to Rei..

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hey ton told me to talk to you about this so here we go!

could you make me an avatar that has (im not sure what the term is, but here's an example attachment), the gif being the top half of bishamon's VS sprite, standing, the whole av color being white, and the bishamon shadow being filled completely dark red (same color as his dark red/yellow outfit), and my name on the bottom right saying "popo187" without quotes, thanks..

also if u could make the same thing, but with red being the entire av, and the shadow being white, i kno it'd take like 3 secs, would be cool also. thanks again...

here's the attachment:
<Nekohashi> are you coming this year too?
<187> hmm.. i cannot because of university :(
<Nekohashi> kick school's ass and give it a shit!!
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