SSFIIT HDR Matchmaking



  • RSDeathscytheRSDeathscythe Dee Jay! Joined: Posts: 51
    XBL: Jennero
    Characters: Ryu, DeeJay, Sagat, Guile and Dhalsim.
    Controller: Hori EX2
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Gamertag: AlephJL
    Characters: Chun, Guile, Ryu
    Controller: Hori EX2

    Also, I made an account that I'll just add SRK members to. The tag for that is SRKMembersList. I can add you with that or you add me, whatever.
  • Slasher_KingSlasher_King teh noob Joined: Posts: 52
    GamerTag: SlasherKing009
    Characters: Fei long, cammy, Akuma
    Controller: hori ex 2
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  • zerodotjanderzerodotjander Chinaman, Please! Joined: Posts: 304
    Also, I made an account that I'll just add SRK members to. The tag for that is SRKMembersList. I can add you with that or you add me, whatever.

    Great. This should be edited into the first post.
  • GuileMikeGuileMike Disco Disco! Joined: Posts: 1,111
    so there is no possible way for xbl players to play ps3 players is there?
  • MrArcadePerfectMrArcadePerfect Leo Player! Joined: Posts: 480
    so there is no possible way for xbl players to play ps3 players is there?

    mircosoft and sony won't agree on that
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  • desynkdesynk Joined: Posts: 19
    I know I'm going to get my ass handed to me just like in HF but I cannot wait for this remake. It seems as if my favorite (Zangief) may actually be a contender. This game is going to be fucking sick.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I'll be making a return to SF for this game.

    Gamertag: caelum adustum

    I play all characters except T-hawk, Dee-Jay, and Gief.

    Pad scrub.
  • brianbrian Joined: Posts: 765
    Gamertag: xbl brian
    Characters: Guile, Boxer, and lots of possibilities to add once the game is out.
  • Slash CharlotteSlash Charlotte Chonshu's handmaid Joined: Posts: 90
    XBL GamerTag:Reiko Mori
    Your Characters:Cammy, Sagat, Fei Long(now that I can do his flying kicks)
    Controller:360 pad until SF 4 sticks drop:((
    Daraku Tenshi: Roccio Roche, Taro
    KoF XI: Ryo, Jyazu, and Kasmui
    NGBC: Chonshu, wildcard
    Karnov's Revenge:Masturius and Zazie
  • AmpAmp Joined: Posts: 533
    Severely new player showing up, scrub tier atm.

    Gamertag: Amperture
    Characters: Will likely play Fei, Guile, and DeeJay
    Pad: 360 stock until SF4 stick or custom.
    GFWL/XBL: Amperture
    Yes, I play on keyboard. Get yourself a KBC Poker.
    Looking for a good keyboard -> console converter.
  • aCmeaCme catch of the year. Joined: Posts: 15
    Hi guys, this is timBuck3/timBuck2 from ggpo/2df

    xbl gamertag: MisterAcme
    characters: focused on dic/ryu/sim/blanka in ST, but i'm sure i'll be playing around with most characters in HDR
  • TaygetaVendettaTaygetaVendetta HDR Joined: Posts: 562

    Don't know characters yet

    Hori EX2
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  • AlterGenesisAlterGenesis new srk is trollin Joined: Posts: 3,503

    Get at me.
    XBL: AlterGenesis
    PSN: AlterGenesisOP
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    xbl user name: haarisabbasi
    stick: fighting stick ex 2
  • noskid313noskid313 psychic PC Joined: Posts: 100
    Ken, fei long, dictator
    Ex2 Hori
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  • Missing PersonMissing Person Quickly becoming the Sailor Moon S guy. Joined: Posts: 14,078
    Gamertag: WatCnBrwnDo4U
    Character: Cammy, Dictator, Chun
    Controller: Soon to be custom stick with all Seimitsu parts. For now, official 360 controller.
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  • Demon HyoDemon Hyo Hyo Joined: Posts: 1,268
    XBL username: Remy721

    Controller: xbox pad
  • Dances with NinjasDances with Ninjas Kung Fu Treachery Joined: Posts: 814
    XBL GamerTag: Dances w Ninjas
    Characters: Whoever I damn well feel like playing (I'll lose anyway)
    Controller: 360 pad (Now), Custom (Later)
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  • BruceLBBruceLB THE KITTEN PAJAMAS Joined: Posts: 509
    GT: Bruce Askew
    Chars: DJ and Cammy when shit get's serious, everyone else when it's not.
    Stick: Custom
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  • orochizoolanderorochizoolander 2LANDER! Joined: Posts: 15,675 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Yall know my GT get at me!
    P. gorath said: seriously though, it really crystalized how much better mvc3 is than that game. "Oh look, commando vs. 3 characters...this will be excitin--zzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzz"
  • wolf_1wolf_1 Joined: Posts: 169
    tag: FrankDux DimMak
    characters: mutekiguile & komodablanka
    stick: arcadeinabox

    dim mak is death touch bottom one.
  • Mr.NoodleMr.Noodle Rage...Rising... Joined: Posts: 1,768 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Gamertag: Volg Zangiev

    Characters: Ryu, Sagat

    Controller: Pad for now. I've tried looking for sticks that could work 360 but couldn't find any.
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Will this hurry up and drop already!!!!

    GT: o63zr0freestyle

    characters: Guile and Cammy

    Stick: Hori custom

  • FallbackFallback Joined: Posts: 266
    getting the 360 version tomorrow so...

    Playing: Ken, Claw, Random

    G. Tag: brooklyniteOne

    Controller: custom |
  • bankstersbanksters Hungry Fighter Joined: Posts: 127
    Hella scrub st player here.

    Gamertag: banksters
    Chars: Ken, kinda ryu and sim
    Stick: EX2 with Sanwa buttons
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  • AntzerAntzer Mashing Hard Joined: Posts: 111
    Gamertag: Antzer12

    Playing: Dictator, and undecided

    Controller: Crappy xbox 360 controller
  • mad possummad possum Joined: Posts: 1,091
    Hi guys, this is timBuck3/timBuck2 from ggpo/2df

    xbl gamertag: MisterAcme
    characters: focused on dic/ryu/sim/blanka in ST, but i'm sure i'll be playing around with most characters in HDR

    Oh, your MisterAcme! I didn't know that was your XBL tag Timbuck. Look forward to playing you on HD Remix.

    Gamertag: mad possum

    characters : Honda, Chun, Thawk, Geif, little of everyone but Shotos, LOL.

    Using custom HAPP stick.
    GGPO name : madpossum
  • pirategurupirateguru Balrog Enthusiast Joined: Posts: 19
    still waiting for this to drop.

    Gamertag: guru88

    characters: Fei Long, Ken,

    Using Mad Catz controller (has a better pad then the standard)
    Jab All Day
  • MrBlastyV2MrBlastyV2 on Blast Joined: Posts: 1,600
    Characters:blanka,ryu,fei long
    sitck:zemitzu modded horti ex
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  • JCLJCL Joined: Posts: 1,507 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Gamertag: chewmanfu
    characters:Ryu, Guile, Sagat
    controller: HRAP EX
  • nakatominakatomi Longdickey! Joined: Posts: 835
    Gamertag: wirednakatomi
    characters: any
    controller: DoA4 stick, strong button dead. Waiting for new one to arrive
  • NocturnalNocturnal SNK Supporter Joined: Posts: 2,977 mod
    Add me or I'll see you guys online either tonight or for Thanksgiving.
    youtube channel = jaimedl
    twitch channel = jaimedl
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  • funkpandafunkpanda That Man Funkpanda Joined: Posts: 179
    GT: FunkPanda
    Characters: That Green Beasty Blanka, and the Hamburger Helper Honda
    Stick: Hori EX2
    TWG FunkPanda
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I've been playing for about an hour now and it's incredible how lag free it is, and I'm from GUAM! I'm super scrubby right now (Coming off Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur, and 3rd Strike), but the fact that lag is really not an issue anymore makes me super excited to learn more.

    GT: PeteTheBohemian
    Characters: Shoto and Guile
    Stick: Stock EX2
  • Radiantsilvergun3Radiantsilvergun3 Smooth Criminal Joined: Posts: 11,277
    GT: Venom411
    Characters: Ryu and Fei Long
    Controller: EX Hori 2.
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  • TetsuosanTetsuosan Watahh Joined: Posts: 1,708 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    GT: Tetsuosann , Chars: Deejay and Zangief ,Stick: VSHG
  • Hitaro0Hitaro0 Joined: Posts: 583
    GT: Hitaro1
    Characters: Random Select
    Controller: Shitty 360 pad

    Matches darnit~!
  • Mycah LeonhartMycah Leonhart The Pope of Bootyism Joined: Posts: 1,028
    GT: Houston S14
    Characters: Vega, Vega and Vega... Starting to dabble with Ryu and Cammy.
    Controller: Stock 360 Pad.
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  • RoDcHaNRoDcHaN Hanging onto SF with a string... Joined: Posts: 707
    GT: Rodchan
    Characters: Any charge character
    Controller: Hori Fighting stick EX2
    XBL: RoDcHaN
    3DS: 4768-7615-2614
    PSN: rodchan
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