The how to mod your SFIV SE Fightstick FAQ

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Alright, so a lot of people have had a lot of questions on how to mod this stick, and honestly it's probably one of the easiest stick to mod. So this guide was threw together to help answer any questions anyone has and run you through the process.

Before you begin
- I'm not responsible for a damn thing, open at your own risk. =)
- By opening before your warranty is up, you've voided it.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does the stick really need to be replaced?
A: It really just depends on you, if your new to playing on sticks, I'd say just get used to it before you decide to switch it out.

Q: What's the point of replacing the stock parts?
A: Basically to get some high grade parts in there. Stick and button wise, it will feel much better. But of course, it all boils down to personal preference.

Q: What parts do I need to buy?
A: Depending on what you need, here's the choices you have for japanese parts.
Sanwa Joystick: JLF-TP-8YT or JLF-TP-8Y
Sanwa Buttons: OBSF-30

Seimitsu Joystick: LS-32-01
Seimitsu Buttons: PS-14-K, PS-14-P, PS-15 (thanks Byteblock)

Q: Do I have to buy the JLF with a mounting plate?
A: Nope, you can just take the mounting plate off the stock stick and throw it onto the JLF-TP-8Y.

Q: Can I use screw in buttons?
A: Yes you can, it might require a little filing to get the button closest to the joystick to fit though.

Q: Which one is better, Sanwa or Seimitsu?
A: It's all preference. Read the Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ by Paik4Life here

Q: Where can I buy these parts from?
A: Check out either Lizard Lick or Akihabara Shop.

Q: Do I need to solder anything?
A: No, everything is strictly remove and replace.

Q: Square or Octagon gate?
A: Preference, square gate will come with your stick already. You can always buy an octagon gate and try it out to see if you like it or not.

Q: How can I change the artwork?
A: You'll need to use a template and photoshop what you want on there. Then print it out and stick it on top of the stock artwork. Check out this great how to thread by driph on exactly how do this here.

So how do you install? Here's a rough guide, it will vary a little bit if you use screw on buttons.

Tools & Parts
- New stick and buttons
- Flathead & Phillips screwdriver
- A small flathead screwdriver would also be helpful

Note: The pictures that I took already had the Sanwa parts in it. So don't be alarmed if your stick innards don't look exactly like mine.

1. Take off 6 screws in the back and take off the panel.

2. Move the quick disconnect sleeve and move it up along the wiring out of the way. Then, grab the quick disconnect and use a little force to pull it off the button. Repeat 2 times for one button. Do NOT, i repeat, do NOT pull on the wire, do it from the quick disconnect itself.

Here's how it looks with one pulled out.

3. Take the flat head and push in one of the tabs for the snap in and use a free finger to push downward on one side. Then do the same to the opposite side and it should pop out just fine.

The position of my flathead is where you should push in towards the button on.

4. Take your snap on button and simply push it into place. You should hear it snap into place, just make sure that its pushed in all the way before you reconnect your quick disconnects.

5. After you finish replacing all the buttons, its time to move to the stick.

6. Take your flathead and hold it in place on the bottom of the joystick, and with your other hand, twist the ball top and it should unscrew.


7. Take off the four screws holding down the stick by the mounting plate, you'll notice them by the red on the screws.


8. Now it's time to remove the connector. Take note of which way the connector is facing, the gel should be facing towards you. Take your small flathead and place it under like shown on the picture. You'll want to lift the tab up, then pull the connector out.


9. Now just screw in the new stick, install the ball top and plug the connector the same position you took it off. The gel should face you. It won't snap into place since there's no tab on the Sanwa stick, but it'll be ok.

10. Replace the back panel and reinstall the 6 screws. Congrats! You've finished! Plug it in to your respective system and check to make sure everything works.

My finished stick, I used 3 dark hai and 3 white OBSF-30's and the JLF stick.

As far as changing the artwork, head to this great thread here by driph.

I hope this is helpful to anyone that wanted to mod their SE fightstick. If there's anything anyone wants to add, just lmk and I'll throw it on.
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