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    Alright I need some help here too.

    What exactly is FADC? I'm pretty sure it's charge a focus attack, and then simply dash. Is this correct? Also, how beneficial is it knowing that it uses up two bars of super.

    All thanks in advance.

    FADC stands for Focus Attack Dash Cancel, it should be noted that you do not have to charge the Focus Attack at all for it to be considered an FADC the Dash Cancel is thrown in FADC to let you know that you've canceled the Focus Attack animation with a Dash. Also FADC is commonly confused with Focus Cancel/Saving Attack in which you Cancel your characters Special Move or Normal Move with a Focus Attack allowing you to hit with a Level 1, 2, or 3 Focus Attack depending on how long you charged the Focus Attack for. One other important thing to remember when trying to discern the differences between a Focus Cancel and FADC is that, the FADC can be performed at anytime without having the need to first connect with an attack, a Focus Cancel however does not have this luxury since you need a minimum of two bars in your EX Meter to perform one.
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    No. It's not that hard to play with a normal controller o Rico Suave o and GeoM MoD1ns1d3 are perfect example's that playing with a pad(especially D-Pad on the Xbox 360)is not impossible. I play with a pad for the moment myself and I have to say it's a matter of preference really, I've played with sticks as well and there are some techniques that are much easier to perform as opposed to the pad but, once again I'd suggest watching the above players, I swore they played on sticks until I questioned them myself.
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    Why come blanka dont go thru fireballs? why come?
    He does. You just have to use Blanka's EX Rolling Attack, EX Vertical Rolling Attack, or EX Backstep Roll to get past them, his Super, and Ultra help, but if you have no meter at all then a well timed Amazon River Run will go under any projectile(even Sagat's Low Tiger Shot).
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    Oh I got some nub questions....

    1.Can you still do special cancels into super like in 3s? I.E. Hadouken -> super?
    2.FA cancels on specials and normals: can you preform this like a roman cancel? Or do you have to do it in a particular frame/frame range like a False roman cancel?
    3.Does Ken still have his MP HP chain combo?
    sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology.

    1.Can you still do special cancels into super like in 3s? I.E. Hadouken -> super?
    2.FA cancels on specials and normals: can you preform this like a roman cancel? Or do you have to do it in a particular frame/frame range like a False roman cancel?
    It's possible to perform a Focus Cancel just like a regular Roman Cancel in Guilty Gear, no specific timing needed
    3.Does Ken still have his MP HP chain combo?
    Ken still has his target combo which can be Special and/or Super Move canceled
    sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology.
    Your not.
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    So is Sagat's fake kick just hitting hk twice and really quickly? I saw a few peeps arguing that on another thread.

    Edit: And tips for facing Seth are always welcome. 7 hours into the game and still can't beat Seth on medium -_-

    For Sagat's Fake Kick I found that you really only have about 1/2 a second to input the second Roundhouse(HK) otherwise the animation continues as normal for Sagat's High Roundhouse(HK).
    As for beating Seth on medium don't feel ashamed about it as I couldn't do it the first time around when I first got back into the Street Fighter series. I don't know your skill level at the moment since but I can say that whenever Seth uses Tandem Stream you can mash out a Special, Super Combo, or Ultra combo to punish him before he can attack you since the move is extremely unsafe, jump over projectiles when he uses them, and watch out for his Dragon Punch, or Spinning Pile Driver after knocking Seth down to the ground. When you're the one knocked to the ground Seth loves to teleport twice before initiating his offense, he'll either teleport next to you if your low on health, or away if he's on the losing end. It's really tough to decide what to do at this point if he's close to you either neutral jump or catch him with a Special, Super, or Ultra(Note:The CPU never blocks your Ultra). Every once in a while Seth will perform an EX Hyakuretsukyaku to counter your projectile attacks, punish with your characters anti-air(AA)Normal or Special Move when he tries to close in on you with a Wall-Jump.
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    I'm not THAT new, but pretty new, but I always wondered this;

    Does stun regenerate?

    If so is it really fast, or slow?

    Your Stun Gauge does reset after a certain time of not being hit by your opponent, to get a look at how fast I'd suggest going into training mode and turning on the Attack Data to view how much Stun a certain character has, as far as certain character's Stun Gauge recovering faster or slower than others I don't know.
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    I see some people type FADC, and some type SADC... is there a difference? Basically what Im asking, is Saving Attack and Focus Attack the same thing, just people call it something different? Or is Saving Attack something on its own completely?

    No. Saving Attack/Focus Cancel is not the same as a FADC, Saving Attack/Focus Cancel is where you Cancel your characters Normal or Special Move after connecting with your opponent thus using two bars of your EX Meter. A FADC is simply cancelling the Focus Attack animation with a Dash, this, unlike using Saving Attack/Focus Cancel does not use two bars or your EX Meter and may be done without charging the Focus Attack fully, or requiring you to connect first with an attack.
    In conclusion both techniques give you the option to Dash Cancel or use a Level 1, 2, or 3 Focus Attack.
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    Hi Guys.
    I have been waiting for the right situation to post a extremely noob questions, because you guys seem pretty hardcore. I guess that right situation is here! Sooo: How do you block attacks? What buttons do your press? And what does a standing block, block? And what does a crouching block, block?

    Hope your joking but I'll answer your question anyways. Assuming your character is facing the right side of the screen you'd hold back on the D-pad or stick, if your opponent is attempting to cross-up then you'd hold forward since the game registers their attack hitting you from behind.
    A standing block defends you from High and Middle(Overhead)attacks, but, you are still vulnerable to low/crouching attacks. Finally a crouching block is done by holding down-back which defends you from all high and crouching attacks, that being said makes crouching block the most preferred block over a standing block. Be warned though that Overhead attacks still hit you while crouch blocking since they hit middle level, meaning they must be blocked high.
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    Hey guys, this is my first post. I haven't played a Street Fighter since SF II Turbo back in '95 :rofl: I saw that Street Fighter IV was coming out and I got all nostalgic and threw down a preorder.

    My question was regarding how easy it would be to perform some inputs on a PS3 controller. I'd imagine PPP would be a nightmare. Is it necessary to play on a stick or will the pad do. I've heard people mention that the PS3s analogue buttons are good but that's only one aspect of the controller. I really don't want to limit myself to a few characters because I'll need pianist dexterity to become good with whoever I want.

    If anyone in Australia posts here are there any local places where I can find a stick? Importing isn't in my best interest since our dollar tanked.

    Shoryuken for life :P

    Playing on the PS3 pad should be fine for now if you don't have a stick yet and are more used to using a fight stick. Only thing I have to say about the PS3 pad is that most(including me)prefer the D-pad over the analog since the analog is in such an awkward position, as far as mapping your button layout that's all up to you to mess around with no real tips on that one. When it comes to playing any fighting game with a pad or stick is a matter of preference and it all depends on how much time and dedication you want to put into getting better, a player is only limited to what they limit them self to.
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    So theres no way to stand up and block for some time without walking backwards?

    Assuming your opponent is not continuously attacking you while you're blocking then the only way for you to do so is when in the corner, otherwise crouch block if you don't want to move at all and continue blocking(but remember overhead attacks still connect while you're crouch blocking).
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    Thanks for the answer Wonderpug, where can i download this said demo of super turbo hd remix? i cant findt it on either US PSN or EU PSn..?

    Did you try accessing the Playstation Store? Should still be there last time I checked.
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    Well I'm quite well into SF but not into playing with a stick (I am playing for like 3-4 months).
    I used to play SF3 with a pad and i had no trouble at all doing combos like cr. lkx3 into super.

    Then I got a stick for HD Remix and I played mainly charge chars. I tried Ryu but I am not that good in double qcfs while playing with a stick (I had no trouble at all with the pad, at least from the p1 side).
    The fun part is that my double qcfs with a pad sucked from the p2 side, while I had trouble with double qcfs from the p1 side.

    The bottom line is that I can't perform these motions that fast with a stick (at least after 3 cr. lk SF3S/CVS2 style).
    I know that all i have to do is practice but I want to know how hard is it to do a FADC into ultra compared to all this stuff.

    E.g. with Ryu do you have enough time for the double qcf after the fadc or you have to be lightning fast?
    I also find it hard to cancel standing hits into supers, but ok that's another matter.
    For now my main worry is the FADCs into Ultras which as it seems is the basic setup for using your ultra effectively.

    Oh, I also have to improve my P1 side playing (don't know what I am doing wrong) but I even miss single QCFs at times, while i never miss a QCB.

    It's not surprising that you have a harder time executing Super Cancels and the like on a stick since you did say you started out on a pad first, practice with execution and timing will only help in this and other areas.
    To answer your question about Ryu Focus Cancel/Saving Attack into Ultra you ave to be pretty quick in order to do so. I'd look at Daigo Umehara's tutorial on YouTube to help answer your questions, here's the links:
    Part 1

    Part 2
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    I am by no means a beginner to fighting games, but I have a very beginner question.

    How do you do a FADC fast enough to actually pull it off? I mean, I know it's MP+MK and dash forward but, I could never do it fast enough.

    I'm, used to fast button commands. I've done kara demons in 3S with a PS2 controller, I've done dash to Gigas Breaker with Hugo, I've done a fair share of easy-to-mid combos... granted, nothing pro level, I'm using those as simple examples rather than bragging. Just that I know how to do stuff to "hide inputs." Stuff like that 7-hit combo DeeJay has in HDR people used to get the combomaniac achievement. It's cross-up mk, c.jab, c.jab, c.jab, rh rising kicks. As SOON as you jump you start holding down for the charge move. Stuff like that.

    My problem has never been with execution, always with learning the match-ups and pulling off links (chains were easy) but I just could not do a FADC out of a special move to save my life.

    Granted, I only played SF4 for one day up at TGA (I drove to Massachusetts to visit a friend back in November and knew very little about the game) but it's tough. Is there some sort of buffer? Example, let's say you want to Shoryuken then FADC, it would be F,D,DF HP >> MP+MK -> ->. But I couldn't do it quick enough to avoid going airbourne. Can you do like ->+MP+MK then -> instead? Like, having the first input for the dash be "hidden" in the FA?

    Sorry for the simple question, but I tried to search for an answer but had no idea what to type in the box. FADC brings up damn near every topic, and I didn't know what other keywords to use. Easy? Simple? Buffer? Hell, I don't know. Maybe I just need the get the game and practice to figure it out myself. But surely there's a sneaky shortcut to hide a step to make it easier? I think my problem is that I feel rushed after I do the DP motion.

    Sorry for the long post, I guess the simple question is... is there a shortcut or do I just need to "L2Pscrub?"

    Watch these two videos to answer your question:
    Part 1

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    I am new to sticks specifically, I have some questions.

    How hard should I grab my stick? Meaning what's the preferred amount of pressure one should hold it so moves can come out smoother and faster.

    Best way to jerk the stick? You know, when you're doing a move and you need to quickly jerk your stick backwards or forward. Should you grab the shaft with all four fingers, 2 fingers or thumb?

    Basically looking for general tips to improve my move penetration and execution. I got a TE stick so I already will be using the best, now it's time for the skills to follow up.

    Watch these:
    Part 1

    Part 2
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    I have two questions and I swear I've read every link in the sticky and all of this topic:

    1) If you chain, does it mean you actually cancel the first lk into the second?

    2) When I hit someone after lv3 fa, they fall back (back, not to ground mind you) like I just hit them in the air, so I can't continue to combo after first hit. But sometimes they stand there so I can continue to combo. Why and when does this happen?

    Whenever you Chain moves together such as the ones you mentioned it cancels the first move and goes into the next normal

    For your second question since you hit your opponent while they're airborne they'll always fall/fly back since they cannot fall to the ground(imagine your a bat hitting a baseball). When there on their knees there considered to be in a Crumpled State when this happens you may Dash Cancel out of the Focus Attack a.k.a. FADC in order to follow up with another combo.
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    It's all a matter of preference you should be able to feel the difference I'm sure since you've played with arcade sticks longer, so really you should be able to answer this question for yourself.
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    I've never really liked Street Fighter games. I downloaded the Trial for the Xbox Live Arcade SFII game and wasn't really a massive fan.

    However, I do love fighting games and I'm willing to be converted mainly because SFIV looks wicked and the review scores are impressive (although are they based on nostalgia?). Just a couple of questions...

    1. From playing and watching SF it seems like characters only have 3 or 4 moves that they can use. Are characters really so boring?

    2. I love games like Tekken and Soul Calibur because of the vastly diverse characters and the different ways you can play with each character. Does SF have this sort of depth? (and I don't mean learning Frame Rates and stuff.. that database depth I don't really care for)

    From what I've seen, SF seems really limited in what you can do with characters.. like spamming the same 3 moves and such (I've watched that huge guide on Youtube, it seemed a lot like Rock-Paper-Scissors). Does this game have hidden depth and variety or are people still playing this 'archaic' game mostly for nostalgia reasons? I don't really want to pay ?40 for this game and realise I should have just waited for Tekken 6 and saved the cash.

    Of course when Isay archaic and spamming and such, this is just how I see Street Fighter at the moment. I really WANT to get into this game, but it seems so different to what I'm used to so I need your help!


    A game or fight only becomes limited when YOU decide to limit yourself to a certain amount of techniques and disregarding the rest, by doing so would take away from the "depth" your looking for, and seeing as how you come from mostly a 3-D fighting background 2-D fighters may seem to lack the "depth" you're looking for.
    As for your Rock-Paper-Scissor comment all forms of fighting come down to precisely that even after having learned all there is to possibly know. "Spamming" seems to be thrown around pretty carelessly by many people(mostly when people have a lack of understanding of a character and/or game), and since you come from a 3-D fighter background it'd seem as if you fall into this category of people who use the word "spamming" and/or "spam".
    Please take no offense to my response as I meant no harm or tried to degrade your skills and knowledge as fighter in anyway. It just really bother's me when people are too quick to judge or give conclusions regarding certain subjects without bothering to fully understand what they're doing.
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    I have compiled some newbie questions:

    1. What is "SuperJumping"?

    2. What is a "Reversal"?

    3. What is the difference between a "chain", a "link", and a "combo"? Do they all mean the same thing?

    4. Your character glows white when your FA is charged to level 2 and you glow yellow when its fully charged (or so I've read). But how come I see alot of videos where the character is flashing yellow while doing a shoryuken or some other special move? Usually its at the middle/end of some combo, so its hard to believe that they fully charged a FA before doing the special.

    1. What is "SuperJumping"?
    Super Jump is basically as the name implies it's a super version of your normal jump allowing your character to move farther across the screen, to do so press D then immediately press U, UB, or UF to have your character Super Jump in the desired direction. Super Jumping may also be used to cancel certain Normal, Special, Super, or Ultra moves of certain characters, C. Viper is probably the best example for this.
    2. What is a "Reversal"?
    When you execute an attack right after you blocked your opponents attack or are fully standing after getting up off the ground from a knockdown or sweep.
    3. What is the difference between a "chain", a "link", and a "combo"? Do they all mean the same thing?
    A Chain is when you cancel the animation of a normal into another normal which is generally only possible with Jab(LP) and Short(LK) since they have little startup and recovery frames. Chain's require no specific timing and may be pressed as fast as possible until you're out of range to connect another one.
    Links require specific timing compared to a Chain. Take for example Ryu's Low Strong(MP), Low Strong(MP), Low Roundhouse(HK)if you try to input them too quickly they won't come out, if done too slow the intended move will come out but be blocked/miss/hit depending on your opponents reaction. Links can only be successfully carried out by constant practice and repetition.
    A combo is simply when you Chain or Link a series of attacks together thus, forming a combo.

    You cannot Special Move or Super cancel a Normal move if it has been Chained, however if you Linked the Normal you may do so
    4. Your character glows white when your FA is charged to level 2 and you glow yellow when its fully charged (or so I've read). But how come I see alot of videos where the character is flashing yellow while doing a shoryuken or some other special move? Usually its at the middle/end of some combo, so its hard to believe that they fully charged a FA before doing the special.
    The reason you see a yellow Shoryuken is because the player used what's called a EX move which is a powered up up version of that character's special move, this is done by inputting the command for that Special Move then pressing two Punch or Kick buttons instead of one.
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    Did i read that right? shouldn't it be 360-> works with 360 and pc?

    He/She could be referring to the fact that they've seen hacked/modded Xbox 360 controllers do this or use some type of converter, or adapter.
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    Superjumping is not in the terminology page. It is only mentioned on the acronyms guide. I still don't know what that is.

    Added: And, I have painstakingly figured out why characters flash yellow. Its not from focus attacks, and I don't think it happens in FADCs either. Characters flash yellow when doing EX moves.

    The other person meant they glow yellow after a Focus Cancel/Saving Attack...sigh...I wish people would stop confusing FADC with Focus Cancel/Saving Attack
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    i have a question about special moves linking to supers/ultras, for example can i do the qcf motion of an ex hadoken with ryu and just do one more qcf motion and all three punches to get the ultra out, or would i have to input 2x qcf after i do the qcf motion for the ex hadoken? (very noob i know but i was never sure) thanks in advance.

    You can't Link Special Moves, Super Combo into an Ultra but you can definitely combo into them. Take Ryu's Ex Hadoken for example you can combo it into Metsu Hadoken if you're in the corner, however, if your trying to combo it mid screen you need to Focus Cancel/Saving Attack out of the EX Hadoken then input the double QCF for Metsu Hadoken(you need a minimum of three bars in your EX Meter to do this). If you didn't get the last part of my sentence, yes, you have to input the full motion for Metsu Hadoken.
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    That would be technically a cancel, and there are no traditional ultra-cancelable moves in the game, unless you count Dan's Super Taunt (although people seem to tell me otherwise).

    Agreed. Excellent as always LordofUltima love your videos on YouTube they've helped me gain a better understanding of the game overall and solidify my foundation the fundamentals of fighting games in general.
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    Man, After years of being a Pad Player on Street fighter, and 2D games in general. I Finally decided to not bullshit myself and step my game up to the next level.

    I am learning a Stick, I got the TE Fight stick, and it is a great piece....I mean Wonderful. Only problem is that I played this with a trial Street fighter 2 HD Remix and None of my shit came out accurately...

    I lost all my potential than when I used a controller...I can't even Dragon Punch on command anymore with a stick. I know there are others here like me whom are pushing the controller aside and using a GREAT Arcade stick for the first time.

    My question to the experts are...

    How in the fuck do I hold the damn joystick to make my moves come all Dragon punches and the like. Linking normals to special moves is impossible.

    I am not going back to pad.......I'm finally starting Stick after years of pad playing. I haven't used a stick since SNES days for street fighter and Arcades occasionally.

    Anyone here I know can relate...HELP please :sweat: hehe

    This helped me greatly to become better with the arcade stick:

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    I would like to know how easy it is to combo let's say a jab into a charge super.
    Is it like SF2T where most people did something like charge db, cr lp x2, f, b+lp, f+p or is it easier like charge db, cr lpx2, f, b, f+super?

    I want to know if the timing for something like that is lenient or not because in turbo it was pretty sick for me and I always used renda cancel instead of adding a standing jab.

    Oh I also know that supers are almost useless and stuf.. but ok just asking.

    It's not too hard with enough practice if you're pretty decent at buffering inputs then just practice in training mode with the Input Display set to on so that you make sure your inputs are clean, and there are no unnecessary inputs added. The overall timing is not too strict and shouldn't give you that big of a problem to adjust to, Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter III Third Strike: Fight For the Future seem to be the most lenient ones when buffering Normals into Supers especially for charge characters.
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    One of the first questions that came to mind was already asked :D Now I know which way to block Rufus's highly annoying looking dive kicks.

    Another question I had is i've been hearing a lot about FADC's lately and im not going to pretend to fully understand them yet but does anyone know if they are adressed in the training/challenge mode?

    As per some analogies made earlier in the thread i'd rather be given the spoon than etc etc.

    Roll on friday, although mine might not arrive till saturday :\

    FADC is not covered at all in Training Mode or Challenge Mode.
    I believe you'r referring to Focus Cancel/Saving Attack which is covered in the games manual so I suggest you read that.
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    Question for the pros:

    I'm working through the challenge mode, doin the combos etc, but I'm finding it hard to understand the timing for some of these combos. E.g. Jump+HK, HP, Shoryuken, Shinku Hadoken. I NOW know that you're cancelling the shoryuken and buffering the super, but thats only after 1million attempts at the combo >< Is there a way to know beforehand how to time these combos?

    It's even hard doing a Jump+HIT, HIT combo sometimes, gotta time it ><

    Yes, I am a newb.

    Wow, just noticed I've been lurking for 2 years ><

    Practice, practice, practice my friend. My best advice would be to make sure you can consistently and confidently execute the Special Move and Super Combo of your character, once you're able to do so then begin to tackle the specific combo your having difficulty with. If you're still having problems then double check your inputs in Training mode with the Input Display on to make sure you don't have any unnecessary commands input, if there are none then I suggest breaking down the combo into parts.
    Watch these two videos which I've recommended to many others to help them with execution, timing, combo difficulties, etc.:

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    A few questions.

    1) What are the differences when you are stunned? Sometimes theres skulls ontop of your head and sometimes its stars?

    2) How do you kara throw? (ken/ryu) Do you press jab,short,forward at the same time?


    Hmmm...never noticed the skulls in Street Firghter IV but I know they're in the Street Fighter II series though. If they're in Street Fighter IV then I'd have to check that out and do some research on it if it has any impact on the game.

    A Kara Throw is where you input your characters Normal then immediately cancel its animation with a throw, doing so will increase the range of your throw allowing you to throw your opponent when you'd normally be considered out of range for a normal throw.
    Kara Throwing varies for each character to Kara Throw with Ken you must input F + High Forward(MK) then a 1/2 a second later press Jab(LP) + Short(LK). If done correctly you should see Ken move forward a little bit then execute his throw.
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    FADC is not covered at all in Training Mode or Challenge Mode.
    I believe you'r referring to Focus Cancel/Saving Attack which is covered in the games manual so I suggest you read that.

    Actually you do have to pull a few FADC in some hard trial challenges, but its not explained how to do it(nothing is lol), if thats what you meant i apologise for correcting you, i just felt it needed some clarification.

    Greetings SRK community, im new to the SF universe, but i found allot of useful info on this forum to improve myself, also some nice ppl here as i see.
    This is my first post and just wanted to say hi :)
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    new to street fighter 4

    I have never played street fighter in my entire life. I completely avoided it. I started to play super street fighter 4 recently when my friend brought his 360 into work. I was really really bad at the beginning because I mostly play first person shooter type games and never fighting games. I have been playing for 3 weeks now.

    I have recently purchased regular street fighter 4 for the pc and I wasn't very good at using a logitech controller with it. I decided that it would be best to run to gamestop to get a fightstick and the only one they had was a round 2 tournament edition fightstick(works on 360 and pc) for 130$ which I decided to buy. I friggin love the thing. I had a really hard time getting used to it but its growing on me, I never even played with the arcade ones so it's a completely new feeling.

    With all that being said, I just wanted to say hi and I will most likely be coming to this site to read anything and everything because whenever I win a game online I feel it was more because of luck then because of skill.

    I would also like to know if there is a certain preference people use to set up their buttons on the fightstick?
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    Hello SRK people!

    I'm a returning fan (I was a SF lover since good SNES times) and am playing on PC. I know how to execute most special moves from most characters, but I'm simply not good enough to actual beat other players as of yet. Lots of questions surfaced for me in the initial months of play and I finally decided to try and actually improve, becoming competitive for online play (I float around 700 BP, currently). I'll throw a few questions here which I'll be thankful if I can get some answers; but please feel free to throw any extra advice you might find useful for the low-to-middle level player.

    1) Character
    The following characters really caught my interest for some reason; which one would you guys reccomend as main for someone in my situation? Chun Li, Gen, Cammy, Dhalsim, C. Viper, Sakura, Rose? If that can be an indicator, the characters I suffer the most against are Ryu, Dhalsim and Dictator

    2) Pad okay?
    I like playing the game on an XBox controller (looking forward getting the madcatz pad or similar). Will I be too hindered if I prefer that over a stick controller? Any button setups suggestions?

    3) Best Practice Way
    What should I be practicing for starters, and how? Should I focus on all the combos? Trial Mode? Arcade mode? Or just online fights? I'm asking this because with my current level of (in)experience, an online match is almost always a terrible loss for me, which is very frustrating as training field. And also because watching fights on youtube only get me with that "woah" feeling of being out of my league.

    Yes, I realize this is all pretty basic, but I guess you gotta start somewhere. I also hope I'm correct assuming this would be the forums for such questions - if I'm mistaken, my apologies! Thanks in advance.
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    hello world

    I just bought SFIV for PC this week and am getting way too into it! =P. This is my first foray into 2D fighters in over 5 years - I've never gotten so into one that I've wanted to learn and improve until now!

    My GFWL id is jaytooo - hope to play some of you (maybe, lol) online.
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    Important Starter Tip!
    On the last few months I have been trying to get myself used to SF IV and came to this forums looking for the usual good information; however, theory can help you only so much, and I just experienced something that changed dramatically my average gameplay, and I'll leave here in hopes it may help another beginner as well:

    Try a different controller.

    I used to play on a PC controller modeled after the classic PS pad but with a different weight and feel (and also cheap enough to break in about a month). This got me to try borrowed controllers from friends until I eventually got one that I was comfortable with (in my case, the original PS2 controller - I simply prefer to play on the stick).

    Which is the best controller for you is something you can only answer by trying them out. There's a lot of praise towards the Madcatz fightpad but I honestly prefer the layout I'm using now. Its a matter of taste. Just have that in mind whenever you feel stuck on your practicing like I was some weeks ago.
  • psyko12psyko12 Joined: Posts: 4
    Hello every1 thank you for this useful thread... I played some SFEX1 and 2 on Arcade and PSone... Will my background with SFEX1 and 2 help with SFIV.. I'm not a total newbie but I can execute ex combos and buffer moves, chain links etc. Hope I can adopt... Planning to be a guile or ryu player...

    Thanks for the useful tips :D
  • PorterPorter Upstart Joined: Posts: 1,557
    Street fighter IV is more akin to Street Fighter II than any other SF game
  • psyko12psyko12 Joined: Posts: 4
    Street fighter IV is more akin to Street Fighter II than any other SF game

    I see although it has added some cool technicalities to it tho.. Hehe the focus thing.:sweat:
  • Afolox CRAfolox CR Link Misser Joined: Posts: 10
    Hi, This is my first post, I have been a lurker in the forums for a while and finally decided to start posting, coincidentally I was at my first local tournament this past weekend, so I am really driven to getting better at SSFIV :D

    In other fighting games I have played, usually my biggest weakness is my excecution, most of my wins come from understanding the mental aspect of the game, playing a solid defense and and somehow trying to outsmart my opponent; rather than pulling off a lot of combos. I do know I have to get better at a lot of the technicall stuff, though. With that being said, I find that in most fighting games certain characters are more forgiving to this kind of player.

    I was wondering if this happens in SSFIV, I already have to main characters, (Vega and Guy) but I'm still open to trying out other ones if I find there style usefull to me.
    Any Suggestions?

    (I hope I made myself clear)
  • Demon DashDemon Dash Hyper Viper Raccoon! Joined: Posts: 5,880
    Can you plink/kara a throw for an option select? Say for examplein up close situations, can I c.lp~lk so that if they throw, I tech and if they don't throw I get c.lp?
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  • 小名小名 Joined: Posts: 1
  • DIGITALFRAGDIGITALFRAG Legendary Monkey Joined: Posts: 235
    so i already have a super street fighter iv file on my ps3. if i go rent or buy street fighter iv for ps3 and start a save file, can i load my super street fighter iv for the extra 11, and 12th option of color for characters... or do i have to start a whole new super street fighter iv save file after i've created a street fighter iv save file?
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  • ArgoStreetfighterArgoStreetfighter Joined: Posts: 1

    Can MadCatz joystick can be used for pC ?:lovin::lovin:
  • djeclipsedjeclipse Joined: Posts: 60
    Can akuma's raging demon ultra/super connect on someone who has done a speed recovery, or a regular recovery? I have tried to do it as the person is waking up it misses everytime. I wanted to know if I am doing something wrong, or if it just doesnt happen.
  • C2QC2Q Joined: Posts: 1,167
    Can akuma's raging demon ultra/super connect on someone who has done a speed recovery, or a regular recovery? I have tried to do it as the person is waking up it misses everytime. I wanted to know if I am doing something wrong, or if it just doesnt happen.

    wont work, don't bother. they will just jump over it or shoryuken you in the face. Raging demon isnt some ultra that is piss easy to land like that. Use it as anti air or after a focus attack or after a whiffed srk.
  • PorterPorter Upstart Joined: Posts: 1,557
    wont work, don't bother. they will just jump over it or shoryuken you in the face. Raging demon isnt some ultra that is piss easy to land like that. Use it as anti air or after a focus attack or after a whiffed srk.

    Or catch them off guard by masking it in a normal, since you can cancel it from any normal
  • metroidfan09metroidfan09 Joined: Posts: 3
    Hey all, I've only just Come back to sf4 after a 1 year hiatus anyways I am a major scrub. Anyone know any easy combos for Honda?
  • mr. tibbsmr. tibbs λ=11 Joined: Posts: 573
    Hey all, I've only just Come back to sf4 after a 1 year hiatus anyways I am a major scrub. Anyone know any easy combos for Honda?

    I'm not terribly good, either. ;) Though I don't know Honda, I have recently begun playing as a new character in Super, and the tutorial trials in the game have been a big help in learning little combos and move strings. I just went through several of them, made some notes (I'm a dork), and then went into practice mode and fooled around.

    The trials also helped me develop a decent Chun after having not played Street Fighter since II was in the arcades.

    EDIT: Also, check out the Honda-specific thread. There are usually stickies that detail the basics for each character. (But it is a bit overwhelming.)
    I'd offer to play you, but my SFIV won't register LP any more during matches. Go figure.
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  • ZorbaZorba Joined: Posts: 3
    is there anywhere that gives tips on how to pass the individual trials for each character. i seem to get up to the 3rd on in the 4th set of trials then get stuck. i usually cant perform the super move fast enough. ie Jumping Hard Punch, Standing Hard Kick, Shinkuu Hadoken (Super Fireball).
    when it describes what you have to do, it doesnt mention cancels, but im guessing they are needed to complete the trials.

    to give an idea of how sucky i am, i took me 4 or 5 goes to defeat seth using sakura on "easiest" mode. (it took me probably 20 goes at sagat and 10 goes at seth using ryu on easy mode)

    im using a logitech game pad.
  • ilitiritilitirit Joined: Posts: 6,381
    ie Jumping Hard Punch, Standing Hard Kick, Shinkuu Hadoken (Super Fireball).
    when it describes what you have to do, it doesnt mention cancels, but im guessing they are needed to complete the trials.

    The easiest way to complete that trial (and many others) is to use a technique call "buffering". Basically, you start inputting the motion for the Shinkuu Hadouken while you're doing the standing hardkick.

    ie. :uf: :hp: (land) :qcf::hk::qcf::hp:

    The game will use the first :qcf: as the first input of the Shinkuu Hadouken even though there's a :hk: in the middle of the motions.

    Each character forum usually has a thread where the trials are discussed.
    Character Discussion

    Note that some of the trials in SSFIV are different to those in the original SFIV.
  • CaptainTalon447CaptainTalon447 Joined: Posts: 10
    I feel unsatisfied when I win online matches, I feel like I haven't quite learned anything new or how to handle situation x or y is that a bad sign that I'm not improving
  • EvilagramEvilagram Joined: Posts: 9
    Alright, I've done research across the internet to try and find answers, and I can't find a thing. Chain/target combos, how are they performed? I have been trying the ones given to me in trial mode, but I cannot perform them consistently. I simply do not know the timing for them. Outright button mashing has gotten me more success than any attempt to time it out. I've watched tutorial videos and they have not been any more helpful.

    What is the timing for chain/target combos? What is the frame buffer around them? It seems like it's only a single frame. Can anyone link a video demonstration?

    I've tried using trial mode, but it's not helping and nowhere is an explanation of how the timing works for chain/target combos.
  • ToodlesToodles da Fetus of Gawd! Joined: Posts: 10,778
    chain/target combos have pretty much the most lenient, easy timing of anything in the game. Definitely NOT 1 frame, more like a super easy 9 frame window. Definitely practice against a training dummy; doing them on whiff isn't helpful.

    If you're having difficulty with a trial mode combo involving target combos, there's probably something else going on; since you didn't specify what exactly was giving you trouble, it's not like anyone can point out where the hard part(s) of the combo is/are.

    If you want to play with just a target combo to see how lenient the timings are, Rufus' s.LK ~ s.HK is almost impossible to mess up. Ibuki's s.LP ~ s.MP ~ s.HP is pretty easy if you want a three hit version, and you can cancel the last one into a special.

    That answers the question you asked, but without specifics, no one can be of more help.
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