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  • StrataStrata The Power Glove Joined: Posts: 207
    FR Sent
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  • phenomenhongphenomenhong Joined: Posts: 32
    FR sent but I haven't gotten a reply back yet. Add me so that I can get some player matches going!
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    i sent mines too...he hasnt been on in a couple days but u can still look at the ones he did accept so ill jus go from der right now
  • The DreamboatThe Dreamboat Joined: Posts: 40
    I sent mine just now.. Hopefully I'll get on that list.
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  • DownsideDownside Reckless Abandon Joined: Posts: 468
    Just accepted all the waiting invites, list is now 60 people strong =D
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  • The DreamboatThe Dreamboat Joined: Posts: 40
    We may even have room for a second account.
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  • BowgardBowgard Joined: Posts: 12
    This is an awsome idea.. thanks for thinking it up

    FR sent.. msg me for nubish guile and rose play!
  • InazumaInazuma Winless :( Joined: Posts: 22
    Request sent, i'm up for any late night games since that's when im off work. Working hard on getting my Rufus somewhat decent. :lovin:
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    good idea.fr sent.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Man, phenomenal idea. I signed up yesterday and easily doubled the amount of competition I've had since the game came out =D
  • DownsideDownside Reckless Abandon Joined: Posts: 468
    70 people and rising
    How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing else will do?
  • KilivanKilivan Joined: Posts: 21

    GT: Kilivan FR sent

    very good idea!
  • jonnyhallsworthjonnyhallsworth Joined: Posts: 5
    i just sent a request but i will have to see who is online in the morning now as its bedtime.

    i currently have nobody on my friends list, outside of people that i actually physically know (they arent very good players though), that plays street fighter.

    ryu player so shoto haters need not apply.

    this is a really good idea and i bet i feel the benefits by the end of tomorrow.
  • boom!boom! kuma gon give it to ya Joined: Posts: 1,647 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    awesome idea! FR sent
    xbl: tagsinned
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  • Yeah Dood 120%Yeah Dood 120% Now, 20% more pumped Joined: Posts: 1,926 mod
    30vfxh2.gif Good idea so I'll...
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  • NyahnyahNyahnyah Bad SF Player Joined: Posts: 58
    I just used this, great idea!
  • MaDWaKMaDWaK madwak2dbasedgod Joined: Posts: 1,414
    I like this idea. Fr sent.
  • barzaad9564barzaad9564 The Naptown Tempest Joined: Posts: 1,192
    genius idea man im sending a FR in a seperate tab right now...
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  • ClxJamesClxJames Still A Beginner... Joined: Posts: 2,548
    Wow... this is an excellent idea

    Good job :tup:
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  • indierocklocksindierocklocks Joined: Posts: 84
    Good thinking. FR sent.

    By the looks of it...a FOF2 is bound to happen soon.
  • ja9uarja9uar Don't sing it...BRING IT! Joined: Posts: 10
    Just another suggestion...when the accounts are full with everyone who wants to be added you can still send a FR request to the account...simply putting a FR request will allow you to see the friends of that account allowing you to play anyone one the list so if the account is full still send the request and you can still see the friends...just an FYI =)
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  • DaFlipMastaXVDaFlipMastaXV Joined: Posts: 3,676 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    i signed up, hope to get some decent matches
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  • HumpskiHumpski The Scarlet Terror Joined: Posts: 676
    Damn, I want to get on this but I can't get on the Xbox website at work...

    I have a feeling by the time I get home it will be full.
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I'm down for it! :)
  • AmbiguousCrosupAmbiguousCrosup Science and Honor Joined: Posts: 562
    This has been done before. The old gamertag people would add is shoryuken0000 . I'm on that one but I guess it wouldn't hurt to get on this one too.
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  • DownsideDownside Reckless Abandon Joined: Posts: 468
    I'll remove inactive people to fit in new people
    How do we inspire ourselves to greatness when nothing else will do?
  • `vbz`vbz Joined: Posts: 6
    Is there a UK version for this as it seems to be mostly USA tags adding to it, nothing wrong with that but laggy games make me :sad:
  • ssj2jeffssj2jeff Joined: Posts: 701
    a bit late but FR sent
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  • KaoshinKaoshin Now on PSN and 360 Joined: Posts: 119
    just sent a FR, can't wait for some decent connections with minimal lag, i'm not the best player out there, but when there isn't any lag it makes the game better for me.
  • GrumpiSmurfGrumpiSmurf been usin Honda Joined: Posts: 106
    want 2 b on the list

    i would like 2 b added but the list is full :annoy:.... if i cant get added 2 this one are there any other lists like this one that has space? looking 4 good competition
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  • SF-Zero2SF-Zero2 Pronounced AlphaZero Joined: Posts: 1,373
    Damn that list is full already! Hit me me when you make part 2 downside, I'm on frequently
  • KiLLaKeLLyKiLLaKeLLy Higher Iron Man Joined: Posts: 594
    damn its full, hopefully some space will open up or another account will be made
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  • Xx Thomahawk xXXx Thomahawk xX aka The Graveyard Theory aka Garlic the 3rd Joined: Posts: 403
    Yea let me in there. Im always on and I never backdown from a challenge.
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  • jolt711mljolt711ml Raze Joined: Posts: 147
    Yeah the list is full my gamer tag on xbox is BBM2012 if another starts let me know!
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I am down for this. Seems like a good way to get better
  • MaDWaKMaDWaK madwak2dbasedgod Joined: Posts: 1,414
    I like how I invite people using this and they're all like "OMG HOW DID YOU FIND ME?!?!"
  • SirKanchiSirKanchi A.K.A- Avery M. Joined: Posts: 334
    Meh, I down for this.
  • BlackandRedBlackandRed Buffalo's Yokozuna Joined: Posts: 517
    Wow, why didn't we think of this earlier?

    I'm all over this.
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  • bahnbahn Too easy. Joined: Posts: 1,097
    What the hell - I'll bite.
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  • gmon37gmon37 Seattle DOJO Master Joined: Posts: 481
    FR sent! Great idea indeed!
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