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    koki koki

    shut up gord
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    Holy shit the legendary tech rock too good...
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    Wow, holy crap
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    Hello everybody, I'm Patrick. I'm from a little town in Alberta called Valleyview. I'm new to Shoryuken and hoping to make some new friends, so I have somebody to play fighting games with. Most of my friends don't play fighting games which sucks, but what can you do? I'm hoping to improve my current character Cody. Add me up my Gamer Tag is: Kappo15
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    Hello fellow Canadian SRKers.

    I live in northern Ontario (Kapuskasing) and play SSFIV on PS3 (PSN ID: Yewni) Feel free to add me and we can play sometime if you like. I'm not very good yet, but like to play.

    If anybody else is in northeastern Ontario and would like to meet and play, let me know. I'm an old guy (31) and have a kid, so a lot of my free time is pre-reserved with my little guy, but I can make arrangements.
    PSN: Yewni
    SFIV: Cody / Fei Long
    P4A: Kanji
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    New kid on the block:

    Saskatchewan player here, just walked into the fighting game scene, so I'm def. a scrub. Always trying to be a little bit better, so I decided to sign up and learn some new stuff, since this seemed like the perfect community to do just that.

    Currently own SSFIV, MvC2 and MvC3... but like I said, brand new player.
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    Just to let anyone know about that the maritimes (NS, NB in particular) has a vibrant scene. Halifax NS has weekly ranbats run by me, OneEyedJack. We have all skill levels, and would like more. Pm for more exciting info!
    -Jon in Canada

    Remember, the game tells you who was the better player at the end of the match.
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