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  • blinky77blinky77 *sip* Joined: Posts: 1,367
    SRK: blinky77
    PSN ID: blinky77 (no voice chat)
    Florence, Alabama
    Games: SSF2THDR, Wipeout HD Fury, Bomberman Ultra, MvC2, Tekken 6
    Weekends whenever. Weekdays in the afternoon from 2-5, and sometimes in the evening.
  • digimonemporerdigimonemporer Joined: Posts: 2,612
    SRK Name: Digimonemporer
    PSN Gamer Tag: Devildigimon
    Location: Racine, WI
    Available: afternoons (send message to schedule)
    Games I Have: HDR, SF4, Tekken 6, MVC2, Battle Fantasia, MK2

    Willing to play whatever. But I'm only competent in T6 and HDR (kinda lol)
    No signature here. Nope...not one.
  • AremsiAremsi Joined: Posts: 176
    SRK Name: Aremsi
    PSN Gamer Tag: aremsi
    Location: Hightstown, NJ
    Available: Evenings, 5pm - 2am
    Games I Have: Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Soul Caliber IV, Madden 10
    SFll: Boxer, Claw, Ken
    SFlll: Ken, Necro, Remy
    SFIV: Boxer, Gouken, Ken
    SFV: Guile, Ken, Boxer
  • BeaMBeaM 「Elec!」 Joined: Posts: 332
    SRK Name: BeaM
    PSN Gamer Tag: HK_Karakusa
    I do have a mic
    Location: Van Nuys, CA
    Usual times of play: 9PM - 2AM, 10AM-1PM
    Games: Street Fighter IV(No main), BlazBlue(Tager)
    「PSN: HK_Karakusa | XBL: PK Elec | :U | Max Anarchy Demo Champ? o ok 」
  • Yeah Dood 120%Yeah Dood 120% Now, 20% more pumped Joined: Posts: 1,926 mod
    :cybot: Sup everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, lots of stuff going on in my life and I've also been working a lot. I'll have some time tomorrow to update this thread... dood!
    "A man hurls himself towards his fate, his soul ablaze! There is nothing that can hinder me!"
    UMvC3 teams: Jill/X-23/She-Hulk, Jill/Nemesis/Firebrand, Chun-Li/Jill/Iron Fist, Jill/Spiderman/Felicia
  • darkumasdarkumas There's no ESCAPE! Joined: Posts: 387
    PSN Bamberg Germany

    Lookin for ppl to add and play on PSN SF4 and SSF4 handle is Dpepr
    If we are to become stronger from that which does not kill us, then the limit of one's strength is imeasureable.
  • King HodokanKing Hodokan Joined: Posts: 24
    PSN Gamer Tag : King_Hodokan
    Mic: Yep
    Games : Sf4, Tekken5,6 , mvc2, BattleFantasia, Call Of Duty MW2, Blazblue
    Main Games: Tekken, Sf4
    Main Characters: Sf4: Ryu, Chun, Gief
    Tekken: Mishima's , Roger.Jr, Lee
    Skill level : err id say like semi advanced?? lmao
    Im up for matches, adds, whatever. Just put SRK in your friend request so i kno to add ya
  • tobdawg831tobdawg831 shoto 4 life Joined: Posts: 77
    PSN Gamer Tag: tobdawg831
    Games: just SFIV for now
    Mains: Ryu, Sagat, working on Balrog but charge characters are no fun online
    Skill level: just getting back into fighting games after a long lay off, so scrubby at best haha
    SF4 - Ryu, Sagat, Akuma
    3s - Ken
    CVS2 - C Akuma, Ken, Sagat
  • DaddyneptuneDaddyneptune Swim Good Joined: Posts: 1,889
    Has a mic
    LOC:Dayton/Miamisburg, OH
    Games: COD:MW2, T6BR, MvC2, ST:HDR, MK2
    When I get another ps3 I'll be on throughout the day randomly
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  • BrooklynBrooklyn breathe water. Joined: Posts: 592 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    Brooklyn update..
    Strickly_Biznez 169l0dg.png for anything SF, MvC2, Tekken6 related. I only use Eddy in Tekken. MvC2 - i/s/c, i/sent/c, i/gambit/colossus
    UrCreditScore 169l0dg.png for anything shooter related. MW2, KZ2, CoD4, UT3.
    Rndm_Select 169l0dg.png for anything in between.
    Tampa, Florida
    Usual times of play - late night and early morning.
    Ö£d Σçhòò£ Å┼ Ñööñ
    psn/steam: urcreditscore xbox: urcr3ditscor3
  • Nytemare_RavenNytemare_Raven Hyper Aggressive Joined: Posts: 48
    SRK Name: Nytemare_Raven
    PSN Gamer Tag: Nytemare_Raven
    Location: Houston, TX
    Available: random hours
    Games: SF4, Blazblue, AH3
    Main game: SSF4AE (Blanka/?)
    Just add SRK to the message if you want to add me.
    Rolling with Blanka since Street fighter 2
  • FPS_AbsyntheFPS_Absynthe Underdog Life. Joined: Posts: 96
    SRK Name: FPS_Absynthe
    PSN ID: FPS_Absynthe
    Have Mic
    Location: Baltimore, MD
    Games: SSF2THDR, MvC2
    Main: SSF2THDR
    Skill Level: Horrible
    Usual Times of Play: Evenings and Midnights

    Get at me.
    Those Pearly Gates Don't Look So Glorious In The Eyes Of a Sinner.
  • DrJozeDrJoze Joined: Posts: 18
    SRk Name: DrJoze
    PSN ID: DrJoze
    Location: South America-Peru
    Usual times to play: almost anytime!
    Games: Brutal Legend, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Uncharted 2, SFIV, SSFIV, Fat Princess, MvC2.
    SFFIV Skill level: Average (willing to improve, good players feel free to add me or pm me here in the forums and teach me a thing or two!)

    If you haven't done it already, take the time to forward the ports on your PS3 so you can have a more stable connection online. The ports you need are:

    * TCP: 80, 443, 5223, 10070-10080
    * UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070

    If you need a guide on doing it, [here] is a simple one.

    The link is broken. could you provide us with another guide please?
    Let's See if we can't do something 'bout ma' boredom.
  • IceColdHateradeIceColdHaterade Joined: Posts: 224
    Screw it. I'm game.
    SRK: IceColdHaterade
    PSN: IceColdH8rade
    San Francisco, CA
    SSFIV, MvC2, T6, SCIV, BlzB.
  • jonnittijonnitti Joined: Posts: 328
    SRK: jonnitti
    PSN: jonnitti
    wyckoff, nj
    SSFIV (cody/blanka)
  • KamekazeKamekaze Joined: Posts: 44
    PSN:Kamekazebish, I have a mic
    Location: Michigan
    UTOP: Variable untill Jun 11th then I'm able to play any time.
    AIM: theonlykamekaze

    Games:Battle Fantasia, MvC2,SSF2HDR,SSFIV,T5
    SSFIV: Dudley, Deejay
    KOF13: Raiden/Daimon/Kim
  • Wolf8891Wolf8891 AZHP Gaming Staff Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: Wolf8891
    PSN Gamer Tag: Wolf8891
    I have a Mic
    Location: AZ
    Usual times of play: During the weekdays, nearly on all day
  • EduEdu Joined: Posts: 60
    SRK Name: Edu (as I said on the other topic, english speakers feel free to call me "Ed" if you wish)
    PSN Tag: edubnu
    Mic: Don't got one
    Location: SC - BRAZIL
    Avaiable: Nights (10pm) --- over here it's GTM-3, so do the math to see what time that is were you live. =p
    Skill level: bellow average. I'm no noob/scrub, but not much more than that, I think.
  • KrushgrooveKrushgroove Joined: Posts: 4
    SRK: Krushgroove
    PSN: Krushgroove84
    Vallejo, CA
    Available: I tend to play at random times.

    If you add me leeme know your from SRK pls!
  • RugalitarianRugalitarian B-tier for Beautiful Joined: Posts: 3,933
    SRK: Rugalitarian
    PSN: Rugalitarian
    Hollywood, FL
    Randomly. Sometimes I just leave my PS3 on, and go do something else.
    Mic: Have one but don't use it.
    SSFIV: Vega
    all chun liz moevs go thru vegz
  • YungKratosYungKratos My mom's a Skullgirl Joined: Posts: 631
    Have Mic
    Games: SSFIV (Balrog,Akuma,Dudley)
    MVC2 (Hulk,Iron Man,Psylocke)
    MW2 (Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy)
    Uncharted 2(Deathmatch, All co-op types)
    Check out AoF Dojo on Facebook
    "Integrating the Fighting Game Community and Education one Mashed uppercut at a time
  • lw3lw3 Joined: Posts: 277
    edited September 2015
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  • ChronicDynastyChronicDynasty Joined: Posts: 31

    PSN: ChronicDynasty
    HD REMIX - Balrog, Deejay, Ryu and Cammy
    SSFIV - Sakura, Cammy, Balrog & Dhalsim(Training)
    Tekken - Nina

    hope to play you guys soon :)
    Clay Fighters, Clay Clay Fighters!!!!!!!
  • theEVILtwin.theEVILtwin. Joined: Posts: 26
    SRK Name: theEVILtwin.
    PSN: theEVILESTtwin (no mic, but thinking about getting one soon) Mention SRK if you add me, please.
    Location: Charleston, SC
    I usually play during the afternoon and at night, but since it's summer I'm usually online almost all day.
    Tekken- Hwoarang, Leo
    SSFIV- Sakura, Juri, Ibuki (this is my main game)
    Skill level: I'm new to both games, so I really want to improve at both. Anyone who wants to give me pointers, please feel free!
  • EstigiaEstigia What in the World? Joined: Posts: 11
    SRK Name: Estigia
    PSN Gamer Tag: EstigiaWizzrobe
    Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
    Usual times of play: Random at nights.
    Games: SSFIV, MVC2, Final Fight DI, Team Fortress 2
  • KamiKKaziKamiKKazi Nice Guy Joined: Posts: 283
    SRK Name: KamiKKazi
    PSN Gamer Tag: KamiKKazi
    Location: CA
    Time: anytime
    Games: Super Street Fighter 4, Modern Warfare 2
  • spendlespendle SSF4 Newbie Joined: Posts: 5
    SRK: spendle
    PSN: kd5tbx (i have a mic but rarely use it)
    Location: Albuquerque, NM
    Times Online: Anytime in normal MST hours, with exception of 2-6PM on Mondays and Wednesdays
    AIM: kd5tbx
    Games: Call of Duty 4, Modern Warfare 2, Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, Super Street Fighter 4, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD.

    Additional note for SF games: I'm an uber newbie at them. If you add me to play them, expect to win. A lot.
    The half-masted, bass-boosted, sling-backed, fully-retractable.
  • TrueGunnerShadowTrueGunnerShadow Shadow The Hedgehog Fan! Joined: Posts: 129
    SRK: TrueGunnerShadow
    PSN: TrueGunnerShadow
    Mic: Yes, but rarely uses it!!!
    Location: New York City, NY
    Times Online: Depends (In Weekends the most)
    Games: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Blazblue: Calamity Trigger
    Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Mains: Noel, Tager
    Trophy Card:TrueGunnerShadow.png
    PS3 Trophies
    PSN: TrueGunnerShadow
    XBL: xTsukaharaKaoru (Only for P4U2)
  • NarutoTheUltimateNarutoTheUltimate Joined: Posts: 6
    SRK Name: NarutoTheUltimate
    PSN Name: NarutotheUltimat
    Mic: Yes. Uses it
    Location: Cincinnati OH
    Skype: NarutoTheUltimate
    Time: Anytime
    Games: Resident Evil 5 Super Street Fighter II HDR Super Puzzle Fighter HDR Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Team Fortress 2 Socom Confrontation
    Super Street Fighter IV: Guy, Bison(Dictator), Chun li,Guile, Juri, Ken, DeeJay, Akuma, Ryu, Cammy, Balrog(Boxer), Vega(Claw), Makoto, Cody, Blanka, Gen, Dudley, Dan, Sakura
    Super Street Fighter II: Ken, Guile, Chun Li ,Vega (Claw), Ryu, DeeJay.
    Skill: UBER BEAST MODE AHAHAHA! lol jk. But I'm pretty decent, been to EVO 4 times, I go to local tournaments. So In SSFIV Grade System I would be a C or a C+. Maybe a B.
  • PlatinumBDPlatinumBD Joined: Posts: 786
    Add Plat to the list :)

    PSN ID: BonafydeSkillz
    SRK ID: PlatinumBD
    Location: Columbus, Ohio (Eastern Time)
    Time: No specific time
    SSFIV: Vega


    I'll be in EVO tourney's in the future hopefully. As for right now, hit me up on PSN. My Vega's pretty good.
  • aZianfl0waZianfl0w Bringing Down The Sky Joined: Posts: 206
    SRK Name: aZianfl0w
    PSN Gamer Tag: aznGman87
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Available: random hours
    Games: SSF4, Blazblue, MvC2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Valkyria Chronicles, Little Big Planet, Flow
    God of War Collection, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, Demon's Souls(U.S.)
    Just add SRK to the message and add me up if you want to play.
    SSF4: AE Mains: Vega, Makoto, Evil Ryu
    Mortal Kombat: Cyrax, Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero
  • fokkusuhaundofokkusuhaundo Joined: Posts: 659
    SRK Name: fokkusuhaundo
    PSN Gamer Tag: nxsr
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Usual times of play: whenever
    SSF4 Main: Chun, Bison, Ibuki
  • EclipzeeEclipzee Joined: Posts: 6
    you can add me to the list PSN is eclipzee and live in Portsmouth ohio
  • ArsenalArsenal Not even close Joined: Posts: 4,195
    SRK Name: Arsenal
    PSN Gamertag: ArsenalSRK
    Location: Milwaukee, WI
    Usual times of play: Varies
    Games: SSF4 (Boxer)
  • DeathandGrimDeathandGrim A fun Killer Joined: Posts: 63
    Super Street Fighter 4/LBP/MW2

    SRK Name: DeathandGrim
    PSN : cptnemo31
    Times: from 10 - 5 usual
    Locale: Virginia

    SSF4 characters
    Dhalsim, Ryu, Rufus, Cody (In order by Use :) )

    MW2 Weapons: There's a difference between me and my brother

    Me: AK-47, Famas, Barrett
    Brother: ACR, Scar, M16, UMP45, WA2000

    Check the weapon and you'll be able to tell

    LBP is usually my little brother playing but if it's me look for the sackboy with the mirror shades, tux, and blonde hair
    I'm far from perfect but enough to win
  • illmatixillmatix Ano~ Goshujin-sama Joined: Posts: 19
    SRK Name: illmatix
    PSN ID: xillmatix
    Location: Toronto ,Ontario
    Usual times to play: Random
    Games: Tekken 6 , SSFIV, SF:HDR , MvC2.
    Skill level: Scrub-tacular :D
    My Chars: SSF4AE-Cammy / SF3-Akuma / T6-Lars / VP-Lilith / GGAC+ -Sol / BB:CS-Ragna /
  • HellaJHellaJ FreeHawk Joined: Posts: 268
    SRK Name: HellaJ
    PSN Gamer Tag: HellaJ
    Mic: Yes
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Usual times of play: Evenings
    Games: SSF4, HDR, MvC2, Demon's Souls, Fat Princess

  • Black-ToothBlack-Tooth Joined: Posts: 12
    SRK Name: Black-Tooth
    PSN Gamer Tag: Cimmerian-King
    Mic: Sometimes
    Location: England
    Usual times of play: Afternoons/Evenings
    Games: SSF4, Uncharted 2, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2.

    Would like training partners for SSF4
    Check my YouTube channel for Injustice matches:
  • xxIMAJERKxx_44xxIMAJERKxx_44 Joined: Posts: 1
    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

    <a href=""><img src=""; border="0" alt="xxIMAJERKxx_44" /></a>
  • NarothNaroth Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Name: Naroth
    PSN Gamer Tag: NArothV
    Mic: If needed
    Location: NY
    Usual times of play: Evenings and Weekends
    Games: SSF4 - I have the most points on fei long, but im playing random now, my worst character is ibuki
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