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times ago I started a project that sould meet the following requirements:

- cablefree and support for nearly all usual console.

I've think I made it.

First I developed the wireless module. This project was annouced in this thread.

Now I've concentrated on the support for all consoles. With the help of toodles and his great piece of hardware called UPCB this part is done.

Now I've finished the interface between them. I've connected the both PCBs via DB 15 plugs.

Here're some pics


You see here the assembled UPCB with the receiver of the wireless application. On the console side is a psx cable.


Here the whole parts are connected to my PS2.


Yeahhh, Metal Slug :) The joystick has built-in the sender. In front of the lcd lies the receiver connected to the UPCB.


Here's a pic from the sender.

And yes, it works great.

No I've to soldier the missing console cable and piggyback the DC and xbox360 controller. :)
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