The Dogface Show - Interviews With Style!

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In case you didnt see it posted on the SRK frontpage. Victor "Dogface" Ratliff (SRK Celebrity and xsf player extraordinaire), has launched his own site where he conducts player interviews with the well known players in the Fighting game community.

But these aren't your ordinary interviews!

No boring interviews here. Interesting questions and hysterics aplenty!

More episodes to come on a weekly basis. Please spread the word and show your support for Dogface
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    These interviews are HILARIOUS. Great stuff from Dogface, I'm looking forward to finishing this interview with Gootecks and Mike Ross. Man, these guys are characters.
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    yes, i know its in gd. but it belongs in fgc as well. especially when a lot of srk dont even venture into gd often, and vice versa =)
    AZ fighting game crew, team hAZmat
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    all right, if there's one topic I can support having duplicate threads for it'd be the dog face show.
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    I support Dogface Show threads. :tup:
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    They should get Dogface to replace Conan not Jimmy Notalent. Thats how good his interviewing is.
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    i completely agree.

    dogface is the next Conan O'Brien!
    AZ fighting game crew, team hAZmat
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    i completely agree.

    dogface is the next Conan O'Brien!

    Exactly what i was thinking.
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    two thumbs up.
    Me no rikey.
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    This is great
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    Pensi gives it two.....umm two snakes up ha!:rock:
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    awesome show.. just get a background
    looks like a al qaeda video!
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    Vic, I hope this show takes you far. You're a good guy and a great friend.

    -Tha Hindu
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    Go vic go!!!!
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    Thanks for all the support! I just stumbled apon this thread. How sweet are you Sabre.:lovin:

    Really guys, I'm glad you enjoy the show. I grew up playing SF and it's a blast to give back.

    And mentioning me in the same sentence as Conan O'Brien is truly too great. That's like saying I play Ryu like Valle. Really a huge huge compliment so thank you.

    Thanks guys,
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    Couldn't get past the echo effect. Lapel mics would really help.
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    I love the show. I just wish it came out more often! :P
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    Hey guys, newest installment is up at

    love, Vic

    P.S. And sound is better in episode 2. Look for that teaser trailer next weekend:)
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    "besides the obvious big wiener"

    this show is RAW.
    NickRocks wrote: »
    And GGPO players wont travel, they are like 14 and play on keyboard
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    love the show, and go "godface"
    To many of the pubbles, not enough of the bobbles.
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    I lol'd when I found out who John Ross was.
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    this show is too entertaining, keep making more!
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    v entertaining

    nice work vic, derek, james, ryan and michael
    i believe in michael ross

  • FallbackFallback Joined: Posts: 266
    Nice show but dude is wrong. Chinatown fair has more than one cab. geez. lol. |
  • SanchezSanchez Needs More Powerbomb Joined: Posts: 3,156
    This is the best!
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  • dogfacedogface Peke Suto Joined: Posts: 1,241
    Hey guys,

    The trailer for episode 2 is up on

    Take a look inside the minds of Ed Ma and Peter "Combofiend" Rosas. Hope you enjoy the tease. First part drops next weekend. While you're on the site, check out Majestros masterful Zangief throw exhibition.

    Thanks guys. I hope to see some of you next weekend at Barfights.

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    I luv this show!!
    Fight For The Future!!
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    Very entertaining and Great Show!
  • omniomni Joined: Posts: 476 admin
    Hey everyone!

    The first segment of Episode 2 is up!

    "Vic sits down with multiplaycial icons Combofiend and edma to kick off the second episode of The Dogface Show. This weeks topics include SoCal arcades and Combofiends secret SF4 training routine."

    Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Derek Daniels
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    I miss the all-black. It made the serious more serious, and the funny more funny.
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    the hype is killing me

    when's part 2 comming out?
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    Mexiken's, lmao.
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    Daigo sanchez
    Online Fighting thanks.
  • FateFate Chuckk Joined: Posts: 141 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Haha wow.
    Loved the first show, and the second has been great so far.
    Only wish I had more of it to watch, so I'm really excited for the rest of episode 2 and future episodes, thanks a lot.
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    I wonder how a flow chart Ken scrub would react while getting destroyed by Ed Ma's Ken online. :wonder:

    Awesome show guys.
  • Kidy3kKidy3k Joined: Posts: 68
    that episode was hilarious...
    "if you pick ken...then your not that good" lol classic (freebies)
  • _MJ_#R_MJ_#R Joined: Posts: 1,592
    very homoerotic ep

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    Very entertaining show. In (I believe) the second part of episode two, Combofiend mentions that he plays a couple hours in as many days. This leads to a question I've always had about arcade in the world do these guys get so good? Is it simply the culmination of years of playing similar games? With consoles, obviously a player can sit in the training room all day working on and learning combo possibilities. But in an Arcade I don't quite see how that works. Sure, you can beat on kids as Combofiend pointed out...but even then it's not the same as being able to work on the same combo 100 times in a row against a static Dan.
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    Front tooth for an undefeated Evo how can you say no to that! They got fake teeth that look good as hell these days.
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    The reason I think people can get good in an arcade is very different than console.

    On console, you're right, you can practice the combo 100 times. And get your execution top notch.

    In an arcade, you have to PAY to play. And typically when you pay, you work a little harder. You use more cutthroat techniques, do what it takes to win, and develop a very different angle of gameplay. Plus, if you lose, you have to wait and that leads to my next point:

    Ryan aka Gootecks, said that one reason the AI players got so good was that with 1 machine, you had to wait 20 minutes in rotation. In that time, players would chit chat, compare notes, and give pointers. That too really helps develop your game.The whole, 2 heads are better than 1, y'know.

    It's a great question and I hope my answer helped a bit.

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