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  • xXEnVyXxZIONxXEnVyXxZION Diamond Dynamo Joined: Posts: 36
    Name:Anthony P.
    Location: Cassopolis, MI
    Fighting games: SSFIV:AE, SSFIV, Tekken 6, SC4, MvC3(barely),
    Other games: Battlefield: BC2, Halo Reach, Black Ops, L4d2
    AE: Guy
    SFxT: Guy/Lili
    SG: Valentine/Cerebella
    GBA2: Dragon Gundam, Acguy
  • geo189geo189 Baldy / Zangief IRL Joined: Posts: 288
    Name: George
    PSN: Geo1899
    XBL: Geo189
    Location: St. Paul, MN
    Fighting Games: SSFIV:AE, MK9
    Other Games: Fifa, Forza, Battlefield
    Adon, Zangief, Helicopter
  • DefaultCameraDefaultCamera Always On Point Joined: Posts: 318
    Name: Drew P
    XBL: EtoileR
    Locations: Hudson, WI; Winona, MN
    Fighting games: Dat Mahvel
    Other games: ... not much on live, lols
    Phoenix: "Oh, about your uppercut. Try yelling 'Take That!' next time. I find it packs a little more punch."

    FWest/Haggar/PWright for Evo 2012
  • Shin_juggernautShin_juggernaut Im your huckleberry Joined: Posts: 30
    Name: Brian
    Xbox GT: ShinJuggernaut
    PSN GT: N/A (not available)
    Location: Indianapolis, IN.
    Fighting Games: Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3, SSF4 AE, Mortal Kombat, Tekken etc..........
    Other Games: Shooters, Sports, RPG's etc........
  • Strange SnowStrange Snow Joined: Posts: 14
    Name: Dan
    PSN GT: Strange_Snow
    Xbox GT: Strange_Snow
    Location: Nebraska
    Fighting Games: MvC3, AE, MK9
    Other Games: Call of duty on xbox
  • L'ArcL'Arc All-Star Platinum Joined: Posts: 498
    Name: Aaron C
    PSN GT: AwesomeBlackGuy
    Location: Columbus, Ohio
    Games: MvC3, SC4
    Other games: All old school, last-gen, and current gen RPGs.
    "ORA!ORA!ORA!" ~ Star Platinum

    The future is never "now;" only what shall be eternally etched into the past is. Act wisely.
  • RindoukanKarateManRindoukanKarateMan I like Karate Girls Joined: Posts: 504
    Name: Quin
    Games: SSF4 ae, blazeblue, tekken 6, 3rd strike, Guilty Gear (scrub level)
    3rd strike-Makoto dudley
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  • CommissarMonkeyCommissarMonkey I Can't Control it! Joined: Posts: 10
    name: jeremy
    psn id: commissarmonkey
    location: springfield, mo
    games: ssfiv ae, mvc3, mk
    Same thing we do every night pinky...
  • SPARTA2020SPARTA2020 THIS IS SPARTA!!! Joined: Posts: 44
    Name: Hiro Hudley
    Xbox GT: Spartaman2020
    PSN GT:Sparta2020(PS3 currently out of commission)
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: MVC3, Third Strike, SSF4AE
    Other Games: Halo Reach, Gear of War 2
    Marvel Vs Capcom - Wesker Deadpool Akuma
    StreetFighter4 - Juri Sagat
    Soul Calibur - Mitsurugi Kilik/Xiba
    Tekken - Feng/Armor King Asuka
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  • nebraskashimanebraskashima Joined: Posts: 2
    Name: Jon
    XBL: nebraskashima
    Location: Lincoln, NE
    Connection: 50 Mbps
    Games: 3rd Strike Online
    aka Death by Aegis (former srk handle)

    Site: www.YouTube.com/zenkoku3s
  • RavenerRavener The penultimate pot-monster. Joined: Posts: 133
    Name: Jeremiah
    Location: Milford, IL
    Fighting Games: 3SO,T6, MK
    Oher Games: COD, Guitar Heroes, Dead Island (soon)
  • 1tuffhombrey1tuffhombrey Villian Joined: Posts: 69
    Name: Tony
    XBL: King Kazi
    Location: Carbondale, IL
    Fighting Games: MVC2,3 SSF4 AE, SF3 (soon)
    Other: Halo, GOW2, Black Ops
    We Shall Triumph
  • Tha_HornettTha_Hornett GT: x Hornett x Joined: Posts: 182
    Name: Kris
    Xbox GT: TFA Hornett
    PSN GT: Hornett_
    Location: Cincinnati, Oh
    Fighting Games: SF AE, MK 9, Tekken
    Other Games: Anything really
    Don't get nervous....
  • JesterJoker89JesterJoker89 I play to win the game! Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Julio
    PSN: JesterJoker89
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: SFIV AE.. Soon Blaz Blue, UMVC 3
    Other Games: CoD, NBA 2k
  • MetalMusicManMetalMusicMan WURM! Joined: Posts: 401
    Name: Will
    Alias: MetalMusicMan
    XBL/PC/Steam: MetalMusicMan04
    Location: St. Charles, MO
    Fighting Games: SSF4 AE, Brawl
    Other Games: Quake Live (MetalMusicMan)
    Steam: MetalMusicMan04
    hypedragon.net | Youtube: MetalMusicMan04 | Twitter: @MetalMusicMan04
  • AlusAlus Starsauce Joined: Posts: 56
    NAME: Jared
    XBL: twoskilld4u
    Location: Akron OH
    Fighting Games: SSF4AE SF3OE Brawl MVC2 MVC3 MK2011 VF5 Tekken SC4 DOA

    and i even used to play Streets of Rage's vs mode.

    Other Games: rainbow six, ghost recon, gears of war, blur,CODBO, Far cry, Borderlands w/e
  • sanchaz1sanchaz1 Joined: Posts: 1,010
    Name: Sanchez
    PSN: sanchaz47
    Location: Madison Wisconsin
    Fighting Games: SFIV AE. mvc3, then umvc3 on november 15th, MK9
    Other Games: devil may cry 1, 2, 3, 4......NOT 5
    option select toppers pizza- my roommate.
  • AlusAlus Starsauce Joined: Posts: 56
    So I don't think this is working
  • GoonitGoonit Joined: Posts: 9
    Name: Herb

    Xbox GT:
    N/A (not available)
    PSN GT: CptAmerica85
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Fighting Games: SSF4, SSF4 AE, MvC2, MvC3, Smash Bros. Brawl.
    Other Games: Just about anything that's decent.
  • 8minsfromsol8minsfromsol Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: Ryan
    Alias: yarmoney
    XBL/PC/Steam: northofthescar
    Location: Flat Rock, MI
    Fighting Games: SSF4 AE
  • LowLight 1614LowLight 1614 Joined: Posts: 8
    Name: Blake
    XBL: LowLight 1614
    PSN: Lowlight1614
    Location: Lapel, IN
    Fighting Games: SSF4, SF3 3rd Strike, Mortal Kombat, Capcom vs SNK 2
    Other Games: Halo Reach, Ace Combat 6

    Looking for a place to play tournaments in central Indiana.
    XBL: LowLight 1614
    PSN: Lowlight1614
  • StarslicerStarslicer WAKEUPULTRAS4DAYZ Joined: Posts: 530
    Name: Chris Harkey
    Xbox GT: N/A
    PSN GT: Starslicer
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Fighting Games: SFIV (Rarely.), SFIII:Third Strike, MBAA, KOFXIII (When it's out.), Vampire Savior and occasionally anytihng else.
    Other Games: Various jRPGs, Sonic games, TF2, L4D series, etc.

    Definitely looking for local comp. in third strike and maybe even IV.
    3s: EBOOKEY
    IV: Nobody plays that shit.
    V: IBUUUUUUKIIIII - Main2be, Roo - soon2bsubbed.
    Twitch - Starslicer
    Fighter ID: Starslicer - PSN/Togenki - PC
  • Crimson_Assassin15Crimson_Assassin15 Joined: Posts: 27
    Name: Jacquez Mitchell
    Xbox GT: N/A
    PSN GT: Crimson_King15
    Location: Omaha, NE
    Fighting Games:SSFIVAE, MK9, KoF13, and Tekken
    Other Games: Madden, NBA2k, NCAA
  • Latino_LinkLatino_Link Joined: Posts: 145
    Name: Rene Castaneda
    Xbox GT: LHG Latino Link
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: West Liberty, IA
    Fighting Games: SSFIV:AE, KoF13, 3SO, HDRemix and UMvC3.
    Other games: Modern Warfare 3 and Dark souls.
  • Dat Guy BleachDat Guy Bleach Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Eric C.
    PSN GT: deathnote119
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Fighting Games: 3rd Strike OE, Blazblue CS, KOF 13, MVC 2
    Other Games: COD: MW3, Borderlands, DW7, RE5: Gold Edition
    "Your salty tears have never tasted so good."
  • JBCATUBAGJBCATUBAG Joined: Posts: 16
    Name: Jeremy
    GT: II PoKp0K II
    PSN: P0GiPoKp0K
    Location: Woodridge, IL
    Fighting Games: SSF4:AE
    Other Games: random games
  • BaztasticBaztastic Irregular Maverick Hunter Joined: Posts: 465
    Name: Eric
    GT: BluBerryLite
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    FG: AE 2012, HDR, Puzzle Fighter lol
    Others: everything else?
    xbl - bluberrylite
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  • Amun G. OsirisAmun G. Osiris Joined: Posts: 62
    Name: Gene
    Alias: Kogan Gene
    XBL: Kogan Gene
    Location: Oak Park
    Fighters: AE, ST/HDR, 3SO, A3, KOF13, BB, Tekken 6, MK9
    Other games: N+, mw3, Deadliest Warrior
  • WLA StaticWLA Static WreQLazZ-ly Electrifying Joined: Posts: 12
    NAME: Creighton Augustus
    Alias: Static
    XBL GT: WLA Static
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: Chicago,IL
    Fighting Games: SSF4(all),KOFXIII,UMVC3, SFxT ^_^
    Other Games: FPS,Racing,Adventure &...whatever else I own....
  • SolarSkurgeSolarSkurge Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Tristan McDonald
    PSN: SolarSkurge
    Games: SSF4 (soon), KOFXIII, UMVC3, MVC2, 3S, Brawl?
    Other Games: Castle Crashers, DCUO
    Location: Paducah, KY
  • jthamindjthamind Joined: Posts: 34
    NAME: Jeremiah
    XBL GT: jthamind1
    PSN GT: jthamind
    Location: Kokomo, IN
    Fighting Games: SSFIV AE 2012
    Other Games: Ninja Gaiden
  • CallistoCallisto Level 3 Fireball Trap Queen Joined: Posts: 1,605
    Name: Ryan aka Callisto/BGCallisto
    XBL: CalliTehRDM
    Location: Hoffman Estates, IL(Chicago NW Suburbs)
    Fighting Games: AE2012, BB:CS, just beginning to pick up UMvC3/KOFXIII, have MK9 but rarely play
    Other Games: NHL12(PS3, PSN: Nalso)

    Am still legit scrub tier.

    XBL: BG Callisto

    YT Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheSassageKing
    Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/bgcallisto

    USF4 Sakura Combo Compendium Companion Blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/thesassageking

  • Tonman3509Tonman3509 Joined: Posts: 53
    Name: Tony
    Xbox GT: Tonman3509
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: UMVC3, SFIII (Though I suck at it), BlazBlue CS (Just picked it up, huzzah for getting into games super late.), Debating on SFxT.
    Other Games: The only online non-fighting game that I got is Gears 3.

    I'm fairly new to the whole competitive fighting game stuff. I picked up MVC3 when it came out and did the same for UMVC3. If you come across me online don't expect some high-tier tourney player. I'm still just a nobody who plays in local tourneys.
    XBL: Tonman3509
    UMVC3: Akuma/Deadpool/Wesker, Captain America/Deadpool/Wesker
    SCV: Mitsurugi, Algol
  • ClonedpickleClonedpickle Joined: Posts: 284
    Xbox GT: Clonedpickle
    Psn GT:Clonedpickle
    Location: Altoona, IA
    Fighting Games: UMVC3(for now)
    Other Games:MW3,Dark souls(ps3)

    My fighting skill level is decent but looking to improve my skills
    UMVC3:PW/Haggar/Dr.Doom - PW/Spencer/Dr.Doom
    SFV: Mika
  • axsprimeaxsprime Rookie LYNX Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: D'Lo
    PSN GT: axsprime
    Location: Waterloo, Iowa
    Games: KoF 13, BB, AH3, SF3
    Other games: Armored Core 4A (ps3)

    Not that good
  • sanchaz1sanchaz1 Joined: Posts: 1,010
    Name: Sanchez
    PSN: dasboot42 (had to change the account)
    Location: Madison Wisconsin
    Fighting Games: umvc3
    Other Games: devil may cry 1, 2, 3, 4......NOT 5

    give me a challenge.
    option select toppers pizza- my roommate.
  • CrescensCrescens Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: Zach "Crescens"
    Xbox GT: N/A
    PSN GT: xCrescensx
    Location: Louisville, KY sometimes Springfield, IL
    Fighting Games: SF4, SCV, BB, UMVC3, MK9, MVC2, Battle Fantasia(LOL), ThirdStrike Online
    Other Games: COD, Dota2, random other pc games
  • tripwire240tripwire240 The Demon Joined: Posts: 20
    Hey guys, I am an old school fighter fan but only been playing SF4 for a few weeks when I snagged the AE 2012. I am very happy that I did as I am loving the game and my other titles are getting ignored. ; )
    Anyways, I have a few friends that play.. but not as competitively as I do.

    A friend of mine said this website would be a good place to find someone to play with. Basically I am looking for someone (or several people) that play on a pretty regular basis and would be interested in some sparring matches (voice chat preferred) in order to get some advice/feedback.

    I do a lot of research online, I spend a lot of time in the training room, but nothing helps me learn better than fighting other people - being able to do that while also getting some feedback/advice would be great.

    I play on PS3 and my PSN is Kid_Braver. Shoot me a request and let me know if you are interested.
  • KassandraNovaKassandraNova ☆Classy☆Kassy☆ Joined: Posts: 2,080
    Name: Kassandra Bendekovich
    Xbox Live: ittybittypichu
    Location: Lexington, KY
    Fighting Games: UMvC3
    Other Games: SSBB, SSBM, MegamanX, Skyrim, L4D2, Zelda, Halo Reach, Counter Strike, Mario Kart! 8D
    UMvC3: Zero/Vergil/Ammy
  • XthAtGAm3RGuYXXthAtGAm3RGuYX SRK's ResidentSleeper Joined: Posts: 12,061
    Name: Alexander Vazquez
    Xbox Live: XthAtGAm3RGuYX
    Location: Lorain, Ohio
    Fighting Games; SSF4AE, SFxTK
    Other Games: Gears of War 3, Skyrim, GTA 4, Battlefield 3

    I can't believe I never seen this sub forum before :/
    Unchallenged owner of worst user name on SRK
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