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  • TBF08EUTBF08EU Joined: Posts: 32
    edited February 2013
    Name: Alex
    PSN: tbf08eu
    Location: Canton, Ohio
    Fighting Games: SSF4:AE, KOF 13, HDR
    Other Games: Ghost Recon:FS, GTA4:TBoGT, GT5. For PC: CS 1.5, Planet side 2, ARMA2

    Full Disclosure: I suck at fighting games, but I'm trying to get better. 
  • redwallmaxredwallmax Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Max
    Xbox: enjoi32
    Location: Central Illinois
    Fighting Games: SFxT, AE2012
  • YAZZYAZZ Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Mikey
    Xbox GT: Mjisakreep24
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: UMvC3, SSF4AE, i have all the marvel games, (excpt vanilla mvc3.) 

  • OGBlackJusticeOGBlackJustice Joined: Posts: 2
    Name- John
    PSN- OGBlackJustice
    Location- Lansing, MI
    Fighting Games- UMvC3, SSF4:AE, SFxT, GGXX:AC+
    Other Games- mostly (J)-RPG's and the occasional shooter
  • BuffaloBuffalo The Totally Fab Bison Joined: Posts: 138
    Name: Jordan
    Xbox GT: Buffalabr0
    Location: Grand Island,NE
    Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat 9, Skullgirls, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and currently trying to get into AE. Really looking for someone to practice with so I can start to get a feel for everything.
    If you come at me on some disrespectful shit and you're within arm's reach, anyone can get slapped.

    SG - Filia/Parasoul | TTT2 - Jun/Ling | MK9 - Sonya, Jade, Kitana
  • SuperVehicle001SuperVehicle001 Joined: Posts: 51
    Name: Vehicle
    PSN: MetalSlugIV
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat 9, SSFIV:AE, Virtua Fighter 5, MvC3
    Other Games: Currently playing Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. There is also a bunch of other games I own but have not finished...
  • XxSuperJonxXXxSuperJonxX Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Jon
    PSN: Superjon12345
    Location: Winona, MN
    Fighting Games: Street Fighter 4 and Third Strike, MK9, Soul Calibur, Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl, UMVC3.
    Other games: King of Fighters (Haven't found anyone who likes it so I haven't played it much.) and Persona.

    I pretty much play fighting games every day at least for an hour or more. Just haven't found that person who loves them as much as me that's willing to play them locally with me.
  • Bob199Bob199 Joined: Posts: 65
    Name: Steve
    XBL: B0b199 (zero, not an "o")
    Location: Southeast MI
    Fighting Games: SSF4 ae, KoF13, GG AC+
    Other Games: Yomi

    I'll be getting back in a few days and looking for a scene
  • MetalxHealthxMetalxHealthx Joined: Posts: 1,109
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    Name: Metal Health
    XBL: Metal x Health
    Location: Milwaukee, WI.
    Fighting Games: SF4, KoF13, VF5, HD Remix
    Other Games(MP): Scott Pilgrim, Terraria, Final Fight, GTA4, LoL, SC2.
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    SF4: Gen, Dudley, Adon
    KoF13: Billy, Clark, Kim, Ryo, Terry
    VF5: Brad, Jacky, Lau
  • RPedraza08RPedraza08 Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Roger
    PSN: Bootcampclik516
    Location: Rapid City SD
    Fighting Games: 3s, SF HDR, UMvC3, MvC2, SSF4 (Not AE)
    Other Games: N/A

    Just looking for people to play/teach myself so I could improve, also looking for weekend online playing time :)

    Thank you
  • DenzaloDenzalo Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Phil
    PSN: DenzWukai
    Location: Plymouth, MN
    Fighting Games: P4A, Mortal Kombat, UMVC3, SCV, Injustice (Mostly play UMVC3 and Injustice)
    Other Games: N/A for MP

    Looking for casuals to get more skill, I'll play anybody!
  • OhioNitsudOhioNitsud Joined: Posts: 81
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  • MangoRyu28MangoRyu28 Joined: Posts: 13
    Name: Luis
    Xbox GT: F1NGERS 0F FURY
    Location: Owosso, Michigan/Toledo, Ohio
    Fighting Games: HDR, SSF4AE, SFxTK, and hope to get injustice soon.

    Also feel free to hit me up on GGPO for some matches of ST(Mango28Ryu).
    "Sweep The Leg"
  • monsterblazemonsterblaze Joined: Posts: 1
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  • VenomVGZVenomVGZ I See Dead Pixels Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Zane/Aaron
    PSNID: KingOfLimbsxx
    Location: Kansas City, MO.
    FIghting Games: King Of Fighters XII, SSF4AE (I'm not much good at it yet, but I'm learning.)
    Other Games: Killzone 3, Little Big Planet 2,Saints Row 3, and DUST 514.

    I'm pretty new to fighting games against other players. I play a lot with the CPU, but that can only get you so far. I play King, Shen, and Athena in KoF, but I'll switch out to Kyo or Terry here-and-there.
    PSN: KingOfLimbsxx | http://twitter.com/MeImNot_ | http://vgz.cx (I run the blog here, there's a lot of fighting gamers in the chat!) | Chicago Blackhawks 'til I die!
  • savagehulk2390savagehulk2390 Joined: Posts: 2
    name tony
    360 gt savage hulk 2
    psn gt savagehulk
    location hammond in
    i play all fighters
    other games everything
  • RoyRekuRoyReku 我是Noob Joined: Posts: 19
    Name: Kingshuk
    PSNID: RoyReku
    Location: Rochester, MN
    FIghting Games: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona 4 Arena, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, PlayStation All Stars, Super Street Fighter 4, King of Fighters 13 (I mainly play the first three I mentioned. Mainly looking for people to help me with my UMVC3 and P4A. Really new to UMVC3)
    Other Games: A ton.
    Please add me if you're willing to help me out, I'm a real scrub at UMVC3 lol. Do mention you're from SRK if you do message me though.
    UMVC3 Team : Zero, Vergil, Amaterasu
    Persona 4 Arena : Yu Narukami aka Proswagonist and Elizabeth
    BlazBlue : Noel, Jin
    Super Smash Bros Melee : Roy, Falco, Dr. Mario
    Super Smash Bros Brawl : Falco, Marth, Pikachu
    Super Smash Bros 4 : Mega Man, Rock Man, Jump n Shoot Man
  • KohitzuKohitzu Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Sherb
    PSN GT: Kohitzu14
    Location: Milwaukee, WI
    Fighting Games: Mainly Tekken Tag 2, SSF4, Soul Calibur V, MvC3, Injustice
    Other Games: League of Legends, The Last of Us, COD: Black Ops II
  • TMoney9TMoney9 Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Trosten
    PSN: TMoney9
    Location: Wichita, KS
    Fighting Games: Tekken
    Other Games: mostly fighting and racing games
  • cjbqulixcjbqulix Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Chandler
    PSN: fluidtorrent
    GFWL(PC): cjbqulix
    Location: pittsburg, KS
    Fighting games: SSF4,UMVC3 mainly
    Other games: third strike, rpg's, shooters whatever is good honestly

    Also kinda hoping there are some people in the pitt state college that are down to play but i doubt it :/
  • locolorenzo22locolorenzo22 Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: lawrence
    PSN: locolorenzo22
    Location: Kankakee, IL
    Fighting games: mainly SSF4AE
    Other games: Last of us, fps, rpgs.

    Looking for others to improve my skill level.
  • kiramori2kiramori2 Joined: Posts: 12
    Name: Sean RIng
    Xbox GT: N/A
    PSN GT: kiramori2[/code][/code]
    Location: Macomb, Il
    Fighting Games: SF3,UMvC3, CvS2, MvC2
    Other Games: L4D2 (pc) SR4
  • PART1OF2PART1OF2 Joined: Posts: 15
    Name: Uzi
    Xbox GT: n/a
    PSN GT: uzi1of2
    Location: Rockford, IL
    Fighting Games: SCV, Injustice, MK9, Tekken, third strike, MvC2, anything... I should have just put anything
    Other Games: Anything on vita
  • DezManDezMan Joined: Posts: 29
    Name: Desmond Morton
    Xbox GT: jVjasterr
    Location: Detroit, MI
    Fighting games: SSFIV:AE
    Other games: NBA 2k14, Halo 3.
  • JMontanaJMontana Joined: Posts: 12
    edited December 2013
    Name: Jon Jon Wilkins
    PSN: JMontana612
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Fighting Games: Umvc3, Skullgirls plan on getting TTT2, Injustice, Street Fighter BlazBlue just recently switched to ps3 so bare with me lol
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  • osirris33osirris33 Joined: Posts: 26
    Name: Bobby
    PSN: osirris33
    Location: Edina, MN
    Fighting Games: PSASBR, SSF4, Injustice. Own/learning: SFxT, UMvC3, Kof13, Tekken Revolution. Will play BBCP when it comes to US
    Other Games: Way too many
  • RPG_S0ulRPG_S0ul Alchemist Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: Alex
    Location: Goshen, IN
    PSN: XRPG_Soulxx
    Fighting games: SSF4 AE 2012
    Others: Diablo 3 and other RPGs

    Hit me up anytime for sparring just picked it back up real rusty, I am repping Oni baby YAHOO!!!!!

    Check out the Japanese player Wao for mind blowing Oni play :)
    "Convictions are more dangerous foes to Truth then lies." - Nietzsche
    “To live your life without expectation–without the need for specific results–that is freedom. That is Godliness.” - Conversations With God
    “There is no truth except the truth that exists within you. Everything else is what someone is telling you.” - Conversations With God
  • LordGlyphLordGlyph Joined: Posts: 64
    Name: Billy B
    PSN: LordGlyph
    Location: Hoopeston, IL
    Fighting Games: SSF4 AE, SFxT
  • andeRK83andeRK83 tiGeR! Joined: Posts: 389
    Name Andrew
    PSN: andeRK83
    xbox live: SRK andeR
    Location: Carbondale, IL
    Fighting Games: SSF4 AE 2012
    PSN: andeRK83
    SFV Tag: baSick-
  • BaldarkBaldark Joined: Posts: 30
    Name: James
    PSN: baldark86/cadiwonkis
    Location: New Baden, IL
    Fighting games: SSF4AE2012
  • Ryu_GoslingRyu_Gosling Joined: Posts: 50
    edited March 2014
    Name: Ryan
    XBL: Ryu Gosling
    Location: Racine, WI
    Fighting games: SSF4, Marvel, ST""
  • gammabolt17gammabolt17 I talk to myself out loud publicly Joined: Posts: 25
    XBL: gammabolt17
    Location: Milwaukee, WI
    Fighting Games: Pick one.
  • GrandpaHemlockGrandpaHemlock Joined: Posts: 145
    Xbox GT: GrandpaHemlock
    Location: Franklin, WI
    Fighting Games: VF5FS, SFxT, MK, KOFXIII, and eventually USFIV
    Other Games: Geometry Wars 2, tons of others!

    Looking for SFV sparring partners in Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin!
  • bryanfrobryanfro Joined: Posts: 115
    Name: Bryan
    XBL: iowana7ive
    PSN: buraemon
    Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
    Fighting Games: SSF4AE, UMVC3, P4A, MVC2
    XBL: yodelayheehee
    PSN: buraemon
  • MarkusMarkus Squirrel Enthusiast. Joined: Posts: 121
    Hey all, putting the info out there.

    PSN: Markus_Arx
    Location: Springfield, Missouri.
    Fighting Games: BBCP, P4A, SSF4AE
    TG: the thing with time travel is
    TG: you cant overthink it
    TG: just roll with it and see what happens
    TG: and above all try not to do anything retarded
  • sensei033sensei033 Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Dustin Shipley
    PSN GT: Sensei033
    Location: Lebanon, IN
    Fighting Games: SF4,MVC, Skullgirls.
    Other Games: COD
  • KrisFameMusicKrisFameMusic Joined: Posts: 18
    Name: Kris
    Xbox Gamertag: BigKrisGotEm
    Location: Bay City, Michigan
    Fighting Games: SF4:AE, Mortal Kombat
    Other Games: Halo 4

    Pretty low level street fighter player, but not afraid to get my teeth kicked in for the sake of getting better, REALLY need to have more people to play with online so if you don't mind playing someone below your level, or if you are like me and just want to become a better fighter please add me!
  • TheMightyZTheMightyZ Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Ethan Zogg
    Location: Kansas City Missouri
    Fighting games: USF4 and soon TTT2, 3sonline, KOFXIII and P4AU
  • IcyKneeIcyKnee Joined: Posts: 2
    Name: Alex
    GT: IceyKnee
    Location: Sun Prairie, WI
    Games: USF4, SFXT, MK9
  • savagehulk2390savagehulk2390 Joined: Posts: 2
    psn savagehulk
    xbox savage hulk 2
    playing any and almost all games no sports
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