Megaman as a counter character

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Illness prevents me from entering any tournaments at the moment, but when I get better, I intend to return and plan on using MM as a counter character. In the interests of full disclosure, let me explain.

Megaman can counter Magneto with the glitch. His stand jab, stand short and low jab all come out in 1 frame. The worst that can happen is that you trade, so you don't have to worry about guesswork. If you hit Mags while he's on the ground, best combo is to go into stand forward xx uppercut, unless you're really confident in which case you can go ahead and do the air combo.

The trick is finding a good Megaman team. Megaman/Storm/Sent would probably be the best, but I admit that I use AAAs as a crutch. Megaman/Cable/Commando or Megaman/Storm/Commando would probably be what I'd go with.

The goal would be not necessarily to win the whole match, but to get 1-0 on the opponent. If they're smart, they'll probably counter you with some Cable configuration, in which case you are free to tag to MSP or some other rushdown-centric team. The whole point here is to get that 1-0 advantage.

And, yeah, maybe I'm dumb for revealing a trump card like this, but I'd feel easier not hiding shit. So, roll some ideas around.


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    though not as quick-off-my-ass-ish as cable AAA...IM's AAA is fuckin great at covering even more angles, for quite a bit of time, with a high damaging knock down move. watch magneto/storm even try to get on that, with IM covering anything tron won't.

    dhc ing from an air combo to PC also can be cheap and lead to GBs.

    I don't really do counter picking, but do what you do. and mess around with MM/IM/? (I say tron...) I think it is really good.
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    do any of you find a good use for megamans AAA assist or do you think its useful?
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    It's decent. His projectile/balance assist is way better. I'd personally stick to the projectile assist as you can counter in the middle of HSF.
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    lots of people have called me annoying for using that AAA assist
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    if they find that annoying, then try using guile AAA

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    yeah thanks for that advice i tried it the other day against a strider doom lock and surprisingly it worked
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    Love It

    Dasrik, if you're stilll reading this thread, I've been playing Megaman a while now as a foil for my friend's Magneto, and these are the setups that worked best for me in local tourney play-

    MM/Sent ground/Tron Proj is my favorite for the excellent yet odd dhcs and the raw damage output. I remember playing at a big arcade last October and hearing a couple guys moaning behind me about MVC2 being all about Sentinel air battles till I tagged In Megaman and stormed the match while they were filming. They had no idea what was going on and it was really hard not to laugh.

    MM/Cable/Tron - The Preppy touch....Unoriginal yet effective

    MM/Blackheart or IM/Storm or Iceman(proj) - MM's FP projectiles coupled with Storm or Iceman's assists really annoy assist-heavy players, while BH and IM as a second offer a good, versatile backup character and a decent guard break. I admit the MM/BH/Storm thing sounds weird, but I've been playing BH a long time, and the team does wonders for me.
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    Thanks, I'll take that into account. I tried playing Megaman as a counter over the weekend and it didn't work out very well because I couldn't protect my overhead very well. I'll keep trying it out, though.
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    eh playing too many top tiers gets boring after a while doesnt it?
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    if we're throwing MM teams out there, BH variations can be pretty hard to deal with. Personally, I like team preppy but its obvious it has weaknesses. However, if MM just stays effective cable has bar and the whole fight changes.

    Has anyone ever tried MM\doom with photon assist? That assist in particular is pretty good. You basically force the opponent into situations you can control. Photon+busters+rock ball = BS. A lot of screen control going on there. iirc, I was running MM\cable\doom photon.
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    which assist type is that one?the photon.
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    Doom's Photon assist is the alpha assist.
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