Columbia, MO: It's just Too BRISK, baby



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    We're having trouble securing the venue for that day, so I don't want to lock anything in and force commitments, but hopefully it's still a go.
  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74
    Game City would be a good spot.
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  • Omicron AustinOmicron Austin Downright Fierce Joined: Posts: 358
    Yeah, I've got to delay it until I can get the spot for it.

    Also, the idea was to get a free, easy venue on campus with university funding, so we just need to find a time we can reserve a spot.
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    Hey CoMo! this is Baztastic, a member of the St. Louis Bar Warz stream team. we've been bringing the hypeness every wednesday from our HQ for well over a half a year now to let the world know that the midwest knows how to get the fuck down in some Fighting Games! what we're trying to do now is get more info about us out there in the hopes that we all can help put the Midwest FGC on the map.

    so, watch WNF, watch Big Two, but at some point tomorrow, please feel free to give us a look. we'd love to have you stream monster!

    thanks for your time and hope to see you in the chat!
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  • Saikyo SethSaikyo Seth Joined: Posts: 91
    Hey, I moved back to Jefferson city so if anyone would like to meet up for some matches sometime send me a message and we can try and work something out.

    Right now evenings are kinda bad for me, but I have some time available in the mornings and afternoons.

    You can also add me on XBL: Saikyo Seth

    Really hope there is still a scene in this area.
  • KeitsKeits Joined: Posts: 8,765 mod
    This is it! Only one week remains to register for UFGT8, which goes down from May 25th to the 27th in Chicago / Northbrook, IL. If you choose to register at the door, it will cost $10 more than it does right now, and you will not be seeded regionally or by skill. Here are just a few of the reasons you need to be at UFGT8:

    -Fun and Games corner, including Super Balrog Ball and DIVEKICK, to keep you busy winning prizes between your pool assignments.
    -Community panels, including discussions hosted by Justin Wong, Iron Galaxy Studios, and Victor "Sp00ky" Fontanz
    -Cheap trip! Hotel rooms are only $69 a night, and parking is free.
    -Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown beta and free tournament; the midwest's first chance to play FS!
    -FOUR Character Auction side events; SSF4AE, KoF13, SFxT, and UMvC3
    -The Ultimate Payout System, which scales payouts and bonuses with the number of entries in a game, and pays out roughly the top 10% of entries
    -Cash bonuses in SSF4AE, UMvC3, and SCV provided by EVO. Cash bonus in MK9 provided by WB/NRS. Cash bonus and custom arcade stick prize in Skullgirls, provided by Autumn Games.
    -Infinity Gauntlet trophies for 1st place in SSF4AE, UMvC3, SFxT, SCV, SG, MK9, KoF13, Mystery Game Tournament, Super Balrog Ball Tournament, and Divekick Tournament.
    -Over 80 raffle prizes, including nearly 40 arcade sticks. Everyone who pre-registers is automatically in the Door Prize Raffle, everyone who attends panels gets tickets to the Panel Raffle, and anyone who plays in the Fun and Games corner gets Fun and Games Raffle Tickets.
    -Every setup, provided by Focus Fire, runs on an "EVO" Asus monitor.

    Head over to and click Register to get it taken care of. Preliminary pool assignments (subject to change) will be available online on May 21st for review, and you'll have a day or so to spot regional seeding problems and get them to me. The final set of pool assignments will be available on May 23rd. See you guys in just under two weeks, and please travel safely to Chicago.
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    yo columbia. my roommate and i are trying to get some people playing marvel in this town. i know youre here, so let me know if yall wanna play. my gamertag is danger dino. id also like to try to get some sort of weekly thing goin like stl has, obviously not on the same night since bar warz is the shit. whatcha guys think? i mean, we're right in the middle of the state, no reason we cant get stl and kc players here too.
  • Omicron AustinOmicron Austin Downright Fierce Joined: Posts: 358
    Unfortunately, myself and a friend of mine are back in STL for a few months while school is out. We'll be going back to Columbia eventually, though, and I'll be glad to play whatever when that happens.
  • Saikyo SethSaikyo Seth Joined: Posts: 91
    Hey jd1no I'll try to add you on XBL. Try adding me if I forget. "Saikyo Seth" on XBL. I currently don't own Marvel but still play it sometimes so if we can get something up i'll come out to have my v.joe team bodied.

    As far as XBL online stuff goes I have sfxt, skullgirls, and ssf4AE, SF3, kof 2002, and marvel 2 (which I'm horrible at) online. Don't know if any of these games are your thing. Crazy rusty at everything but sfxt at the moment but it comes back pretty quick.

    Good to know there's others in the area into fighters.
  • Dubya_FingazDubya_Fingaz Joined: Posts: 5
    Yeah i graduated but i will still be in freakin CoMo, it would be awesome to meet some folks that play fighters beyond hadouken inputs. I got UMVC3, and MVC2 skullgirls, tekken 6 VF5 and SFAE but im still just a intermediate player at best. Im in chicago at the UFGT tournament in chicago right now (my hometown).
  • jd1nojd1no Joined: Posts: 11
    sweet deal. you guys(if youre in columbia) should go into slackers and pester them about starting some fighting game tourneys there haha. ill add ya on live. we'll get some shit goin here!!!!
  • x7chaosx7chaos Joined: Posts: 61
    Hello everyone. I use to live in Columbia before I moved to South Carolina. I didn't get into fighting games until years after I had move. Just wondering how the community is in my old town.
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  • dotsdfedotsdfe Joined: Posts: 2,315
    I go to school up at Mizzou (at least for another year, I'm graduating next spring barring anything going wrong) and was wondering if there's anything for local Marvel play up there. Given that this thread seems fairly dead overall, I'd be surprised to see anything, but it's worth a shot.
  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74

    Sign-up, tell friends and help get this out there. I'm organizing everything and I also have this out on Fb, let's go CoMo!!/events/427293797311138?__user=100003986413247
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    Forgot this thread existed, we still get together for the occasional Third Strike every now and then. Nice to see people still play here.
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    The post looks insanely dead, but in case someone else in Como is browsing it, add me on steam @ KenJennings or GFWL @ yoshemitzu47 for some matches. We could also possibly meetup for some offline at some point. I play on PC.
  • SmokeMaxXSmokeMaxX T.O. of A.R.K. Joined: Posts: 7,974
    A.R.K. V is about a month away and we'd love to see all you guys there! We're expecting about 200 people from ~10 different states (including confirmed attendance from Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kansas, Louisiana, California, and Oklahoma) and are throwing in at least $1400 in bonus pots to support some of our games (including $600 each for AE and UMvC3). It will be on August 25th/26th in Jacksonville, AR with games such as Super Street Fighter IV: AE, Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, King of Fighters XIII, Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend, Soul Calibur V, Street Fighter X Tekken, Mortal Kombat 9, and SkullGirls.

    For more information (including an estimate on how much 1st/2nd/3rd will win in AE/UMvC3), visit the official thread here ( or holler at me. For anyone who wants to come, I heavily encourage you to preregister online at before August 18th to save money on venue fee.
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    Omfg, Ive crashlanded in heaven. Praise the thunder gods for the blessing that is Shoryuken. I thought I was screwed when I moved here -_-.
    Anyways, if anyone wants to play Blazblue, MVC2, Naruto Storm Generations, or pretty much any other fighting game dont hesitate to message me -_-.

    Any tournaments around here for BB? or SF x TK?
    Also Im new to Missouri, I just moved here from FL, and I gotta say its pretty quiet for video gamers here...
  • freefree Moving the soul. Joined: Posts: 583
    Bumping this for any new bloods, post up or hit me with a message. Still a couple of us around that play.
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  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74
    I'm looking to gather and grow the CoMo scene. On Facebook add CoMo gaming tournaments and join the group CoMo Colossal Clashes. Tell your friends and look for another tournament in the next couple months.
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  • ModestDeityModestDeity Joined: Posts: 9
    I'm looking to gather and grow the CoMo scene. On Facebook add CoMo gaming tournaments and join the group CoMo Colossal Clashes. Tell your friends and look for another tournament in the next couple months.

    I know a T.O. (ran small tourneys out of Slackers) in Jefferson City and some players there and maybe I can convince them to start coming to Columbia to play. I live in Fulton but work in Columbia so maybe I could get some sessions in the evening some time. Let me know. I'm really excited to have come across this thread, because offline play is so hard to come by!
  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74
    Yeah, if we can get more to this areas scene....or lack there of, we would be able to bring other areas in like a kc, stl, chi town, etc. What games do you play?
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  • ModestDeityModestDeity Joined: Posts: 9
    Well I'll play anything, but my best games are probably the 3 newest from Capcom, UMvC3, SSF4AE, and SFxT. I'm decent at ST as well. I played Tager for a little bit in BB but I haven't kept up with his changes, terrible at 3S, GG, and every other fighter I haven't mentioned (especially 3D fighters).
  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74
    Ok CoMo, wake up! I'm trying again at getting this thing jumpin so Friday,Sat and most likely Sunday as well I'm open for a session. Lemme know what game and if you have and I don't, bring it. Or if someone is trying to host, post it and let everyone know. Let's get somethin goin.
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  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74
    Friday I'm hosting a grind session and look to do this once a week. If you're in the the surrounding area of Columbia, please feel free to join CoMo Colossal Clashes on fb too.
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  • MrJack01MrJack01 Seven Joined: Posts: 2
    Any gamers still out there in Mizzou land? Id love to get some fighting games going. I just moved here and dont really know anyone who plays fighting games, its always Call of Duty or Halo... Ugh....

    I play Blazblue mainly but I love fighting games and generally play whichever one is available... except Ehrgeiz.
  • GnarrGnarr Monsterifik Joined: Posts: 394
    There are some players in CoMo. I would join the "STL BarWarz" Facebook group and ask for the como players. There are at least 3 or 4 that I know of. Most of them play SF4 and Marvel.
  • tierlesstierless Joined: Posts: 1
    Anyone Feel like gaming today can meet wherever. Message on facebook and I'll call for meetup :).

  • Omicron AustinOmicron Austin Downright Fierce Joined: Posts: 358
    I'm going to go ahead and post here to say that if anybody new shows up in the Columbia area in the future, send me a message. I'm still here.

    This post will remain true for up to one year from now, so don't get discouraged if this thread isn't active.
  • Madmanbennett78Madmanbennett78 Joined: Posts: 1
    I've been on SRK a long time ago on the alantic south forum moved here last year I play SF3 and MK and old VS games. My brother post on here I am getting a XBOX 1 looking at maybe some live friends to play and do casuals with I want to get good at it I loved the old ones and the new one looks sweet let me know send me a request on xbox live my name here is my ID
  • freefree Moving the soul. Joined: Posts: 583
    Bumping for new people passing through, we have players here still, hit me up!
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  • nuttyafanuttyafa Joined: Posts: 2
    damn, i should of looked for this thread years ago. Every time i think I'm done with fighting games, i get pulled back in and never have anyone nearby to play. What does anyone even play right now?
  • freefree Moving the soul. Joined: Posts: 583
    We play SF4 and Mahvel, but all of us come from older games so if you're looking for ST, 3S or CvS2 we're here for that too. Shoot me a message we can get you into the next hook up.
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  • RageousXRageousX Joined: Posts: 420
    There still a scene going on here? My brother just started at Mizzou this fall and is interested in getting locally introduced to Ultra.
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  • Hottracer88Hottracer88 PS4 Gamer Joined: Posts: 3
    hey new to SRK and im 30 mins from columbia looking for other local players around missouri trying get into the fighting commuinty as much i can Im playing mkx on ps4 hit me up anytime hottracer88 everywhere twitter psn youtube where ever lol
  • KamikazeCactuarKamikazeCactuar Joined: Posts: 7
    Don't know if anyone will see this but I'm going to be living in Missouri probably bouncing back and forth between Columbia and Jefferson City. I mostly play USFIV on PS4 but I also have it for PS3 as well. My PSN is: KamikazeCactuar. Feel free to add me!
  • razeq8razeq8 Joined: Posts: 1
    Hey Columbia MO! I'm trying to get a regular meetup going here in CoMo. I've got several folks with a tentative interest, and Ive already spoken with a venue that seems willing to host! I'm open to whatever games people want to play, but I've spent the most time with guilty gear.

    Join our group, Missouri Fighting Games MFG on Facebook so we can start to get some meetups going!
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