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    Anyone still checking this post?

    I'm working on some custom art and could use a little help... the main thing that I would like to know is this: Is there a "default" font style and size for the ARCADE FIGHTSTICK TOURNAMENT EDITION writing on a MadCatz TE?

    I don't feel like searching around for a place to upload pictures at the moment, but I'm using an Ultra Street Fighter IV High-Res picture I found that has all of the characters (including the five new)... Made the Ultra Street Fighter logo and Vega separate layers, added text "Vega" underneath him in the bottom-right corner, then embossed and added stroke to all of these. Made the main image 85% opacity so that the logo, vega, and the text under vega all really pop.

    Now I just need to figure out how to add the ARCADE FIGHTSTICK TOURNAMENT EDITION and make it look official, and add the capcom logo, and I think I'm ready to order.


    NEVER MIND! All good, thanks. Can't wait to show off my stick in a few months!!! If anyone else is looking for the font:
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    If anyone has any stick art they want made without the skills/resources I can give it a stab for ya.

    Just may take a week or two.
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    I was just wondering if anyone has a psd for a Qanba Q1 template?
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    Working on a few different design ideas -- a Cody stick, a Poison stick, a stick with Ultra logo and entire character roster, and one with just a large Ultra logo in the background.

    I'll post pics of the two I've completed later tonight.
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    Just got my artwork today.

    What's the best kind of adhesive to use to adhere the art to the panel? I was thinking glue dots would work (and could be removable without destroying the art)...

    This is just a run of the mill Marvel stick with a red bezel and dark red ball top but I think it really makes the stick pop more:

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    wow awesome hey where did u find those purple te side panels?
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    They're just white side panels with a coat of Purple Blaze Plastidip.
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    hätte da mal eine frage. Vielleicht kann mir jemand ein artwork für meinen custom arcade stick erstellen? Es soll ein stick für die Playstation 4 werden.:) Als Thema fände ich gut wenn es etwas damit zu tun hat und mit meinem Nicknamen Hunter88. 47sygbdh.png
    Die Maße sind 27,5cm breit und 21,0cm hoch. Die Ecken unten sind weg das ist bei dem stick auch so.
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    would have got a question. Maybe someone can create a custom arcade stick artwork for my? It should be a stick for the Playstation 4. :) As a theme I'd like that if it has something to do with it and with my nickname Hunter88.
    The dimensions are 27.5 cm wide and 21.0 cm high. The bottom corners are gone that's when the stick that way.

    This text was translated by google translate
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    i've even started .. I have had to take the idea of ​​the colors of morrigan with pure. Unfortunately, my knowledge of gimp stop there already. Can but the design also will be completely different.
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    Can anyone make me art for my custom mago case. The template is around the TE size but with noir layout! I'm looking for either Ken masters theme or casshern sins theme!
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    Can anyone take the original madcatz round one artwork and replace the red with blue?
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    bobacup wrote: »
    Can anyone take the original madcatz round one artwork and replace the red with blue?

    Do you have a copy of the original in digital form? I could probably do that for ya.
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    Got my artwork made by DeathZeroZX printed by Art's Hobbies yesterday. Combined with parts from FocusAttack, I started making my Hori RAP VX SA Kai look better than ever. I know it's not the most complex modding project, but I'm really happy with the results. DeathZeroZX, if you're reading this, thank you so much for your work! Sorry for the bad photo quality, but I think I got the point across.

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    Could someone perhaps make this image

    Fit a Mad Catz round 1 edition, change it around so the character square fit around the button layout?
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    Hey Hunter88, did you tried Adobe Photoshop CS2 ,its for free, doesnt have all of CS3(wie den Wishfinger , den gibs nur als extra Filteroption). I try and getting confused, because i dont have regime or a good knowledge of the programm. Also for only Artworks without layers, try "Inkshape" also free and easy to understand like CS2.

    @DeathZeroZX: I send you an PM , hope you will read it :) pleaaaase!

    Hey so, i dont know why my Post was moved here, because now i have to post here again for wider crowd.i think for wider crowd,

    i have here an Thread where i posted Templates, pictures and so on. Right now i search for somone who can flaming my Panther and background and put everything together (without button openings). I hope someone can help me somehow please!?

    greetings Ress
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    I tried posting this in the Tech Talk board, but I haven't gotten any replies so I'll ask here too.

    I am wondering how this looks. I feel the top left could use something, however I also think it might look too cluttered if I add something.
    What do you guys think?

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    Just got my first stick the Razer Atrox. Had to take the original art straight out as its really garish and ugly.

    Would anyone be able to do up a design using JoJo's Bizarre Adventure as a theme? I also really dig purple but the JoJo's or even Berserk or Saga ( image comics ) theme would be AMAZING.
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    Contact me if you want an Artwork at

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    Hey guys, If you do artwork for free, please mention me on here or hmu on Twitter. I'm @MomoZoned Thank you.
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    Hi all, seems like there's a couple people who do stick artwork now. But i'm looking to get back into making artwork so if you have a request feel free to message me.
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    Hi guys, can i request for someone to make a Seth (USF4) artwork for my Razer Atrox? Deeply appreciated!!!
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    Hi! I'd like to build an arcade stick with this image:mffoipbqusx8.jpg

    I know this is very vague, but since i'm not a pro at measuring, i'd like to ask if someone could guess the dimensions of the fight stick based on the artworks outline and holes outlines.
    (I'll be having the image printed before I build the stick, so if the measurements aren't perfect, i'll have it reprinted)
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    Want to put new artwork up on my HRAP v4 when I get it next week.

    I've decided on P4AU for the artwork.. wondering if anyone would like to make something for me. I don't really have many ideas. Something clean with the blue/yellow ultimax color scheme with several of the characters.

    also, I've been known to be a generous tipper.. don't want to commission anything at this point though
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    Hey guys! Decided to change up the the art on my old Atrox, thinking towards going with a Noel Vermillion theme this time. Just wondering if anyone can run me something up, message me if you can help please. Thanks!
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    I everyone, tried my own artwork for my TE2. I'll have a clear shaft and dust cover then a green ball top.

    What do you guys think?

    Looking at making a Killer Instinct or Mortal Kombat one next.
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    Hello guys. I'm wondering if anyone has red Vewlix artwork template that they would be willing to share with me? For a Madcatz TE Round 1, with the 8 button layout.

    I've never tried to add artwork to a stick before, and have no idea how to use photoshop. All I can really provide is that I'd be submitting it to Art's Hobbies for a print out and a plexi cover.

    I really hope someone can help me out with this.

    Here's an example of what I'm looking for:


    Thanks guys.

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    skaloola wrote: »
    Want to put new artwork up on my HRAP v4 when I get it next week.

    I've decided on P4AU for the artwork.. wondering if anyone would like to make something for me. I don't really have many ideas. Something clean with the blue/yellow ultimax color scheme with several of the characters.

    also, I've been known to be a generous tipper.. don't want to commission anything at this point though

    Might be a little too Persona and not enough Ultimax but I've been really into Persona lately and you made me want to try whipping something up. Almost want to get a HRAP and use it myself to be honest hahaha.


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    x-posted from the thread on tech talk because i'm lost on the new forums

    Not sure if this is the right spot to ask, but does anybody know if there's a psd for the stock HRAP VX-SA artwork? Mine's starting to peel and i really want to just replace it and maybe make some minor tweaks rather than go the full custom route.

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    Does anyone have the move lists for the new Ultra characters? Or does anyone live near an Ultra arcade that can take a picture of them? My Kraylix will be arriving soon, and I want to make it Ultra SFIV themed. Thanks guys!
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    I am looking for a good chibi style ggxrd layout for a TE2. Red buttons black balltop. I am willing to pay but I'm not looking for someone to google a few images and throw them on top of a layout. I can pay of course but I hope someone can come up with something.
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    For those that have printed out the artwork for their Kraylix, how did you do it? I have the .psd file, but I do not know the dimensions. Is that necessary, or can the print shop simply print using "Actual Size"? Because when I try to order the print online, the dimensions are required. Thanks for your help.
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    My photoshop skills are pretty abismal, but I managed to get this much done. Problem is the right side is a little lacking

    Does anyone think they can add anything to the right side without clutter it too much or does that look good enough? Thinking maybe bubbles around the buttons or scorpion/reptile portrait on the far right end (not too keen having another guy covered under the buttons).

    Open to ideas. I ordered in blue sanwa buttons and ball top if that matters for color scheme

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    Looking for a Vewlix template to go with my Razer Atrox. Thanks!

    Link to template: Hobbies Atrox Top Template.psd
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    Is anyone up for making a couple of Astro artworks for 2 x Agetec sticks? I dont have the time nor the skillz. Player 1 stick/buttons are gonna green and Player 2 Pink. Just need the artworks in a traditional Astro layout, kinda like this but ideally 2 seperate artworks specifically for player 1 and player 2. Kinda more like this

    Oh, and I intend to keep the VMU support.

    Im sure its been done before but I'll be damned if I can find it after a week of googling.

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    Anyone willing to take a request for the glorious Satskui-Sama from Kill La Kill?

    Of course willing to pay, I don't want to clutter this thread with my ramblings so whoever is down for taking this commission please pm me.

    New to this so thanks for putting up with my nonsense in advance.
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    I don't know if anyone is still taking requests but I figured I'd post and check.

    I'm looking for someone to do a Hokuto no Ken stick for a Hori RAP 4 Kai featuring the character Souther. I'd prefer pictures from the anime/manga or from the more recent movies, but not the wack PS3 game haha.

    PM if interested thanks.
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    Got it wrong. My mistake!

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    This thread still alive? People still want art for their sticks?

    I'm looking to up my output so anyone who needs art should send a PM.
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    d3v wrote: »
    This thread still alive? People still want art for their sticks?

    I'm looking to up my output so anyone who needs art should send a PM.

    I would be interested getting replacement art for my ps4 TE2.
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    Looking for some art for a Q1, please PM me
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    Can anyone help me with a te2 stick layout with 8 buttons with this sf2ce template?
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    Looking for some Sadira artwork for my TE2. Willing to pay DM for further details
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    is this thread still alive? I have some requests i was hoping someone could help me with
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    not sure if i was supposed to post this here to begin with but can anyone help with is?
  • donsanitydonsanity Joined: Posts: 34
    If it's possible is there anyone who can provide a Vewlix art for the original TE with the bezel. What I'm looking for is actually 4 different color variations the original Red, Silver with the red lining on the edge, the Diamond blue and black. Also with the 8 button layout.

    Something like this:

    Thank you.
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    Has anyone got a PSD of the BlazBlue artwork... I need the TYPE A/B and the DANGER sections.
    I think a few years back @NeoBlood did a template but all the links are dead now :(
    Also found that D3V did one too called BB Type-D3V template psd
    help appreciated
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    Is this thread still alive? I need artwork base on these images : for my TE Soul edition and HRAP V3 SA both 6-button and 8-button layout.. thanks..
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