Midwest XBL/PSN players database.



  • HykCraftHykCraft Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Kevin Hyk
    XBOX LIVE: HykCraft
    PSN: HykCraft
    Location: Burnsville, MN
    Fighting Games: SSFIVAE2012, SFxTK, UMvC3, MK9
    Other Games: Everything else...
  • ThunderChunky62ThunderChunky62 Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: Mike
    Xbox GT: ThunderChunky62
    Location: Round Lake, IL
    Fighting Games: SSFAE
    Other Games: Gears of War 3, GTA 4, Mario Kart 7
  • KoonDroidKoonDroid Might controls everything... Except my hair. Joined: Posts: 21
    Name: David
    Xbox Live: KoonDroid29
    Location: Indianapolis, IN
    Fighting Games: SSF4, UMvC3, SFxT
    Other Games: CoD, Battlefield, or anything else on my recent games list lol.
    UMvC3 Main Team: Wesker, Vergil, Strider
    SSF4AE Main: Cody, Ken
    SFxT Main: Hwoarang, Ken, Kazuya
  • ExtrumentalsExtrumentals Captain America? No, I use Sgt. Justice. Joined: Posts: 74
    Name: Extract
    Psn: Nerfed2much
    Location: Mizzou Country
    Fighting Games: MvC3, UMvC3, Naruto UNSG
    Other Games: Whatever captures my attention randomly
    I'm the best at what you do
  • KingofDaBeastsKingofDaBeasts Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Long
    PSN ID: KingOfDaBeast
    Location: Springfield, IL
    Games: COD (4--7), UMVC 3, BF 3, DSpace 2, MvC 3
  • xDREADxKICKxDREADxKICK Joined: Posts: 122
    Name: Kenny
    XBOX LIVE: Darksydefluffy
    PSN: keyblader779
    Location: Saint louis MO
    Fighting Games: SSFIVAE2012, UMvC3, HDR, ST on cabinet, 3SOE
    Other Games:I am no longer play any other games.
  • SirthOsirisSirthOsiris Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Gerard
    Xbox GT: N/A
    PSN GT: Ketsueko
    Location: Lakeville/Farmington, MN
    Fighting Games: SSF4AE, MvC3 (Probably not getting U), SF33rdS
    Other Games: None
  • AtomicPifAtomicPif Eat Tacos and Win Joined: Posts: 23
    Name: Kirk
    Xbox GT: OracB7
    PSN GT: N/A
    Location: Pella, IA
    Fighting Games: SSF4AE, SkullGirls, SFxT, BlazBlue CS
    Other Games: None
  • jd1nojd1no Joined: Posts: 11
    Name: Joe Dino
    Xbox GT: danger dino
    PSN GT: N/A (not available)
    Location: Columbia, MO
    Fighting Games: umvc3
    Other Games: Halo Reach(sometimes)
  • ShintarruShintarru Not your Average Joe Joined: Posts: 552
    Name: Malcolm
    Xbox GT: Malcom da Great
    Location: Chicago, Illinois
    Fighting games: SSFAE, SFxT, SCV, UMVC3
    Other Games: Gears of war 3, Halo Reach, Splinter cell conviction, Assassins Creed Revelations.
    Time is money, money is power, power corrupts eventually.
  • pimpimjimpimpimjim グッドバイ Joined: Posts: 8
    edited September 2013
    Name: Kyle
    PSN: SlimJimPPJ
    Location: Naperville, IL
    Fighting Games: MK9, Injustice
    Other Games: everything else for fun
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  • scum gale 88scum gale 88 yo! It's SYBOK! Joined: Posts: 1,739
    Name: Ben
    PSN: Pioline_88 (pronounced Pee-oh-lean, not Pie-oh-lyne like most people seem to think)
    Location: Illinois
    Fighting Games: 3S, ST, Soul Calibur, Baseball Stars 2
    Other Games: Twinklestar Sprites, Change Air Blade, other random fighters, MvC2/3 even though I am horrible, Jojo
    Yeah there need to be more gangbang creampie porno. VAMPIRE GANGBANG CREAMPIES.
  • SuperGreekFighterSuperGreekFighter Joined: Posts: 44
    Name: Michael Peter Hionis
    XBL: SuperGreekFyter
    Location: Grayslake, IL
  • Exodus.Exodus. Joined: Posts: 7,016
    Name - Jason
    PSN - EgglyBagel
    Loc - Zanesville, OH
    FGs - AE, KoF, SG. really don't know KoF and SG yet... Still trying to learn them
    Also BF3...yay...
    gl hf dd ka.
  • JrKJrK TiNk3R Joined: Posts: 81
    Name - Jrk
    PSN - Jrkz0rs (zero)
    Loc - Waconia, MN
    FGs - AE, SFxT, T6

    Newb... hit me up for long endless matches. Play to learn.
  • MiZzehMiZzeh Joined: Posts: 6
    Name: Michael Smith Jr.
    Xbox GT: FiniteMiZ (Currently on Hiatus)
    PSN GT: MiZzehnator
    Location: Warrensburg, Missouri
    Fighting Games: SF4, UMVC3, MVC2, SF3:OE, KOF13, SC5 (ST coming soon)
    Other Games: RPGs, Puzzles, and ME3
    Current games: AE2012, UMvC3, KOF13, SC5, MvC2
    PSN: MiZzehnator
  • YGTYGT Joined: Posts: 13
    Name: Yapheth
    Xbox GT: TheRefinedYGT (Currently Don't Have One)
    PSN GT: YGT24
    Location: Fremont, CA
    Fighting Games: AE, UMVC3
    Other Games: Ghost Recon, NBA2k12, what ever else is new
  • floatsuitfloatsuit Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel Joined: Posts: 20
    Name: Matt
    PSN: matticusf
    Location: Crystal Lake, IL
    Fighting games: AE (scrub), 3rd Strike (even bigger scrub), UMvC3 (such a scrub it defies all logic)
    Other games: TF2 (PC) I don't really use my PS3 for anything but fighting games, all my other games are for PC.
    I'm pretty new to fighting games and don't have any friends nearby who play them. I'd like someone to play with who's nearby. I've got a wired connection. I mostly play AE. I don't understand UMvC3 at all.
    PSN: matticusf- p4a, AE, UMvC3, 3rd Strike
    GFWL/ Steam: MatticusF1nch- AE
  • saixhinatasaixhinata Joined: Posts: 17
    Name: Anthony
    Xbox GT: Saixhinata
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: AE, UMVC3, MK9, Skullgirls, Soon-to-be Persona 4: Arena
    XBL: Saixhinata
    SSF4AE: Juri, E. Ryu, Sakura
    SFxT: Juri&Ogre, Juri&Poison, Ogre&Yoshimitsu
  • TheZuzzTheZuzz Joined: Posts: 15
    Name: Trey
    Xbox GT: The Z00Z
    Location: Quad-Cities, IA (Davenport)
    Fighting Games: UMvC3, MK9, some AE, learning KoF XIII
    Other Games: Various MOBAs on PC.
  • WickedZeroWickedZero Joined: Posts: 8
    Name - Wicked
    PSN - Wicked46n2
    Location - Urbana, Ohio
    Fighting Games - SSF4AE on PC and PS3, UMvC3, Virtua Fighter 5, and looking to get Skull Girls and 3rd Strike(Maybe relive my Makoto glory days)
    Other Games - SC2, D3, LoL, DoTA2, BF3

    I'm fairly new to the current gen fighting stuff and have zero friends on this side of the country. Feel free to add me on PSN, but for PC PM me.
  • Oniakuma2126Oniakuma2126 Joined: Posts: 7
    Name: Christopher Brewer
    Xbox GT: Darkhadowielder
    PSN GT: Darkhadouwielder
    Location: Milford, Ohio
    Fighting Games: HD Remix, SF4, SSF4, SSF4AE, SF3rd Strike, MVC3, UMVC3, Tekken 5DR, Tekken 6, SC4, SC5, KOF12, KOF13, SFxT, MK9
  • InternetHandleInternetHandle We need a scene in Toledo Joined: Posts: 30
    Name: Dallas
    PSN GT: AnarchistAnarchy
    PC GT: dsampse1
    Location: Toledo, OH
    Fighting Games: SSF4, UMVC3
    Other Games: Resident Evil, Skyrim, Counter Strike Source
    SSF4: Boxer, Dhalsim
    UMVC3: Nova/Wesker/Dormammu
  • shinku1shinku1 i lick my lolipop Joined: Posts: 167
    Name: edward b
    xbox: shinkudrygun
    Location: Ft riley, kansas
    Fighting Games: ssf4 ae, umvc3, smash bros melee.
    Other Games: assasins creed, splinter cell, and whatevers good!
    PSN: shinkukid
    SFV: main Ryu, cammy, gief, karin (id shinku1)
    USF4: main ryu, akuma, cammy, seth;
    umvc3: magneto, doc doom, strider
    ssb melee: marth, fox, sheik, falco
    tt2: jin n pau
    tek7: jin
  • Neo 9kNeo 9k Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Kenney
    XBL GT: Neo 9k
    Location: Park Forest, Illinois
    Fighting Games: SF4 AE
    Other Games: Halo 3, GTA 4
  • j_mONSTERFACEj_mONSTERFACE Drinks the pulp Joined: Posts: 225
    Name- Ron
    PSN- Dr_ofjournalism
    Location- Riverview, MI
    Games- Marvel, Sf4, Arcana, BB, sfxt, lite KOF
  • PrOtegE6459PrOtegE6459 Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: E
    PSN ID: PrOtege6459
    Location: Chicago Heights
    Fighting Games: SSF4AE, MvC3, Arcana Heart 3, Skullgirls, Tekken 6, MK, and More!!!
  • shieldaroundthekshieldaroundthek Joined: Posts: 4
    Name: Kris
    PSN ID: shieldaroundthek
    Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
    Fighting Games: SSF4 AE
  • electricfist123electricfist123 Joined: Posts: 2
    Xbox GT:noblemạn158
    Fighting Games:mortal kombat 9,sfxt,possibly persona 4 and umvc3
    Other games:halo reach,mw3,halo CEA
  • MacabreMonsterMacabreMonster Saikyo! Joined: Posts: 36
    Name: Dave
    Xbox GT: MacabreMonster
    PSN GT: MacabreMonster
    Steam GT: MacabreMonster
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: SF4, UMVC3
    Other Games: Halo Reach, Battlefield 3
  • KenVKenV Joined: Posts: 80
    Name: Ken
    Xbox GT: lKenV (that's a lowercase L in front of the K)
    PSN ID: lKenV (that's a lowercase L in front of the K)
    Location: Madison, WI
    Fighting Games: SF4, Persona 4, 3S:OE
    Other Games: Gears of War 3
    Xbox GT: lKenV (lowercase L in front of the K)
    PS3 ID: lKenV (^^^^^)
    Location: Topeka, KS
    Fighting Games: SSF4, Persona 4 Arena, BBCSE, GGAC
  • CirkustanzCirkustanz Joined: Posts: 10
    Name: Rich
    PSN ID: Cirkustanz
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Fighting Games SSF4AE, might take up Skullgirls
    Other Games: Worms Revolution, Castlevania Harmony of Despair, Need for Speed Most Wanted

    BTW I have not played in forever and I've decided to learn a character I was never familiar with...so I'm HORRIBLE
    Cirkustanz on PSN
  • ThancruzThancruz Joined: Posts: 2,841
    Games: SFxT and learning P4A

    Sent from my SPH-D710 using Tapatalk 2
  • TheRedOgreTheRedOgre Loyal Shuma-Gorath Player! Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Zack
    PSN: TheRedOgre
    Location: Omaha, NE
    Fighting Games: UMvC3, SFxT, Skullgirls, Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  • theboosttheboost remy is my boyfriend Joined: Posts: 9
    Name: Mike
    Xbl: Asylum26
    Location: Chicago,IL
    Fighting games: Street fighter 4:ae, learning umvc3

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
    psn: the_booost
    Steam ID: theboost
  • chessmasterchessmaster Joined: Posts: 15
    Name: Corey
    xbl gt: rl chessmaster
    location: IL
    Fighting games: MK9, MKAK, SFxT, HDR, KOF02UM
    other games: gears of war(all three), battlefield 3
  • GoliathYetiGoliathYeti ELYSIUM!!! Joined: Posts: 4
    Name: Nick
    XBL: maximus16
    PSN: Phalez16
    location: IL
    Fighting games: SFIV, SFxT, KOFXIII, UMvC3, T6, TTT2
    other games: Halo 4, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier
  • HanSoo417HanSoo417 Joined: Posts: 105
    Name: Joseph
    Xbox: N/A
    PSN: HanSoo417
    Location: Louisville, KY
    Fighting Games: SSFIV, UMvC3
    Other Games: GT5, Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2, Uncharted 3, Dust 514

    I'm a complete noob looking for some help training and learning :)
    PSN: HanSoo417
  • klawwklaww Dirtiest Grawgin Joined: Posts: 195
    Name: Klaww
    PSN: KlawwG
    Location, ~Indianapolis, Indiana
    Fighting Games: Skullgirls, AE, UMvC3, BB:CS, SFxT, T6, SC4, SC5, MK9 and in march Naruto3.
    PSN: KlawwG
    Steam: Klaww213 hit me up anytime. :3
  • TBF08EUTBF08EU Joined: Posts: 32
    edited February 2013
    Name: Alex
    PSN: tbf08eu
    Location: Canton, Ohio
    Fighting Games: SSF4:AE, KOF 13, HDR
    Other Games: Ghost Recon:FS, GTA4:TBoGT, GT5. For PC: CS 1.5, Planet side 2, ARMA2

    Full Disclosure: I suck at fighting games, but I'm trying to get better. 
  • redwallmaxredwallmax Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Max
    Xbox: enjoi32
    Location: Central Illinois
    Fighting Games: SFxT, AE2012
  • YAZZYAZZ Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Mikey
    Xbox GT: Mjisakreep24
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Fighting Games: UMvC3, SSF4AE, i have all the marvel games, (excpt vanilla mvc3.) 

  • OGBlackJusticeOGBlackJustice Joined: Posts: 2
    Name- John
    PSN- OGBlackJustice
    Location- Lansing, MI
    Fighting Games- UMvC3, SSF4:AE, SFxT, GGXX:AC+
    Other Games- mostly (J)-RPG's and the occasional shooter
  • BuffaloBuffalo The Totally Fab Bison Joined: Posts: 138
    Name: Jordan
    Xbox GT: Buffalabr0
    Location: Grand Island,NE
    Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat 9, Skullgirls, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and currently trying to get into AE. Really looking for someone to practice with so I can start to get a feel for everything.
    If you come at me on some disrespectful shit and you're within arm's reach, anyone can get slapped.

    SG - Filia/Parasoul | TTT2 - Jun/Ling | MK9 - Sonya, Jade, Kitana
  • SuperVehicle001SuperVehicle001 Joined: Posts: 51
    Name: Vehicle
    PSN: MetalSlugIV
    Location: Kansas City, MO
    Fighting Games: Mortal Kombat 9, SSFIV:AE, Virtua Fighter 5, MvC3
    Other Games: Currently playing Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm. There is also a bunch of other games I own but have not finished...
  • XxSuperJonxXXxSuperJonxX Joined: Posts: 1
    Name: Jon
    PSN: Superjon12345
    Location: Winona, MN
    Fighting Games: Street Fighter 4 and Third Strike, MK9, Soul Calibur, Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl, UMVC3.
    Other games: King of Fighters (Haven't found anyone who likes it so I haven't played it much.) and Persona.

    I pretty much play fighting games every day at least for an hour or more. Just haven't found that person who loves them as much as me that's willing to play them locally with me.
  • Bob199Bob199 Joined: Posts: 65
    Name: Steve
    XBL: B0b199 (zero, not an "o")
    Location: Southeast MI
    Fighting Games: SSF4 ae, KoF13, GG AC+
    Other Games: Yomi

    I'll be getting back in a few days and looking for a scene
  • MetalxHealthxMetalxHealthx Joined: Posts: 1,109
    edited April 2013
    Name: Metal Health
    XBL: Metal x Health
    Location: Milwaukee, WI.
    Fighting Games: SF4, KoF13, VF5, HD Remix
    Other Games(MP): Scott Pilgrim, Terraria, Final Fight, GTA4, LoL, SC2.
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    SF4: Gen, Dudley, Adon
    KoF13: Billy, Clark, Kim, Ryo, Terry
    VF5: Brad, Jacky, Lau
  • RPedraza08RPedraza08 Joined: Posts: 3
    Name: Roger
    PSN: Bootcampclik516
    Location: Rapid City SD
    Fighting Games: 3s, SF HDR, UMvC3, MvC2, SSF4 (Not AE)
    Other Games: N/A

    Just looking for people to play/teach myself so I could improve, also looking for weekend online playing time :)

    Thank you
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