Midwest XBL/PSN players database.



  • NAPNAP Joined: Posts: 1,812
    I am on XBL, gamertag is NAP26. I won't be playing much until SF4 comes out next week, but if anyone wants to play some matches feel free to add me.
  • IndyIndy AKA Gucci Suit Joined: Posts: 1,021
    Indervir Billing
    Carmel, IN
    Fighting Games: HD Remix (PS3), SFIV (PS3)
    Other Games: CoD4 (X360), Gears 1 & 2 (X360)
    X360 GT: indy00
    PSN ID: Indy00
    Play 3s.
  • SawaSawa Valkyrie Turn Joined: Posts: 206
    Name: Clay
    Xbox GT: Sawa963
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: Green Bay, WI
    Fighting Games: HDR, SF4
    Other Games: L4D, Geometry Wars 2
  • lftrpllrlftrpllr Deceptively Mediocre Joined: Posts: 346
    Name: Wes Truelson
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Xbox GT: WesTcyde
    Games: ST:HD and SF4

  • jesujesu real life hater Joined: Posts: 193
    eric d.
    indianapolis, in
    xbox GT: jesu srk
    games: HDR and SF4
    North Side/Downtown, Indianapolis, IN

    Always on call at work, but trying to get games in when I can. PM if you're in the area and want to go in.
  • tehjuvtehjuv Joined: Posts: 62
    Name: Matt
    Xbox GT: TehJuv
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: St. Louis, MO
    Fighting Games: HD:Remix, SF4, VF5
    Other Games: Left 4 Dead, Gears 2
  • Arkayne17Arkayne17 Stop it meg. Joined: Posts: 2,857
    humbag my PSN is TheArkayne not The-Arkayne... If I put that dash there it was an accident..
    Character Designer / Concepter Artist / Illustrator
  • Cracka JCracka J Race-Ism™ Joined: Posts: 1,889
    James, I changed my GT to "Cracka J XXL"

    please update whenever you get a chance, thanks man.

    Proudly producing the dumbest shit on youtube since 2010.
  • DreStinsonDreStinson Team Negro!!! Joined: Posts: 18
    XBOX Live And PS3 Gamer Tag... DreStinson

    Originally Posted by Shinshay,

    I remember who I got your Remy confused with and I dont know why....it was a guy named DreStinson. His remy was like "whoa" (not a dude at the beach kind of whoa, but like Black Rob "Whoa")
  • AcetheoriginalAcetheoriginal Joined: Posts: 13
    Location:Murphysboro IL
    Xbox live gamer tag aceofgamers <---no spaces :3
    PSN GT: N/A (not available)
    games:sf4,hd remix, 3s or any other street fighter games halo 3,fps,and others
    great to find people near me that play sf now I am not alone :D
    epic lulz
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    PSN: Clown-Prince

    NW Ohio

    Play SF a lot at night, anywhere from 8pm to 4am.
  • EmptyShikiEmptyShiki 絶望 Joined: Posts: 786
    Name: EmptyShiki
    PSN: EmptyShiki
    Location: Naperville IL
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Location:Roselle IL
    Xbox live gamer tag:Touhou Fuhai
    games:SFIV and SSF2THD
  • Yascha.MYascha.M PerfectingMediocrity Joined: Posts: 33
    Name: Yascha Martini
    Xbox GT: YaschaMartini
    Location: Hastings, MN
    Fighting Games: HDR, SF4
    Other Games: N/A
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  • GhaleonGhaleon Maximum Cammy Joined: Posts: 3,467
    GhaleonUnlimited, PSN

    I don't really play either online much but feel free to friend me/hit me up if you want
    Location: Momo's, the TV in the back playing Marvel and ST
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  • i208khonsui208khonsu I like marshmellows Joined: Posts: 175
    Name: Rob
    Live: i208khonsu
    PSN: i208khonsu
    GGPO: i208khonsu
    Location: Mayfield, OH
    Fighting Games: SFIV
    I feast upon the tears of fanboys.
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  • 30_60_9030_60_90 awkward geek Joined: Posts: 151
    Name: Erik VandeWalle
    Xbox GT: NewtonPhillips
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: De Pere, WI
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4
    Other Games: L4D, CODWAW, possibly others
  • NightowlNightowl In the middle of nowhere now. Joined: Posts: 129
    Name: Joe Greene
    Xbox GT: YiffyWolfen
    Location: Oak Forest, IL
    Fighting Games: SF4
    Other Games: nothing currently lol
    Screenwriter and ass kicker during special occasions.

    I also do Bar-Mitzvahs and your mother.
  • IndyIndy AKA Gucci Suit Joined: Posts: 1,021
    Humbag: Can we add GGPO/2DF Tags aswell?

    Mine would be Indy for both and I play 3s and whatever goofy fighter someone can introduce me to.
    Play 3s.
  • humbaghumbag Team IFD Joined: Posts: 7,403
    Humbag: Can we add GGPO/2DF Tags aswell?

    Mine would be Indy for both and I play 3s and whatever goofy fighter someone can introduce me to.

    im keeping it at just 360/PSN gts just because like on 2df and the whatnot there is no friend system yet
  • queen of combatqueen of combat old school player Joined: Posts: 448
    PSN tag: Queen_of_Combat

    xbox live tag: CombatQueen XO

    please put a note with Friends request if you are from here. thanks
    CapcomUnity.com site moderator/Xbox Ambassador/
    SRK user since 2001 EVO player since 2k2-proud to be a old school player :)
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Brandon
    Location: Northwest Indiana(im all over)
    GT's: Dyme is ballin(360) and Dyme is 1337(PS3)
    Fighting Games: Anything with Street Fighter or Tekken in the title :)
    Currently playing: SF4
  • HeihachiHeihachi Joined: Posts: 272
    Name: Gary
    Xbox: N/A
    PSN: RROD_360
    Location: fort wayne, IN
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4
    Other Games: none
  • Riot GuardRiot Guard Old School Joined: Posts: 3,903
    Name: Mario
    XBOX- N/A
    PSN: RiotGuard
    Location: Indianapolis
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4
    Other Games: FEAR
  • j1nj1n king of F mountain Joined: Posts: 655
    Name: Jin
    Xbox GT: koreagle
    PSN GT: j1n-of-korea
    Location: Green Bay, WI
    Fighting Games: SF4, HDRemix, Battle Fantasia
    Other Games: MGO, Gears2, Pretty much everything.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: al
    Xbox: none
    Psn: tfs678
    Location: saginaw mi
    Games: hdremix, sf4

    I need comp for bison if you got it bring it!
  • Chauncy TalonChauncy Talon Joined: Posts: 214
    Name: Chauncy "TRU" Talon
    Xbox GT: Tru Talon
    PSN GT: ChauncyTalon
    Location: Grand Rapids MI, but from Kokomo IN.
    Fighting Games: SF 4 360/PS3
    Other Games: None. Worry about SF4 right now
  • DarmondeDarmonde aka JohnNiner Joined: Posts: 250
    Name: John
    Xbox GT: JohnNiner
    PSN GT: N/A (not available)
    Location: Elk Grove, IL
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4, 3s
    Other Games: L4D, GoW2
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Vicious
    PSN: ViciousHadou
    Location: Nebraska
    Fighting Games: vs series and street fighter series
    Other Games: not really, waiting for Starcraft II
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Brian Castleberry
    Xbox GT: Jedah Dohma
    PSN GT: JedahDoma
    Location: Wichita, KS
    Fighting Games: DOA4, SF4
    Other Games: L4D, Battlefield:BC, Burnout, GoW2, Rock Band, and others
  • luigi182luigi182 Scrubtastic! Joined: Posts: 180
    Sent a bunch of add requests, will send more soon when my thumbs aren't quite so sore. Btw, her r my deets:

    Name: Vince W.
    Xbox gt: n/a
    PSN gt: Luigi182
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Fighting games: sf4, sfa3, kof2k2, ssbb
    Others: Tony Hawks's Project 8, Rock Band 2, Mario Kart Wii
    Note: if you wish to play me in Wii games, pm me so I can get my Wii hooked up and trade fc's. Nintendo's system is such a huge bother....
    "There will always be Street Fighter!" --Jspot.
  • ShinjiGohanShinjiGohan Joined: Posts: 5,096 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    PSN: lilsky
    Location: Palatine, IL
    Fighting Games: SF4
  • Bzerk45Bzerk45 THE ANSWER Joined: Posts: 224 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Name: Brandon
    PSN GT: SirTighty
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4
    Other Games: NBA 2K9, MSG4, and others

    SSF4AE - Makoto, Oni, Twins :(
    SSF2T - Guile, O.Hawk
    KOF XIII - Takuma, Andy, Terry, Shen
    KOF 2002/UM - Terry, Gesse, Ramon, Vanessa, K'
    Please Feel Free To Hate On Me...
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Michael P
    XBL: PoweredON
    PSN: (n/a)
    Location: Glendale Heights, IL
    Fighters online: SF4
    Other online: Halo, COD 4, SSFIITurbo
  • Blitzkreig313Blitzkreig313 All Glory To The Hypnotoad... Joined: Posts: 465
    Name: Julian Smith
    XBL: blitzkreig313
    PSN: (n/a)
    Location: Normal, IL
    Fighters online: SF4, HD Remix, GGXX, 3S (if anyones even on the last 2 anymore)
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    new to this forum...

    ...but not srk.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Jacob
    XBL GT: jedi rerun
    PSN GT: jedirerun
    Location: North Central, Iowa
    Games: SFIV, HDR
    Others: Pretty much anything.

    Just moved to Iowa from Cali :annoy:
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Collin
    PSN: Hornswoggler
    Location: Washington, IL (near Peoria)
    Fighting Games: SF4, MK-series
    Other Games: Quake3, Cultris (online PC tetris), others
  • ClydeByrdClydeByrd got da kush Joined: Posts: 520
    Name: Jon
    XBL: ClydeByrd
    Location: Mt.Prospect, IL
    Fighters: SF4
    ...is overwhelmed with fighting game announcements...
  • SATISFACTION!!!!SATISFACTION!!!! Workin tha problem Joined: Posts: 389

    Juan S. XBN: N/A PSN: Fort_knox Psp: 10 Bands Location: Detroit, Mi Fighting Online: Sf4, HD rmx, countless psp games. Good idea humbag mm's should broden outside of console, n sf4.
    -BC[crew]- Dirty Glove, A.R. Ent
    $$$$ 50/50 Desu "The terror is overwhelming, isn't it? There is no end to this nightmare!" NEET
  • two2tonetwo2tone R U Hmoob? Joined: Posts: 1,359

    I didnt want to retype everything... all the people from above plays sf4 and are from twin cities, mn!
    The more I play SF4, the more I realize how 3S is such a better game SF4 is.
  • sulemansuleman Fire from My Hands! Joined: Posts: 133
    Name: Suleman
    Xbox GT: N/A
    PSN GT: solss
    Location: Charleston, IL
    Fighting Games: SF4, little bit of t5:dr
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Name: Ryan G.
    Xbox GT: Kelp Plankton
    PSN GT: N/A (not available)
    Location: Florissant, MO
    Fighting Games: Actively playing SF4, also have SC4, and MKvsDC but don't play as much.
    Other Games: Pretty wide variety, too many to list.

    I'm a pretty new SF player and fighting game player in general, SC4 was my first in a long, long time, and SF4 is the first Capcom fighter I've played since MvC2 hit the dreamcast way back when.

    I mainly play Zangief, but the Random button is a good friend of mine too. Since I'm new, I could use any tips people have for me.
  • ShekeibShekeib Almost Famous Joined: Posts: 668
    Name: Shekeib Shaffiey
    Xbox GT: RoBoT SheKeiB
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: Columbia, MO
    Fighting Games: sf4,3s
    Other Games: Gears2

    Yall need to join my Midwest SF4 online team at http://www.sftournaments.com/tournaments/league-269/season-202/team-774/

    If you don't have a 360/ps3 its cool, just join and rep for the Midwest.
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  • KurasaKurasa Don't Shake My Hand Joined: Posts: 1,285 mod
    Name: Jeff
    PSN: Kurasa
    Games: SF4
    Location: Belleville, IL

    I have HDR, but I don't ever play it. Holla if you are ever in the Belleville area and want to play some TvC
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  • PhillyfanboyPhillyfanboy Some 09 noob Joined: Posts: 92
    PSN: Aaronhogue

    VF5:FS: Jacky, Jean (when its out)
  • DaddyneptuneDaddyneptune Swim Good Joined: Posts: 1,889
    Name: Gary
    Xbox: N/A
    PSN: RROD_360
    Location: fort wayne, IN
    Fighting Games: HDremix, SF4
    Other Games: none

    FOUND YOU! I'm going to get at you soon.
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