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  • thesharkfactorthesharkfactor Joined: Posts: 32
    XBL Tag: Sharkfactor
    Characters: Chun, Ken, Ryu, Blanka, Guile
    Controller: Sega New Astro City (sanwa JLF)
    Skill: Been playing for 20+ years, not a pro, but I know a few tricks.
    Location: Scotland, UK

    Ive been playing since sf2 came out in the arcades.. i have owned and restored numerous arcade cabinets and had various sf2 pcbs to play "the real thing".

    my controller is a sega new astro city which is simply the best set up i could ever wish for. my skill level is good, though most of my experience lies in sf2HF. I find myself playing alot of chun li in HDR, she just feels right for me. wherareas, i would use alot of ken, ryu, blanka and guile in previous games.

    i look forward to meeting some of you online.:tup:
  • xTHExBEARxxTHExBEARx Shitty Vega User Joined: Posts: 104
    XBL Tag: xLOUxBEGAx
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Character: Vega (I am DREADFUL with everyone else, I prefer charge characters).
    Controller: SF4 SE Stick (With Sanwa parts) for charge characters, regular 360 pad for non-charge characters.
    Skill: 6/10? Intermediate? Above average? I guess...
    HDR: Vega
    Subscribe if you'd like:
  • Super1NYCSuper1NYC Superior Fighters 1nc (SF1) Joined: Posts: 612
    XBL Tag: Super1NYC
    Location: New York City
    Character: E. Honda
    Skill: Expert

    All challengers may request matches.
  • MilitaryPoliciaMilitaryPolicia SickChevyTruck Joined: Posts: 70
    XBL: The Portugee
    Character: Honda/Blanka
    Skill: Intermediate
    Stop using turbo, because you're only fooling yourself.
  • evoanonevoanon FP Black Inside Joined: Posts: 431
    GamerTag: evoanon
    Characters: Everyone

    Send me a 1vs1 invite. I welcome long sessions :). Any skill level welcome, I've got some chars that need work.
  • KayrohKayroh Joined: Posts: 881
    GamerTag: evoanon
    Characters: Everyone

    Send me a 1vs1 invite. I welcome long sessions :). Any skill level welcome, I've got some chars that need work.

    I'll toss ya one later on. I really need to practice Deejay vs Gief
    "Fuck the Earth, Wind and Fire, Bitch. Fuck The Elements... And Captain Planet"
  • hellokrittyhellokritty Joined: Posts: 11
    XBL: hellokritty2
    Character: Chun Li
    Skill: Intermediate... except I think I've lost my touch over the years.
    Feel free to invite me if you need practice/willing to help me practice.
  • QuaristiceQuaristice Joined: Posts: 35

    XBL Tag: Quaristice

    Location: Blackpool, UK

    Mains: Dhalsim, Ryu, Chun Li

    Subs: Guile, Ken, Sagat, Honda

    Skill: Experienced

    Equiptment: Xbox 360 standard pad, I use analog stick.

    Always up for matches, any country as long as ping is decent. I enjoy all matchups including any counter picking, its all good. I do not play ranked any more, catch me in player lobbies. I don't enjoy 6 man rooms too much.
  • Guile75Guile75 Joined: Posts: 106
    xbl tag : Guile75
    Location : South London
    Main : Chun li
    Skill level : Usually a challenge
    Equipment : SF4 TE Stick ...Too good at times

    Learnt to play sf in the arcades with ryan 'prodigal son' hart. Ryan is inhumanly clinically blessed and therefore consistent, iam an adrenal attacking player, so i have to be a bit angry and worked up to really play well, so iam very inconsistent (beat me twice and i'll start playing basically).
  • AshieteruAshieteru WW Mash Joined: Posts: 8
    XBL GamerTag: Ashieteru
    Your Characters: Ken, Blanka, E.Honda
    Controller: Regular 360 Controller

    Willing to scrim with anyone if you add me though please pm me so I know where your from. =D
  • Tinyb0ssTinyb0ss Joined: Posts: 25
    Gamertag: Tinyb0ss (that's a zero)
    Location: Midwest USA
    Character: Zangief
    Control: stock 360 controller Edit: Just picked up a Hori EX-SE. I suck right now, but some things are already 10x easier than before--woohoo!
    Skill level: I know the tricks, but I'm still learning to do them reliably and at the right times. Ran into evoanon recently, who showed me just how much better I could be.

    I prefer 3-person rooms, 4 at most. Learning by watching is good, but I like to play too. I don't mind getting my *** handed to me repeatedly by a much better player--I learn that way.
  • Dr Inky AoKDr Inky AoK Joined: Posts: 1
    Gamertag: Dr Inky AoK
    Location: Chicago
    Character: 'Gief and Rog
    Control: Marvel vs Capcom 2 TE Stick
    Skill Level: im like and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the highest)
  • DoomsDayDevice0DoomsDayDevice0 The SPD Professor Joined: Posts: 11
    Gamertag: DoomsDayDevice0 (Zero on the end)
    Location: Leeds, England
    Characters: Main Gief, mess about with Chun, Sim and Ryu
    Control: Bog standard 360 pad. Analogue or d-pad
    Skill: Not Applicable

    Pussy is pussy at the end of the day!
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  • MelficeXMelficeX Each Fight Is A New Lesson Joined: Posts: 23
    Gamertag: Melfice X
    Location:Brooklyn, NY
    Characters: Main Ryu, Alt- Akuma
    Control: SF Mad Catz Fight Pad
    Skill: Intermediate
    XBL Gamertag - Melfice X
    My YouTube Channel
    My Twitch Stream
  • DOC CHAOSDOC CHAOS Joined: Posts: 13
    Gamertag: DOC CH40S
    Characters: Zangief, DJ, Guile, Rog
    Skill: Not so free
  • TheMrTuttleTheMrTuttle Joined: Posts: 139
    Gamertag: DOC CH40S
    Characters: Zangief, DJ, Guile, Rog
    Skill: Not so free
    I think I payed with you the other night. GGs.
  • Inspector IceInspector Ice Mr. Console Junkies Joined: Posts: 3
    Gamertag: Inspector Ice
    Character: Zangief till i die.
    Controller: Until i get my new TE stick, SSF4 FightPad

    I'm mainly looking for people who want to get that practice in. I know i'm rusty, that's why im here on the forums to get my focus back.
  • ParrotProphetParrotProphet I love movies Joined: Posts: 156
    XBL GT: ParrotMan01
    Location: South California
    Characters: Fei Long, Ken
    Controller: Real Arcade Pro VX SA
    Skill: Just started playing. Willing to learn.
    HDR: Fei Long, Ken / GGAC+: Sol, Johnny
    VFFS: Jacky, Sarah, Lei(for fun)
    P4A, 3rd Strike, and KOF XIII are all TBA.
  • orochizoolanderorochizoolander 2LANDER! Joined: Posts: 15,628
    LOL people still post n this forum? hit me up for some games so I have a reason to play classic mode on my tv than GGPO on pc.
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
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