SFIV PSN Bad Games Thread!



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    I am also surprised about rage quits; I mean I am not that good and NEVER quit. I am grinding it out in Champ Mode and have worked my way up to a G3-A and it seems if I play someone above me they usually quit right before losing.....

    Also had some guys with mic that play loud music in the background and swear at you up and down when you beat them....nice.

    I have a wired connection; I actually ran a line directly from my router through my home....wife thought it was a little extreme LOL! Question is I do not think any bars show up which scares people off but in fact I have the best possible connection.....any thoughts?
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    Bad games to people who wait for you to pick and then actively counter-pick in player matches, no matter who you choose. Come on guys, they don't count for anything, and is my Dan REALLY that scary?

    rvk5150: It's not about whether or not you have a good connection to the internet, but whether or not you have a good connection to the person, and those bars usually don't lie (granted, sometimes you'll find a 4 bar and then it will just lag like hell the whole match). If it's connection problems that you're having, then create your own games and kick everyone that has less than 3 or 4 bars. If you're having trouble still finding good matches then maybe your DNS just sucks and it won't matter if you're hard-wired or wireless.
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    I know I'm no good as player, but I must suck too bad to have quitters. I usually just get guys with bad connections. I had a guy's connection drop as he was cr. FP'ing me for a win. I was thankful :)

    My daughter has wanted to mercy quit for me for some of the beatings I have taken, but I can't see how people could have sportsmanship that poor. It's a game for crying out loud.
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    ...ugh, today was the first day that someone ragequit on me in Blazblue. I forgot their name, but someone with a level 30 V-13 card challenged me to a ranked match, which I grudgingly accepted (I'm currently a level 20 Ragna player). However, after the character select screen, it turned out the guy picked Hakumen. Throughout the match I punish the majority of his C attacks, and trap him in the corner in the last round and win. As the match ends, the bastard ragequits.

    It sucks how players can ragequit in BB even after the match has ended.
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    dc in the 1st round of g1 has been a pretty common thing i've been seeing. blah

    against akumas i like to beat them to a pixel of life left in the last round, and let them chase me while i taunt them until the time runs out and i win. every now n then i'll get msg'd an insult for running away after they lose, and i'll kindly reply something along the lines of "case in point, you chickenshit runaway akuma." bad sportsmanship? yeah, but it's the principle that counts lol
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    Bad games to GunnersLV who in the middle of the 2nd round starts to lagging at 1st i think nothing of it but then it happens in the 3rd round so i'm like ok you know what we'll try it again...he starts losing & i $hit you not you hear it on his mic "lets hit that stand by button" & the lag fest continued him being the bad sportsman that he is when i ask him about it, lol the man gives some bitchmade answer, then says "Ohh we're both lagging" Mind you i'm at my girlfriends place & the computer is shut down..hell i'm typing this on the ps3 so come on LOL..whatever it takes to win uh lol
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    lol today i was playing a guy online who had 5 bars and he was winning until i hit him with a ultra and right when that happened he disconnected
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    OMG @rinoh LOL
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    i still get disconnected when I'm bout to win. Then again who knows?

    got one guy who msg me with " LoL azn. nub." lolz. . . . calls me a nub? All he did was spam on his sonic booms and jumping kicks to win the match. I use GIEF so that's always the kind of fighting style I get from opponents. So boring to play SFIV now cuz of those weak players. I've been beaten by excellent players who actually shows me "skills" and don't spam on moves. For those who have done that . . . Great job!! I love the fight and yer hella good. Those who just spams on fireballs/tiger shots/sonic booms/ seth and sim players . . . Doesn't matter how many points you got . . . yer gay and have no skills period.
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    When you choose to play Gief, you choose to play the cat and mouse game. That will haunt you forever mate.
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    i usually dont post here, but bgs to overworked13. if you're complaining about akuma's air fireballs at this stage in the game's evolution.... :lame:

    its just online take a chill pill geez. not my fault if one jumps straight into uppercuts & fireballs and can't get in. and its online lag rufus for gods sake! 6-0 ggpo i think he won a round or two

    ps. im not the greatest akuma, but i even put on a combo exhibition (missing half of em.. but still) and dude still was mad; plus for an online akuma player, i really dont run THAT much... random j.rh and panic ex messiah FTW i guess. :pray:

    My first post in here... I whooped his (overworked13's) crummy Rufus with Guile, got the usual turtle/spam retort (I think I threw maybe 6 sonic booms in the whole match). I tell him I can own his shit with Cammy instead if he wants, and he says that Cammy is trash offline, much less online, and that my "skillz" weren't good enough.

    I annihilated his Balrog and threw some Yipes-isms at him just for shits and giggles. He RQ'd right after.

    You gotta love how so many people like talking about things they can't even begin to back up. And I'm not amazing or anything either.

    Ultimate is dat fun.
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    i was just telling my friends about this guy today lol. What a CRYBABY. Ive beaten him twice now which are the only two times ive encountered him. I got hatemail the first time i didnt think anything of it. That was about a week ago. I ran into him today and got more hatemail lol. i'll post pics later its quite humorous.
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    BG to Naota1984.
    Whenever he loses he comes up with useless talk and insults. To him, punishing an error is cheating. I was playing with guile and he doesn`t even know guile has to charge to perform his special moves. Also he is unaware of the terms like poke attack and cross up. Yet he thinks the opponent is cheating. He has % 17 disconnect rate. And he told me he quits whenever the opponent ``cheats``. ROFL. I don`t what that means. I tried to explain him my guile is mid tier while his sagat is top tier, i am in the underdog position. He says it doesn`t matter, they are all lies, nonsense. I tried to rationalize him by explaining the terms of the game, frame rates etc. but he doesn`t listen , he just swears and so on. Anyway, if you want to kick his ass you are welcome. But beware he can ragequit if you cheat ( and if he loses you always cheat - he is another version of darksydephil ). LOL

    For me worst thing in a game is not being a noob or scrub, it is being a scrub and you not knowing or accepting it, yet coming up with nonsense excuses for losing.
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    GG to BG to FindtheFarm. Great Chun-Li, bad attitude as he had the gall to laugh at me because I belong to SRK here. So I asked why he laughed and he blew me off by laughing more at me.

    I though I brought it to a diplomatic end, said whatever nice Chun-Li anyways. He emilas me back with a poorly type mail message which translated meant "Yes I have a great Chun-Li."

    I should have let it go...But my grammar nazi felt like emaling him, and telling him he gave me a headache with said sentence, and he caught me experimenting with Ryu.

    He emiled me 3 more times, 2 empty ones, and 1 with a quote from a rap. Yeah...I have since locked the spelling nazi in my basement. I should have let it go.
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    i usually dont post here, but bgs to overworked13. if you're complaining about akuma's air fireballs at this stage in the game's evolution.... :lame:

    its just online take a chill pill geez. not my fault if one jumps straight into uppercuts & fireballs and can't get in. and its online lag rufus for gods sake! 6-0 ggpo i think he won a round or two

    ps. im not the greatest akuma, but i even put on a combo exhibition (missing half of em.. but still) and dude still was mad; plus for an online akuma player, i really dont run THAT much... random j.rh and panic ex messiah FTW i guess. :pray:


    I guess he's a racist too :bluu:
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    "I guess he's a racist too"

    He said the same thing to me.
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    Lol, BG to Manny2Fresh. Fool picks Fuerte, and he learns fast enough his garbage predictability doesn't work on me...so, in the middle of the second round...he drops.

    Note, this is a player match.

    Also, BGs to everyone kicking on 4/5-bar connections. I think people have officially gone off the deep end.
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    I had this one sagat scrub disconnect on me after an empty jump into ultra whiff lol

    japaneseschoolgirl, something like that i forget.

    God, I hate online players.
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    I guess I'm not the only person who he's been giving crap to...BG's to overworked-13yr old:wasted:
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    I guess I'm not the only person who he's been giving crap to...BG's to overworked-13yr old:wasted:

    Take some pics :lol:
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    The last two people that have RQ on me somehow made me disconnect from PSN. Instead of the "connection has been lost" message, they somehow cause me to get the "you have been disconnected from PSN" message. This is so annoying because I think it changes MY disconnect record.
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    Yo has anyone played rockman05? I don't want to jump to any conclusion, but this guy was extremely laggy. The problem is he had 4 bars before the match started. After the match started it became a total lag fest. I thought my connection was going bad, but after I loss I played another match that had 3 bars that ran a whole lot better then my previous match. Anyways, the reason this is a BG is this jackass after beating me with lag tactics, proceeds to message me. Telling me maybe I should of ragequit. Yeah so BG to rockman05.
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    BGs to my internet connection.Cuts off when I lose a round and it looks like I DC'd. :wasted:
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    well this is the same post i posted on SFIV general . . . . but this is the PSN network one so I wanted to share it here too. . . .

    well, so i've been playing SFIV a lot lately and I haven't done that in a long while. I still see these gay ragequitters to this day!! omfg!! Can't they just let the match go and lose with honor?? Nope . . . . so here are a few that I have captured on my phone. Couple of them actually had the nerve to taunt me lolz . . . just cuz he won the first round? Wow . . . check these out . . .

    I absolutely LOVE this shot here. This was a few weeks ago when i only had about 6000+ GP (yeah i'm still down there) and this guy thinks he's all that with his Ken. He only threw a few million fireballs at me and with the typical flowchart style Ken. He also taunted me!! lmao . . . then I whiffed out an ultra right after my ex GH and he d/c on me!! Right there and then it started to lag before it cut off on me and here is the shot of it:

    BAD game to RED617 on PSN: Lame-O

    Here is another match with this guy Kikashi who used Bison on me. He used the usual Bison strategy on me and won the first round. The second I figured him out so I whopped him the secound round. then comes the third and final round where he had the advantage first and once he made that mistake I started to whoop on him pretty good and I was ready to do an empty jump in with an ultra when he bolted on me:

    PSN=Kikashi=another lame-O

    Here is another Bison match up I had with my Gief. This guy had 11000+ gp!! I mean that shows he's good! Right?? Hell f-ing no. His gay strategy worked on me first but he couldn't handle the Geif pokes!! so he lost on the second. Third round he was winning at first but i caught up and was ready to pwn him with my ex GH after the poke (that was my plan) but as soon as I hit him with Gief's poke he quit!! I thought, OMFG he didn't just leave the game!! But he did!! Here is the shot


    So here is another gay scrub using a Ryu. He was like the first of MANY damn Ryus I had to face one after another (i swear!!) Freggin megagazillion fireballs from this guy and jumping kicks that got me going but in the end I was ready for my ultra after the focus attack which he fell for . . .and decided that I was too touch for him.

    PSN=TheExeter=scrubby ass scrub

    so all-in-all i had a pretty good time losing a lot today. Still I gained quite a few points getting me closer to catching up with the rest of the G1 guys . . . still a lot more points are needed but oh wells. . . im still learning Gief and will catch up sooner or later. I tell ya it is TOUGH fighting against people with Gief simply cuz most people give me a gay match . . . (bajillion fireballs most of the time) Hope none of you G1 people are like that cuz that'll be disappointing .
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    BG to ravager61. He is a G2 E , played with rufus against me, lost the first round, got disconnected when he was close to losing second round. There was no lag in the game, it was all flowing, and the sudden disconnection is I believe his ragequit.
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    I'm a noob on the shoryuken forums, don't judge because of my name. Anyways finally got to G2 it's filled with Blankas, Sagats, and Ryus. I see less Kens but they STILL use cheap tactics. I don't even think it's worth playing and working my way up to G1.
    Love whipping Sagats with my Chun Li main, it's probably one of the hardest matches to win regardless bc Sagat is just a tank.

    Anyways I recently posted on the matchmaking forum, feel free to add me and get some matches going.
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    It truly pisses me off royally that nothing can really be done about the number of players who seem to think that they have something to gain by toying around with their connections to throw off their opponents gameplay. It may be a cardinal sin in the SF community to disconnect from a losing bout, and yet I have yet to see any dedication towards actually fighting the practice.

    Well - izzy took matters into his own hands this day. And yes I did myself "rage-quit" such a match. I am tired of it. I invested quite a deal of time and money and sweat and training over the years to finally be able to play an incarnation of SF against real challengers. and while I applaud Capcom for a system to let other players beware of those who have frequent "disconnect" issues, I would really appreciate if they could come up with a "smart system" that recognizes "throttled connections" from another player. I understand that it is almost impossible to distinguish an out-right bad connection or slow connection to one that is purposely throttled back. So perhaps it would be something to consider if Capcom were to develop a sort of standard where the server requires a minimum connection speed or other "minimum requirement" rule set. One that would either only pit such users with like players or one that just flat-out denies connection at all if it detects any relevant lag on the player side.

    Maybe izzy should have handled the situation differently - I dunno. But for cripe's sake when there is nothing you can do at all other than to play through the match to the end knowing that it is going to end badly. And for no more reason than the other player being a grade A asshole. So my sincere apologies to the community, in general, for rage-quitting in the first place. However, I would just like to know that there might be someone else out there who might have gone through the indignity of having to sit through as many of these "throttled" matches as I have. And perhaps what you or someone else may done about it.

    My submission for the player avoid due to a purposely lagging connection is PS3 user ID Capfain-Man.
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    BG's to M-A-S-T-E-R_666 for being a total dick in a player match. this dude gets upset because i pick chun li 4 times in a row then proceeds to choose chun li to try and embarrass me with my own character. Im even friendly to this dude in msgs while we were playing and i won 3 in a row. its np, its all gg's in a player match, y'know with the thumbs up sign to add on. yea right :wow:

    So i whoop his ass in a mirror(doesnt know wtf to do with chun and i played overly aggressive out of anger) and i leave because hes just another jerk who thinks player matches are serious business. So he then has the nerve to send me a msg saying i suck while he picked my own character and failed and started picking ken doing random shoryus before then, nice scrubby gen btw man.

    So if you run into this dude in a player match when your training with a certain character and you want to avoid a hatemailing sore loser, avoid this guy.

    I really dont understand some people. Ive made so many training partners for matchups with people out of friendly player matches, and some dude has the nerve to tell me *pick another character* i dont freaking have to, im training with chun li and if you dont like it go face some more ken scrubs idiot.
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    Play a standard match, me Fe Long, him Guile. I beat him and he complains that I turtle?!? :confused:

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    I would just say a general Bad Games to anyone that hosts a room with a yellow or green connection and pulls the laughing face or taunting face without ever intending to play. lol that is so gay given how tough it is to find good connections, let alone good players
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    overworked13 (the guy who calls other people the N-word) ragequit on my roommate in a Guile mirror. I don't get how this chump has 30,000 points.
    Here's some fun messages I got from beating Kyo, Joe, Robert, ASS CRIMSON scrubs on PSN.





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    BG to DJ_Quick he's a biznitch :D

    Nosrsly, I beat him in CE mode and he starts sending me all this crap about me being a scrub even though he's the one that lost.

    LOL i played this guy just the other day and nearly double perfected him in G-1 Finals. then he sent me some message about using lag tactics (whatever those are with E honda).

    so i sent him a message back telling him not to take online so seriously, but with his nearly 70k points or what not that probably isn't possible. either way...way to completely go crazy over a best of 3 match online that isn't even a complete set. crazy guy.
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    I think this is a good thread I do not want to see it fall so i'll just reply to this thread so it can jump back up where it should be :lol:
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    I faced scrubby people, like this one Honda user. Jump-in 100 hands, I blocked the most of it, but not sure of what to do (using ken). i suppose that this was his/her way of putting the pressure on me and eliminating me through chip dmg. I punished some of jump-in's with a shoryuken, but i would have punished like 80% of them if I was able to perform a shoryuken instead of a c.lp. This user liked to switch up different characters like Dhalsim and Chun-Li, but did pretty much the same thing.with Chun-Li he/she does the jump-in lightning legs. it got tiring to me, losing to some stupid things, but as time passed he/she kept on losing as I anticipating just about everything he/she was going to do (i.e. c.hp at the start of a round with dhalsim). What kept this person playing was my inability to perform the desired move to punish half the time. He/she eventually dipped, didn't get hate mail as I kinda liked facing him/her because he was so easy to read.

    I'm surprised I have not face a single "Ken Scrub" yet, but then again I have kicked a whole bunch of people because I forgot to turn off the Arcade Request. Might be annoying to see them after a while, but this newb is pretty confident that he'll beat any scrubs he encounters in the future as i've done that before and more on Brawl.
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    Kinda BGs to Abigor_68 for telling me to die when our connection was underwater SFIV to begin with. I think people are too quick tempered when it comes to lag and wasn't like I was doing it on purpose, because it smoothed out towards the middle of the match.

    Poor sportsmanship IMO, but I'll cut ya a break and chalk it up to Underwater SFIV.
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    Played this Fuhrer scrub on IV, guy rage quits and leaves me messages.

    Yeah I know Fuhrer. He's pretty famous for being a douche. SS-DasReich is another one. Some people know him as SS-panzorkorp. They get pissed at everything and everyone. I played Fuhrer and so did my friend. He sent us both hate messages on different occasions.
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    Played this guy in a ranked match and beat him easily. Sends me a message calling me a lucky noob. I reply and tell him he sounds like a rage quitter with his his hate mail and 10% disconnect. Couple more messages are exchanged, and I decided to challenge him to a first to 10 match. To my surprise, he accepts.

    First 2 matches are easy wins for me. After each game, he sends messages saying that I'm cheap and I use cheap tactics. 3rd game starts and he beats me in a close round 1. I take round 2 with a couple of throws. Round 3 starts and this guy stops playing. I wait about 30 seconds and nothing, so I finish him off and I expect him to quit. Turns out he was in the middle of messaging me in round 3, pissed off that I continue to throw him. Then he gets pissed that I didn't wait for him in round 3. We start game 4 and the first chance I get, I throw him, and he rage quits. Sends a couple more messages saying that I'm an asshole and my tactics would get my ass kicked at an arcade.

    Generally, I find gg's on PSN, and then I run into this shit. Oh well.
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    how are you people finding people? making rooms and waiting or quick match? I find no one appears if I create a room or do quick match. I'll get low connection scrubs through arcade request though.
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    I had my first experience with bad matches. one guy sent me a message today that said fuk you. He had a blinking signal strength, so I went into then next "stage" to see how his signal was and it was red, so I left. I guess he didn't like that.

    Another guy just told me to go practice when I was practicing my 3rd character, sim.
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