

    c.rh xx lp sonic boom x4

    Lvl 2:

    c.rh xx hk flash kick x 3

    Lvl 3:

    c.rh xx lk flash kick x3, mk flash kick, hk flash kick
    c.rh xx lk flash kick, hk flash kick x3

    ****Anti-Air Custom Combos****

    Now these are very important, specifically to punish people who look to jump after a sonic boom, also allow you to walk after a boom and punish hard, since they arent worried about a charged flash kick. Now in most cases they can jump to where if you try to AA you will get beat, mainly wen theyare looking to jump immeadiately after a boom. That when you hit'em with AA cc.


    s.mp if they ae higher up(into any lvl ground cc)
    c.lp if they are lower to the ground (into any ground cc)

    Now hit them with this a couple times and Im sure they will think twice about jumping >_<.

    *^*^*^*^CHARGE TECHNIQUES^*^*^*^*

    This section is important to learn fo any SF game, if you use a charge character. This is quick charging, the most effective way to maximie your charge time. Perform every sonic boom in this way:

    charge b-f-b+p

    Instead of the normal motion you execute the sonic boom ending in back+punch. This allows you to start harging for the next boom immeadiately after throwing he next one.

    Sonic boom, SOMERSAULT!!!

    This way of performing a sonic boom allows for the execution of a flash kick about a tenth of a second later after throwing the boom. You can actually flash kick while the boom is on screen. Perform it in this way:

    charge b-f-b-db-d-df+lp

    So after charging you go foward, back, then roll to down foward+lp. Hit up and kick a tenth of a second later and a flash kick will come out. neat huh?

    ******Play Style******

    Charlie can be played aggressively or defensively, 99% of the players you see will be the latter. Though Charlie can be very effecive defensively, a well rounded player will learn how to use both, thus making it harder to adjust to your play style. Some players are mostly offensive (S4v is an example) while some can go hardcore turtle (Me, guilty). But the problem with that is if you cant play him both ways you are bound to run into some problems. So best to try to balance both.

    Patternizing: A no-no

    Alot of Charlie players I notcied will patternize a hell of alot more than with other characters. 80-90% of them will boom after a c.mk. Dont do that shit. Mix up your poke string as well as you can, other wise you are gonna get countered easily. Ever play someone and kick their ass, but about 3-4 matches down the road you are having a hard time or losing? You are probably doing alot of patterns they caught on to. Like in the corner, you throw a sonic boom, most people follo up with a c.mk or c.rh. They almost always do. They other options they had were:

    1. Throw another sonic boom
    2. nothing, punish jump attempt or cc a dp atempt
    3. walk up throw
    4. f+fp to punish jumpers
    5. Jump-in and start another poke string.
    6. f+rh to punish mashers

    Now the situation is gonna dictate the action, but its better than just c.mk or c.rh. You are just gonna get AC'd. Mix it up.

    ******Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, *pause* Sonic boom...******

    Using the quick charge technique explained earlier, this ca be very effective versus some characters. As soon as they block a boom throw another one, use different speeds. Just keept booming as fast as possible, you are doing it right if as soon as a sonic boom is blocked, one is coming out. this builds meter very quickly and can force your opponent to jump, eating a CC. When they get jump happy, ocassionally pause, if they jump, CC, normal AA, or Flash kick. Rinse repeat.

    ******Counter CC******

    Now like I mentioned earlier about jump in cc's, Charlie get that done alot to him because his solid ground game. If you suspect your opponent plans on this, or patternizes by always doing this, save your cc to counter CC, free damage for you. Some matches I would just sit back and boom and just wait for the cc to counter it.

    General Combo's^*^*^*^

    All these can be done after a cross up mk:

    c.lp x2, c.lk xx sonic boom
    c.lp, c.lk xx mk flash kick
    c.lp x2, c.lk xx any lvl Sonic Blitz (or Somersualt Justice)

    Comboing into super is real good with charlie, dont save it for cc, the damage is the same or more.

    Corner combos coming to a FAQ near you!
  • oDaSoDaS Joined: Posts: 584
    i vote RSX for wiki
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Sodom 101 sodom-ou.gif

    Sodom is fun, and not enough people use him IMO, probably cause you have to work to win :D. His CC is dope (sorta) and he has decent pokes. Along with good specials, Sodom is well rounded for the most part. Be advised I dont claim to be a Sodom expert, but I think mine is decent :D. Anyway feel free to add any knowledge to this intro duction to Sodom, cause I am not all knowing. So if this ends up like a scrubby gamefaq I blame BBH, just cause I can, lol. If you dont know the terms used in here, sorry Im too lazy to make a legend. Terrible format, but the info is there lol, just read everything. Btw, in the normals section I actually say what they are good for, not just describing looks, so dont skip it. I suck at this.

    Normals breakdown (they are all the same, close or far)!!!!

    s.lp- I dont use it really, just seems like a normal lp to me.
    c.lp- Eh, dont use this much, c.lk is better just cause it hits low.
    j.lp- This has good vertical range, but I havent had much use for it, doesnt seem to have good priority either.

    s.mp- This is a decent normal, mainly cause it gives frame advantage. Ugly looking though.
    c.mp- A wierd attack, Ive had alot of luck using this as a distance AA vs characters. Either that or everytime I used it they didnt attack.
    j.mp- same as j.lp but more damage.

    s.hp- Stabs high with both weapons, good damage. Whiffs vs most the cast, very helpful to zone characters that cant duck it. Use that shit vs gief and sagat, good to hit fireballs too.
    c.hp- Uppercuts. Decent AA, but not the greatest, will get beat by early jump-ins or chun (whore)
    j.hp- Slashes downward with both weapons. I love this move, good air-to-air, good to hit fibeballers, I would love to see the hitbox on this thing. Jump back hp is dope.

    s.lk- Gay ass looking kick to the shin, can walk up and repeatedly do these, but not to much if they have meter, seems to give some frame advantage.
    c.lk- Little kick to the foot, ok range. This is what I use to combo after a meaty.
    j.lk- I use this a bit, good vertical range and priority, I just dont use too much because people like to mash throw. BUT as a CROSSUP, its awesome.

    s.mk- I love this, straight kick that beats alot of shit, good poke, decent range, cancellable too. Best whiff punisher, s.mk xx hp slash.
    c.mk- Bleh slow, cant cancel. All this has going for it is that it hit low. I dont like it.
    j.mk- I believe same as j.lk, I dont use it.

    s.hk- Decent poke, good range, but slow, you gonna get that ass CC'd if you whiff. Kick straight out while moving forward slightly.
    c.hk- Use wrong, this move will get you killed. Straight up free CC, sweep, etc if not used right. This move is safe when use as anti-air, though alot of times it gets blocked, but you are safe. Goes under fireballs, which is its best use. Use with caution, is a good move though.
    j.hk- Dropkick bitches. Good air-to-air and god priority, overall a good move, but had the same problem as gief, if you use it to punish a fireball, you might get hit in the head with it.

    s.mk is his best simply because it has alot of hit frames, and if you mess up, you are safe. If hit super meaty, you can link a c.fp into combo finisher of choice, I would do qcf+lp, cause if you mess up you are safe. Other than that c.lk xx qcf+hp is your best bet.

    c.mk is a decent meaty cause it hits low, but all you can get off is c.lk xx hp slash, but the link is so so, have to be sorta precise.

    s.mp doesnt have too many hit frames, but if you mess the meaty up, you still have enough frame advantage to link c.lk xx hp slash, meaty or not.

    meaty qcf+p, cc setup, safe if blocked or hit, cant combo after, but beats wake up cc blowout attemps.

    s.hk is a meaty but you get pushed to far away to link anything, if you even could. But it is a meaty.

    qcf+lp slash- Used right, this bitch is annoying. No one can duck it and is safe on block at any distance.

    Ok this move is dope, combos from s.mk or c.hp. Completely safe. Hell do point blank and block, they cant cc you. When distance right, you can sweep if you they fireball, do it again, jump up, etc, play with there head. Ive done this move like 5 times in a row csuse i had people scared to hit me. Once they get hesistant, you can even go for a grab super, if in range, and it is only escapable by dp/cc. Since this game allows you to grab jumps (gay).

    This is his best move, with good priority. The move sets up his ac and supers perfectly. There are alot of things he can do after this is hit or blocked.

    1. Wait to see it they jump, then mp scrape AA

    2. Slide if expecting a fireball

    3. 720 grab super, make sure they have no meter cause this can be ccd

    4. Scrape super to punish jumpers for 2-3 hits juggle, and safe on block

    5. another lp scrape

    6. jump in fp

    qcf+mp slash- Use when you believe someone will jump, risky though, because most characters can crouch this shit. I have not ever been punished when this was blocked, they tried though. Characters who cant duck this have a very hard time (Gief, sagat), because it will catch their jump. Used right you can lock them down. Use this instead of qcf+lp if they cant duck it. NOTE: If done too close it can be punished by cc, but it is safe 99% of the time.

    qcf+hp slash- This move is good in far combo cause it knocks down. Always follow up with sweep, in case they safe roll. Beware, if blocked, free CC or combo.

    360+punch grab- Yay, I love this move. Cancels and grabs form s.mk at any range in corner. Midscreen, point blank s.mk, c.lk xx 360 will grab.

    Set-ups ( what I do)!!!!!

    1.Meaty s.mk, c.lk xx 360+lp
    A.s.lk, s.mk xx 360+lp
    B.walking s.lks, cancel into 360+lp
    C.jump up, j.hp xx 360+lp

    1.Any tick into 360, qcf+hp to get close, grab on wake-up with 360+lp
    2.Any tick into 360, qcf+hp to get close, s.mk xx qcf+lp

    You can mix it up however you want, just make sure they dont see the grab coming. Also if meaty s.mk hits, link c.lk xx qcf+hp.

    360+kick RUGBURN!!!- This is what yo want to combo into, cause it hurts. Alot. Crazy priority, will grab any limb, even sims from fullscreen, Also grabs yoga flames lol. Combos only off a c.hp midscreen, s.mk in corner will work. This is his cc ender. If blocked you aare fucked :D.

    j.hp, c.hp cc 360+hk is the only combo you should be doing if the opponent is dizzy.

    DP+k Counter- Also known as the move you use to get kicked in the face. Dont use it. Just dont.

    qcd+hk safe roll- good to use time from time, can be thrown. 3 hits and safe on block.
    qcd+p- Its basically his qcf+mk. Use only vs jump ins and fireballs, good ac.
    qcd+k- His sweep, good for ground moves.

    f+hp- He tosses you way up and away, fllow up with hp slash to get close if not teched.
    f+hk- He tosses you low, can juggle with any lvl super, stick to lvl 1. You miss alot of hits at higher lvls and its a waste of meter. Good to kill off a mofo. Lvl 1 juggle for two hits, all on some (Bison)

    qcf x2 +p- Combos at all level from any cancellable normal. Not the greatest super but I do combo off of a crossup, c.fp xx super, because its gets all hits. Safe if blocked, but comboed from a distance isnt too wise cause the last hit usually misses.

    720+p- His grab super, best bet is j.hp then super, or meaty s.mk, super, but escapable by CC/dp. Not consistent tho, sometime they can just jump. Wierd.

    *****Knock'em down, keep'em down*****
    Thats the rule of thumb, Sodom has a hard time getting to people, so when you got them down keep'em there. Sodom is good vs a cornered opponent. Several thing you can do after a knockdown:

    -meaty attack into 360 tick (stated above in 360 section)
    -jump up, do nothing, throw
    -go for a meaty combo ex. s.mk, c.lk xx hp slash
    -jump up come down with fp, tick into super/360
    -jump up, come down with hp, 360+lp
    -walking lks into hp throw
    -meaty s.mk, s.mk xx 360+lp
    -walking lks, s.mk xx 360+lp
    -meaty s.mk, walk up throw
    -block if you think they will cc
    You will stay in the corner after a 360 ticks, then mix up again with the above options.

    -walking lks, s.mk xx qcf+lp which leads toooooooo:

    1. Another qcf+lp
    2. If you have opponent hesitant to attack 360/720 (if in distance)
    3. qcf+mp if you think they will jump, (knocks down, refer to knockdowns)
    4. jump in fp
    5. Super if the chip/trade will kill them
    6. c.rh if in c.rh sweet spot
    7. do nothing to bait cc, AC

    Unfortunately, his good cc is if they are standing, so blow out ccs are great. Crouching opponents suck. gotta be precise.



    Lvl 1 c.mk xx qcf++mp x2, c.hp xx 360+hk

    This cc does about 45%, which is awesome for a lvl one. Higher lvls just add more qcf+mps, end with c.hp xx 360+hk for max damage. I think lvl 3 you can get 7 slashes.

    This sucks, because all you can use is qcf+lp, which at lvl one is fine, because you can:

    c.mk, qcf+lp, qcf+lp, 360+hk

    Actually i been messing around a bit and for most cases you can just qcf+lp, end with 360+hk. No c.hp though, you will be too far. You CAN combo into his 360+p grab, but it does less than the combos above.

    .....but at higher levels (depending on distance) you get pushed away, so you have to trip and juggle with hp slash, which sucks, or you can mash random shit, then 360+hk to end. I usually have them standing, so idk lol.

    *****AA CC*****
    activate, c.hp, then start juggling with qcf+mp or hp.

    Ive had limited success with s.lp into mp scrapes

    I'll add more as time goes on, this is just basic shit, feel free to add info or tell me I suck, either or is fine.

    *****Taunt CC******
    End any CC with qcf+hp, and then hit taunt.

    Ex. lvl 1 activate c.mk xxqcf+hp xx taunt
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    Um yeah so, E. Ryu 101. ryu-evil-immortal.gif

    Evil Ryu is fun to use, IMO better than good ol' Ryu though no one will agree with me.

    ****Differences from Ryu:

    Multihit Dragon Punch: This sucks IMO. Why? Cause the fp version hits anything but wont knock down unless close, leaving you open to get your ass kicked. Lp version is one hit, good for anti-air but low attacks beat it clean.

    Hurricane Kick: They all knockdown now doing 1, 2, or 3 hits depending on strength.

    Teleport: Pretty dope to have, allows for some nice set-ups or just to get the hell out of dodge on wake-up.

    Juggle ability: This is nice to have, thing like sweep xx hurricane juggle.

    Supers: Though supers play a minimum role in SFA2, he gets Akuma's uppercut super, a welcome addition to his arsenal, hurts too.

    Infinite Blowout CC: At any range your opponent will get blown back by CC. This is too good, allows you to cc thru any pokes string, things like rolento's walking jabs etc, as well as combo into cc off mp, jabs etc. To see how good this is have E. Ryu be full screen away and have rolento slide, he will et blown back. You can reversal wake-up with out any fear of being stuffed. Only specials move will not get blown back, to include supers.

    Life: Sucks ass.

    Dizzy: Happens fast.

    Though Im not sure, his f+mk seems better to me.

    ****Normals Breakdown:


    Lp- Quick jab, with small frames advantage, you can walk and do these on any opponent that can't crouch them.

    Mp- Quick one arm uppercut, good anti-air and cancelable to a special move.

    Hp- Straight punch which can be used as anti-air in some instances, and stop hurricane kicks etc. Not cancelable.

    Lk- Good ranged kick to the shin, cancelable, good priority and range.

    Mk- Ugly axe kick which can be used as a anti-crossup.

    Hk- A roundhouse kick to the face. Good meaty to whoever cant crouch it, gives hella frame advantage, but despite look isnt a anti-air.


    Lp- Little jab to the shin, not really all that great range wise.

    Mp- A straight punch with good priority and frame advantage, cancelable.

    Hp- Uppercut, probably one of the best normal anti-airs in the game. Also this is a super meaty, allowing link after ward.

    Lk- Quick kick to the foot, combo starter, cancelable

    Mk- A good reaching low kick, probably overall bset poke, gives frame advantage, awesome meaty, and cancelable.

    Hk- A really good sweep with good range, usually a poke string ender. Note that if not cancelled its a free cc on you, and if you cancel into a hadouken, free cc on you if your opponent has a lvl 3.


    Mp- A two-hit upward punch in the air, use to juggle after a connecting air hurricane kick on a grounded opponent.

    Hp- A fist to the face >_<. Good jump in with good priority, especially when done early.

    Mk- His cross-up, self-explanatory.

    Hk- Best when used when jumping from far away, good priority.


    These are important because if make it alot more difficult for your opponent to do wake-up reversals on you, and allow link not normally possible.

    c.fp- this is a real good one allowing comboing of a cc, c.mk, or c.rh.
    c.mk- really good since its a low hit, can link c.lk, c.rh, or cc.
    s.mp- this one allows you to easily connect a c.mk or c.rh
    s.rh- this only works on certain character but gives alot of frame advantage, enough to link a c.rh.

    ****Specials Breakdown:


    A fireball. His best poke, good release speed and damage. Throw a hell of alot of these but be smart with it. Throwing smart fireballs will annoy your opponent, just tossing them out will get you killed.

    Hurricane kick:

    Used for mobility and to punish fireballers, use lk version to pass fireballs when you cant use hk version to hit opponent. Can be done in the air and has annoyingly great priority, also if connected against a grounded opponent allows for a j.mp juggle. Punish whiffs from afar with c.hk xx hk hurricane. Air version decent vs fireballers.

    Dragon Punch:

    His invincible anti-air. Lp and mp versions seem to have no lower invincibility, only being useful up close. At best you might trade with a low hit, which Ive only done with Ken. Dp's on the ground tend to suck in A2 and this being multi-hit isnt reliable, best bet is to used as a anti-air or wake-up when opponent is right on you.


    Completely invincible from the start but vunerable at the end, good to avoid chip ccs, or use as wake-up. Useful in blocked cc.


    Shinku Hadouken:

    Only real use is to blow thru fireballs, sucks as a AA, and you have better choices anyway. Can combo off light attacks. Lvl 1 does does not knock down, and if to close can be hit.

    Hurricane Kick:

    Probably the best wake-up super in the game, best used defensively than offensively. Completely safe on block, good chip damage, and good damage. Good anti-cross up when knocked down.


    Range is bad, but this thing hurts. Combo 2 point blank lks.

    Raging Demon:

    Horrible in this game, you can be point blank and they can jump, no invincibility so gets stuffed if a move is out. Go for it at your own risk, definite style points if you land it.

    ****Play Style:

    I like to zone with ryu, fireball away, build meter, cc for chip whatever. E. Ryu is scary cause its hard to rush him when he has meter, after a few eaten ccs your opponent wont rush you so much. This is in you favor since his fireball is so good. Some matches I burn a lvl 1 cc as soon as I get it just to push them back or do some mix up, which is effective to an extent. AC's hurt E. Ryu, but you can also do his cc mix-up to bait it out. If you are getting rushed, no other super should be used other than hurricane kick super for wake up, or cc.

    Lvl 1 cc mix-up:

    Activate, 4 lp fireballs, PPP teleport

    Now this put you in a shield of Fireballs, the teleport instantly recovers in cc, and if your opponent is blocking this you can:

    1. Throw them, you can actually throw then in between fireball hits.
    2. Overhead, depend when you hit this you can sometimes combo after due to the fireballs hitting.
    3. Nothing, let them AC and block, they just wasted some meter.

    What to do it you hit them with blowout:

    Well if within or a little outside sweep range go for his cc:

    c.rh xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

    UPDATED: Better Customs at lvl 3

    1. c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, fp dp x2
    2. c.rh xx lk hurricane x2, lp dp, lp dp, hp dp
    3. c.rh xx lk hurricane x3, hp fireball x4, hp dp
    4. c.rh xx hp dp, hp dp, lp dp, hp dp.

    Neat lvl 1:

    1. s.mp xN xx lp dp, lk hurricane, lp dp

    Note in CC mode E. Ryu's specials are like regular Ryu's.

    Now thats not it. Due to infinite blowout E. Ryu can COMBO into CC. How? Here's How:

    meaty c.fp
    meaty c.fp
    any jump in

    Activating after any of these let to continue to combo in CC, starting with a c.rh.


    Tired of people jumping on you, well then just anti-air cc. Shoto's have probably the best AA ccs. If no cc is available, used c.fp or s.mp (cancel into hurricane to move close or hadouken to push back). S.mk works as a anti-cross up.

    Activate, s.mp xx lk hurricane xN, fp dp

    Now if they jump from afar...

    Activate, s.fp xx rh hurricane, fp dp

    Congrats! You just made you opponent think twice about jumping on you which leads to more hadouken and cc mix-up fun! This is just a quick overview if you have any in depth question feel free to ask.

    Also vs fireballers, if you hit a air hurricane kick...

    immeadiately jump activate, j.mp xx hurricane, land, continue hurricane kick juggle, end with fp dp.

    ****Hadouken Knockdown

    After a c.mk xx fireball knockdown, hold uf, j.lk at the last second. Its a safe jump in and if it hits go into c.lk x2 fireball. Alot of times they try to throw which leads to c.lk x2 xx fireball another knockdown into the same situation. Repeat til j.lk and c.lk is blocked.

    From the blocked c.lk, go for throw, or c.mk xx fireball if you think they expected your throw attempt. If they jump at you when you have meter, cc them with s.mp/c.mp xx lk hurricanes xN, end with hp dp. If they jump from afar, actiavte, s.fp xx hk hurricane into lk hurricanes, end with dp.

    C.fp is one of the best meaties and if it hits you can link a c.mk or sweep, if blocked walk forward and throw, or go for a counter hit. S.mk is a really good anti cross up, hitting instantly above his head.

    (next to opponent standing)
    c.mk (or c.lk x2) xx lk hurricane, fp dp

    (standing or crouching)
    c.fp xx hadouken
    c.fp xx hk hurricane (hurts sagat bad)
    c.lk x2 xx any lvl shoryureppa
    c.lk x3 xx any lvl shinku hadouken
    Endy22's Evil Ryu combo exhibition (Thx for the link endy!)

    Full video transcipt coming soon.
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    How do I beat rose's dumb shit?

    I'd give this game a chance if there was a way round not losing 1/3 life while blocking a soul illusion combo

    Easy, block it then cc her ass, never ac it til the drill stops because Ive seen it trade for 40% life.
    str[e]ak wrote: »
    when we played last night, i noticed you were using meaty cr.fierce with the shotos a lot.

    is meaty cr.fierce their best meaty attack? because i usually use meaty cr.strong.

    C.fp is as meaty as it gets, roses is good too. Their best meaty is c.mk cause you can combo after and it hits low. C.fp gives the most frame advantage, allowing a sweep to combo.
  • doujinshi_2001doujinshi_2001 Superman That Ho Joined: Posts: 2,428 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    ill (attempt) to do one for rolento

    anyone interested?
    Niggas got carlos canceled two days in a row. - Adam Warlock
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    Also Ill start filling out all the wikis one by one with what I know, seen, do.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Hey RSX,
    just had a quick question about activations in general. Could u maybe run down some of the best situations to activate a cc? I used to play this game a lot when ggpo first came out but I'm still a big scrub =), so any help is appreciated.
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    There are plenty of situations to do it.

    1. Blow thru tick throws
    2. Blow thru fireballs
    3. Anti-air
    4. save yourself from chip death from super
    5. Punish at laggy move/super
    6. Go for a valle cc if you see them standing
    7. Empty jump cc for a free valle cc


    8. Counter CC

    CCs are not guaranteed if you didnt do anything and are just standing etc, you can always cc back, I have about 70% success rate with counters cc. So if you are about to die to a valle cc, you can counter cc them right back. I won and lost matches cause of this.

    Note that usually you need a lvl 2/3 to blast thru fireballs but can stop super sat lvl 1. A good example is vs ryus super hurricane. They try to chip me to death and i just activate cc, even at lvl 1 will beat it or vs adons super jag kick you can do the same thing. If you have a lvl 3 and they try to c.rh xx fireball with a shoto you can just cc thru the fireball. Some characters like guy and adon can even hit shotos back if you block their fireball cause they have long limbs (Guy's s.mk, adons s.rh)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Valle cc is when u activate and get a free sweep if your opponent is standing right? Anyway thanks for the tips ill def. be around to play more often.
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Yup thats the valle cc, any low hit works.
  • KerseyKersey Cyrax Wins Joined: Posts: 504
    Wow, I never see counter CC in this game. I didn't even know you could do that, thats awesome.
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Wow, I never see counter CC in this game. I didn't even know you could do that, thats awesome.

    Its just not as brain dead easy as A3, takes good timing, but is not impossibly hard. If you have a decent sense of timing you can get a good seccess rate doing it. Even point point blowout cc can be counter cc'd.
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    Good shit trying to build up the A2 scene on ggpo. I'll jump in there more often to play too. Sucks that so many people stopped playing once the other games came out.

    Btw I need something to keep my fucking mind off SF4 lol.
    CFN ScootMagee
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    AC reversals: Do them

    Alot of people hate acs in A2 cause people abuse them and they do high damage. A advance tactic which no one uses but a select few is the ac reversal which basically punishing a ac when you know/think its coming. The way to to this is to do any normal that is cancellable, and hesitate a split second and dp/super/teleport. Basically you do the motion to where it wont cancel the normal unless they ac. C.fp is a good way to practice with shotos since its safe if blocked and the animation is long so you dont have the dp come out on accident. So basically this is what would happen.

    EX. Ken has a level 1 and is about to die, you knock him down and expect him to ac your next move. You c.fp, wait a split second and do a mp dp motion, Ken acs the fp and the mp dp comes out, hiting the ac and killing him. If he didnt ac you just get a blocked c.fp.

    Another way is meaty light attack and block, this will let them ac the light attack and you block it and then ac their ac.

    Deep jump-ins can avoid acs also.
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    Guy 101 guy-running.gif

    This one was done by BBH, Im sure he doesnt mind me posting it, I added some
    stuff but 95% of this write up is his.

    Inspired by Maxstah's Dhalsim overview, I've decided to do a Guy strategy thread - but there was so much to talk about, this almost turned into a FAQ. Ah well, I think it's for the greater good because it seems like there are quite a few people who want to learn Guy, but can't find enough good information regarding him. I may not be THE authority on all things Guy, but I'm giving it my best shot!

    Obviously Guy was an overpowered character in SFA1 with redizzy combos up the ass, so it was only natural that Capcom nerf the hell out of him in SFA2. I've always been under the impression that Guy was pretty horrible in this game, probably 4th or 5th-worst or so. When GGPO came around I started using Guy as a fuck-around character, knowing that I would probably lose my matches but I was determined to use him anyway because he seemed fun. As I played him more and more though, I began to find little things here and there that made him more and more useful. All of a sudden I was winning more games, and it's gotten to the point where I consider Guy one of my "main" characters now. I'm not sure where exactly I'd put him in the tiers, but I believe he's got to be somewhere in the middle. He may be at disadvantages against some characters, but he can still win if you know what you're doing.

    General Overview

    So how should one play Guy? That's up to you of course, not everyone has to play him the exact same way. But, I generally feel the best way can be summed up in one word - rushdown.

    Your general plan of attack should be to land knockdowns. Knocking the opponent down starts a wakeup guessing game that is mostly in Guy's favor. Look at the things he can do to someone getting up from a knockdown:

    1. Crouching MK (if they don't block, they get knocked down again)
    2. f+MP overhead
    3. Throw out a crouching LP or LK, then throw (another knockdown)
    4. Do nothing, then throw
    5. Do a crouching LP or LK, and if you think they're going to try to reverse your throw, activate CC instead
    6. If in the corner, jump straight up and come down with a jumping HK or d+mp, then proceed to do any of the above options (or if you fear an AC, don't do an attack on the way down and throw when you land)
    7. Do nothing and bait their wake-up move/super/CC

    etc, etc. He has so many options on what to do to someone getting up, so the most important thing to do is to keep all these options in mind and MIX THEM UP! Don't just alternate between crouching MK and f+MP every time, toss in some throws too. Sooner or later they're going to pull off some sort of reversal and turn the tide so you'll have to know when to back off too.

    Special Moves

    qcb+MK is your friend. Use it. It beats so many normal moves on the ground clean, it's an excellent counter. It even makes for a great AC reversal if you're expecting one of your normal moves to be AC'ed (although it mostly only works against kick AC's). Problem is it leaves you vulnerable to a sweep or CC if they block it, but them's the breaks. The mk version does go thru fireballs also if the kick hits.

    RSX Note* A good way of doing his ac reversal is try to cancel the 2nd hit of c.mk

    The LK version of the qcb+K hurricane kick isn't very useful, it goes through fireballs but usually whiffs against crouching opponents, and even if it hits you only get one hit. qcb+HK will practically always miss crouchers because it goes so high - use it only in juggles (especially if you can buffer into it off an anti-air normal move) and CC's.

    The qcf+P Bushin Grab I generally don't use all that much, because you're a sitting duck during the jump. If you use the wrong strength button you'll usually stop short or fly past them, the latter of which is always dangerous. Nonetheless, it looks cool if you can successfully predict a fireball with it and grab them out of it. Remember that it doesn't grab if they're stationary in the corner, but if you can grab them out of certain moves (such as... well, a fireball) you will get the grab. Plus you have a potential juggle in the corner!

    If the qcf+P whiffs, you get an elbow instead that does pitiful damage. If you land it against a crouching opponent, you can actually combo after it if you're fast enough. Try crouching LK into qcb+MK for a 4-hit combo that knocks them down. Be careful though, if your timing is off or the elbow gets blocked, whiffing the qcb+MK will leave you vulnerable.

    His qcb+P, Northern Mountain Breaker or whatever ridiculous name it has, is useful for applying pressure. Buffer into it off a blocked normal move and you might hit them if they flinch. Unfortunately it's only a guaranteed combo after a standing or crouching HP, or a standing MP-HP chain. Whenever you get an opening and you don't have meter, always do Standing HP into qcb+HP to punish, or Standing MP-HP into qcb+HP if you're close enough. Even if you screw up your timing and they block, you'll be safe.

    His qcf+K wind dashes... first of all, qcf+HK, K is garbage. Don't ever use it, unless they're almost dead and blocking low. There is no reason to ever use this if they have a lot of life, because it puts you at frame disadvantage on hit. Garbage. qcf+MK, K isn't that useful either, but okay to throw into the mix when they least expect it - usually from full screen distance, since it's so fast.

    The qcf+LK, K dash cancel though? Very, very useful. Buffering into it off a normal move is almost always a good idea since it gives you an opportunity to get back in their face, instead of getting pushed back by the normal move. Of course, a great thing to do after a cancelled dash is to throw since you're so close to them. If you think they're going to reverse, use qcb+MK or CC. Or just do a crouching MK cancelled off the first hit into ANOTHER dash, etc. Whenever you throw someone across the screen and they're not in the corner, use the dash to get close to them. Remember, using the dash cancel is free super meter!

    Another thing to keep in mind about the qcf+LK dash is that you do NOT have to push LK again to cancel the dash. Either MK or HK will cancel it, as long as you started the dash with qcf+LK. I find it easier to "piano" the buttons and hit MK immediately after the qcf+LK, instead of hitting LK twice in a row. Your mileage may vary, see what method works best for you.

    Other Moves

    f+MP is a two-hit overhead. Although somewhat slow (of course), it's still very useful. After it hits, try doing a standing MP into qcf+LK, K to close the distance, or try a qcb+MK since people often tend to throw out an attack after getting hit by an overhead.

    Jumping d+MP definitely has its uses since you can use it to stop your jump short, which is good since Guy's jump is so floaty. Getting tired of shotos Dragon Punching you? Do an early jumping d+MP to stop short and make them whiff. The problem with this move is that if it hits, it's very difficult to land it "deep" and combo after it, so you might get thrown after one connects. Use it with caution.

    df+HK... I don't know. Does anyone have a use for this move? I don't. A move that sends Guy backwards is pointless to me. Maybe if you want to turtle a little bit and build meter instead, that's a good way to make a getaway... I guess.

    RSX note* df+HK makes doing his lvl 3 cc hella easy

    Bushin Chain

    Standing LP, MP, HP, HK is Guy's Bushin Chain - his classic attack combo from Final Fight. Unfortunately, it's not quite as useful in this game.

    RSX note* I suck at bushin chain

    For one thing Standing LP whiffs against 14 of the 18 characters in this game when they're crouching. That's not good. Since most opponents are going to be in crouch block when you're close, this means you won't have a chance of even starting the chain up unless something forces them to stand.

    And of course, the timing on this chain isn't easy. It's hard to properly explain the timing, so I would recommend practicing the timing on your own against a dummy opponent until you can get it down. There's a certain rhythm to it and the only way to get a feel for that rhythm is by practicing it a lot. Of course, you'll then have to recompensate your timing a little bit for GGPO lag, but it's still better to get a general feel for the timing on your own first.

    Another problem is that the last hit often whiffs entirely if you're not close enough. Even worse, if done in the corner, the last hit misses most characters for no reason at all, even if you started it from point-blank range!

    So why bother doing the Bushin Chain in the first place? STYLE. Well, I think it looks stylish anyway. Keep in mind it does about 25% damage and a lot of stun too. If you don't have meter and someone whiffs a DP or super or something, bust out with the Bushin Chain!

    If you can't get the timing down, don't worry about it too much, because it's not an absolutely vital part of Guy's game. It's just there for fun (and Final Fight fanservice, I guess)


    For the most part, you shouldn't be using meter on Guy's super moves. Save the meter for CC's or AC's.

    qcfx2+P isn't completely worthless though - at level 2 or 3 it's a guaranteed anti-air if you can anticipate their jump and do it fast enough. Don't bother at level 1, it trades hits most of the time. And of course, you can juggle it after a qcf+P Bushin Grab in the corner if you're fast enough.

    qcfx2+K is garbage, unless you're really good at hit-confirming or something. Depending on the distance you're at, some parts of the super will whiff sometimes. You can get much more damage with a CC. Pretty much the only time I ever use this super is to kill someone with block damage.

    Alpha Counters

    Punch AC is good against jumping attacks and fireballs, Kick AC is good against ground moves. Neither of which do all that much damage, but they do give Guy a knockdown, and those are always good.

    Custom Combos

    This is where your super meter should be going. Although his CC's aren't anywhere close to being the most damaging in the game, they are very solid and give him the potential for an HKD juggle afterwards. Standard CC's activated against a ground opponent:

    Level 1 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+hp, qcb+hp, qcb+HK - 35% damage or so. You have to be fast to get two qcb+hp - if you're not fast enough, the meter will run out before the qcb+HK can juggle. If you're not sure you can connect two qcb+LP's, do one instead and then the qcb+HK. It's highly recommended to go for two though, especially if you have about 1.5 meters.

    Level 2 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+HK - 45% damage or so. I think the qcb+HP gives slightly more damage than qcb+LP but is also slightly slower - although it's nearly impossible to tell in a CC.

    Level 3 CC - Activate, Crouching MK, qcb+HP, qcb+HK, qcb+HK, qcb+HK - around 60% damage! You have to be fast to get three qcb+HK's in. If you're not sure you can do it, try substituting a qcb+MK for one of the HK's - the damage will end up roughly the same anyway.

    RSX note* if you get a blow out of punishing a whiff dp etc, do this cc at lvl 3:

    df+hk (1 hit), qcb+hp x5, qcb+hk (about 75%)

    An alternate means of starting the CC is to do it with a Standing MK instead of a Crouching MK - this is useful if they whiff a move from a distance. They might think they're out of range from retaliation, but you can suck them in from half-screen distance with this! Only use a Standing MK if you're sure they can't block it though - in any other circumstance it's wiser to start with Crouching MK because of the whole "Valle CC" effect of catching an opponent in standing block.

    RSX note* s.mk cc is nasty, it allows you to punish a lot of shit like blocked fireball or sagats s.mk on block/hit.

    However, let's say they anticipated your CC and were blocking low ahead of time when you activate. Whoops! What you can now do is his f+MP overhead to break their guard, then do a crouching/standing MK into a qcb+P, possibly followed by a qcb+HK if you have enough meter. This isn't as good as it sounds though, as the f+MP is still pretty slow, and after you land this once, your opponent will be more likely to be on the lookout for this and poke you out of it. If that starts happening, try to keep doing crouching MK's to try to trip them up. Don't do them rapid-fire, wait a little bit between each one. If it doesn't work and you blow all your meter... well, that's life.

    You can also use CC's as anti-air, but it's pretty tricky. Unfortunately most of Guy's normals are too slow to be able to properly use the short invincibility from the CC. I've had some success with starting anti-air CC's with Standing Jab though. If you get an anti-air CC started, don't bother with the qcb+P, since they're already airborne. Go straight into qcb+HK's. If they're already in the air, you can get two qcb+HK's even at level 1!

    RSX note* His AA cc is a Smasher, Ive never seen it trade, basically there are a few variation at lvl 3, lower lvls just hk hurricane.

    AA CC 1: s.lp, qcf+hp, qcb+hp x3, qcb+hk
    AA CC 2: s.lp, qcb+lk x3, qcb+hk
    AA CC 3: s.lp, qcb+hk x3

    Another reason landing a CC is important is because Guy is one of the few characters that can take full advantage of the "High Knockdown Juggle" glitch! Which brings us to the next part...

    High Knockdown Juggles

    What is the High Knockdown (or HKD) glitch? If you're not sure on what it is, this old alt.games.sf2 post by GGPO's endy22 explains it in detail:

    http://groups.google.com/group/alt.game ... 60dbc96cf9

    Now the easiest way to land an HKD is to hit them when they ground recovery roll after a CC. So whenever you land a CC, *ALWAYS* follow it up with a Crouching MK (both hits). If they roll, they get knocked up into HKD state.

    If you manage to land an HKD, a qcb+MK (1 hit) or qcb+HK (2 hits) hurricane kick is guaranteed on every character. The HK version is harder to land since it has to be timed perfectly, but obviously it does do more damage than the MK version. I find that the HK version is easier to land on bigger characters like Zangief or Sagat. For the most part I would recommend sticking with the MK version unless you're sure of your timing - if you whiff the HK version and they recovery roll, you're in trouble.

    Sample of a qcb+MK HKD at approx 87 seconds left in the 1st round of this video. (I'll replace this with a link of one showing a qcb+HK later probably)

    An alternate means of doing the HKD is to do a qcb+P before they hit the ground - if they roll, the qcb+P will knock them out of it and send them HELLA HIGH up into the air, which looks pretty amusing. A qcb+HK is easy as pie to juggle in this situation, if you can actually get the HKD off the qcb+P in the first place. I always forget about it and just do a crouching MK when they're getting up instead.

    Other Juggles

    Besides the HKD's, Guy can also use the qcb+MK/qcb+HK and even his qcfx2+P super in certain instances to juggle people.

    As mentioned before, if you land a qcf+P Bushin Grab that puts them in the corner, you can do a juggle afterwards. qcb+MK is guaranteed on every character, qcb+HK seems to work on "big" characters. Or of course you can juggle any level of the qcfx2+P punch super! This looks very stylish and does great damage overall. The timing on this is pretty hard though. I would definitely recommend practicing this offline to get a feel for the timing on these juggles, because it isn't easy.

    Here is a video of B-IzM landing the qcfx2+P super after the grab TWICE in one match (both times are in the 2nd round)

    In the corner, Guy's kick grab (the knee bash) can also be juggled after! But this is pretty pointless because timing a juggle after it is nearly impossible - you don't know when Guy is going to let go of the opponent, it all depends on how well both you and your opponent mash during it. Generally, Guy usually lets go after the 6th or 7th knee bash if you're doing a good job of mashing. The same moves juggle here, the qcb+MK/HK or the qcfx2+P super. I would seriously recommend against ever trying for the super though - with the timing being so random, it's a waste of a super level. Try for a qcb+MK if you're feeling saucy, and if the moon and the stars align, you might just land that extra juggle hit!

    Here is a video of the one and only time I've ever been able to land qcfx2+P super after a kick grab in the corner. I'm sorry, VariantX. :(

    Another thing that should always be kept in mind is that buffering into any of the aforementioned juggle moves against an airborne opponent will also cause a juggle! Say the opponent jumps at you, and you use Guy's crouching HP as anti-air. Don't stop there, buffer into a qcb+HK. You might score an extra 1 or 2 hits, and more importantly it'll knock them down, as opposed to making them land on their feet. Always try to get into the habit of doing this if they jump at you.

    RSX note* grab your opponent with mk everytime and count the hits, dont mash thoough. This should lead to the same amount of hits each time, allowing you to know when to super.

    Small/Big Characters

    There are 4 characters in the game that should be considered "small characters" because of how small their sprite is when they're crouching, and then 4 "tall characters" who have problems ducking under specific attacks. This has a huge effect on Guy because the small characters are disastrous for him and the tall characters give him a couple advantages he doesn't have against the rest of the cast.

    Let's start with the small characters. The 4 small characters are:

    Charlie, Rose, Sakura, [another] Guy

    So what is the problem Guy has with these characters? It's just one thing - Standing HP whiffs against any of these characters when they're in crouch block. This is a huge problem, because Guy's Standing HP is an incredibly useful ground move, because of the fact that it has good range/priority, and is bufferable (and is one of only two moves that is guaranteed to combo into a qcb+P on the ground). This also affects his Standing MP-HP chain, as the MP will hit a croucher and then the HP whiffs. Another unfortunate side effect of this is that if you go for a throw with Fierce, and it whiffs because you were either out of range or they were in blockstun/hitstun, you've just whiffed a standing move at close range and are in prime position to get thrown or CC'ed back. So basically, against any of these characters, you need to get out of the habit of using Standing HP as a poke when fighting them.

    Now, the tall characters. These 4 are:

    Dhalsim, Sagat, Sodom, Zangief

    Yeah, I don't know why Dhalsim qualifies as a tall character in crouch block and Birdie isn't, but that's SFA2 for you. Against any of these characters, Guy's Standing Jab hits them when they crouch block. This isn't a very significant advantage, but it means that these are the only 4 characters he's guaranteed to be able to connect a Bushin Chain on when they're ducking. Even if they block, you can use the Bushin Chain as a way to keep the pressure on and build meter (although beware of AC's).

    Another nice perk against these characters is that if you connect a qcf+P Bushin Grab against any of them in the corner, you can juggle with an HK hurricane kick instead of an MK one so you get two juggle hits instead of one. Of course, timing the juggle in the first place is really hard to land consistently, and the HK version will leave you a lot more vulnerable if you whiff, so maybe it's not that great an advantage anyway! (it MIGHT be possible to connect the HK hurricane kick juggle against other characters, but I haven't found any)

    Whew! This is already way too long and there's a lot of shit I no doubt missed. I haven't even touched on character matchups or any of that stuff.

    If anyone has any questions or anything to add, feel free to post!

    EDIT 02/12/08:

    Saikyo Dojo Combo Union's SFA2 Guy Tutorial Video http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TLQXTTH3 , uploaded by Dai_Akira. Thanks!

    Random stuff:

    c.lk, then c.mk beats people mashing throw
    s.lk, c.mp, c.fp, s.lp all anti air, canel c.mp or s.lp into qcb+hk to juggle

    Guy is awesome.
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    How do I beat rose's dumb shit?

    I'd give this game a chance if there was a way round not losing 1/3 life while blocking a soul illusion combo

    A little more in depth on that. Yes soul illusion is a bitch and yes its chips alot, but if rose does use HK drill you are given a free cc. Also, pressure her or run away. Another way around it is cc as soon as she activates. You will either get the cc on her or force her to block, eating up her Soul Illusion time. Just dont jump when she has soul illusion cause c.fp xx lvl 1 soul throw will do like 50% cause fp hits 3 times. Another way way is to ac any hit she does. DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT AC THE HK DRILL ITSELF. You WILL trade and lose 20-45% life. Only Gief and roses grab acs will work on the drill, along with bison's kick ac. Maybe rolentos kick ac too. Other acs trade.
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    Anyone have any question, I mean shit, feel free to ask anything. Or else, lol.
  • LionxLionx Do the Stun Super! Joined: Posts: 925
    Well i use Rolento personally, and i play him semi CvS2-ish with runaway, but i havent played A2 seriously back in the days. Would like to see if theres anything noteworthy about him outside of what people say (build meter/runaway, then CC) @_@

    I know a couple things here and there but...i wanna see if theres anything you can maybe share. I am interested in what you have to say :)
    CvS2: (C-Ryu, Terry, Rolento; K- Rolento, Geese, Kyo.) + Sagat/Cammy
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    High Level CvS2 vlog: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Lionx
  • D-ProtoD-Proto Execution God Joined: Posts: 824
    i want Bison 101 =), bison was the 1st charac i picked up when playing a2 on ggpo, and im rusty as hell with him, i would like some tips.
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    Dreamfire can help alot on this one, but heres some stuff.

    Best AA cc in the game, activate s.lp xx scouter jump kicks

    To consistently get full damage on his cc, piano mash all the kicks, they all do the same damage.

    S.lp xx knife s.lp xx knife xN is the corner is really good

    kara cancel c.rh into lp roll to build meter faster

    f+mk cannot be thrown and is really helpful vs gief

    hk grab is safer than hp grab, cause s.fp had too much lag if you whiff

    walking s.lp is annoying

    canceling a normal into a knife hits people mashing

    lvl 1 trip wire is godly, instant low point blank and nothing will beat it outside a full body invincible move, and allows for a safe jump

    c.fp , c.mp, j.fp, j.mp and c.rh are your friend
  • RagingStormXRagingStormX Team Arcade Stream Joined: Posts: 5,229 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    i want Bison 101 =), bison was the 1st charac i picked up when playing a2 on ggpo, and im rusty as hell with him, i would like some tips.

    Ill see how soon i can get to this.
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