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  • mega_bustermega_buster Joined: Posts: 1,202
    Iam ichigo334 Iam new to SRK an Iam ok at ssf4 I got 1511 pp I use Ryu Ken Chun-li an Adon ( I was watching gamerbee at EVO) I play mw2 here an there.
    SF5 Mains:Karin/Chun
    GGXrd Mains:May
  • tolkienfanatictolkienfanatic Jersey Devil Joined: Posts: 115
    tolkienfanatic [*] tolkienfanatic 169l0dg.png [*]New Jersey [*]Varies [*] AIM: CSpl4y4h (optional)
    Games: SSFIV (Adon, Ryu, Dudley), Red Dead Redemption
  • VicioustaleVicioustale Slicin Dat Bread Joined: Posts: 336
    Psn id: Vicioustale24
    New York
    Games: SSFIV(c.viper, Cody), HDR(Ken), Tekken6(Julia, Jin)

    I don't play much tekken, mostly hdr and ssfiv, looking for some good games.
    Hank Pym=Chris Brown? What's your vice?
  • JapiJapi Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Name: Japi
    PSN Gamer Tag: Japi_l
    Mic: If needed
    Location: Finland
    Usual times of play: Random time
    Games: SF4, SSF4
    Characters: Cammy usually
    Skill level: noob:smile:
  • Man of 1000 CombosMan of 1000 Combos Shadaloo Minion Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Username: Man of 1000 Combos
    PSN ID: El_Vyper (Microphone Unavailable)
    Location: United Kingdom
    Time Preference: 19:00 - 22:00
    PS3 Trophies

    NOTE: I created a new PSN ID earlier today, hence why my Trophy Info may appear empty.

    What type of player am I searching for? Since I'm a complete Street Fighter virgin, I would prefer an opponent of a similar (maybe slightly higher) skill level to me. Although I would love to improve my understanding and experience of the game, I'm not interested in playing anybody who considers themselves to be a fighting game veteran and would therefore be able to thrash me blindfolded.

    Other games I enjoy online are:
    • Killzone 2
    • Resistance 2
    • LittleBigPlanet
    • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • DuhhelmetDuhhelmet Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Username: duhhelmet
    PSN ID: eojeda565
    Location: eastern us
    Time Preference: random

    Super street fighter 4

    Bring it !!
    "..Cynical as usual.."
  • ExcstazyExcstazy Joined: Posts: 12
    SRK Name: Excstazy
    PSN ID: Excstazy - I have a MIC
    Location: South America
    Usual times to play: Random
    Games: SSFIV, SF:HDR , MvC2.
    Skill level: Advanced
    I play with Akuma, ruffus and Dudley mainly, but im pretty good with all the cast, except halan xD.

    I play other games, but im looking for ppl to train with specially in SSF 4. I have a pretty good connection so that shouldn't be a problem.
  • TheWaffleCultTheWaffleCult Joined: Posts: 50
    SRK Name: thewafflecult
    PSN ID: PchuuPchuu
    Mic: Sometimes
    Location: Olympia, WA (Evergreen State College y'all!)
    Usual times of play: Afternoon/Evening/Late nights on weekends
    Games: SSF4, BB:CS, MVC2. Probably gonna buy HDR at some point soon!
  • BlackJaguarXDBlackJaguarXD Joined: Posts: 5
    ?SRK Name : BlackJaguarXD
    ?PSN Gamer Tag: BlackJaguarXD
    ?Mic : I have one but don't use it often.
    ?Location: UK, England
    ?Usual times of play: Evenings
    ? Games: SSFIV, BB
  • HANDLN1HANDLN1 Still training... Joined: Posts: 66
    zzz zzz
    I only log in to ask questions so I’ll pass on the typed out confrontations with batman and co.
    PSN : Notorious_LRG
    Times: before 12pm and after 6pm usually
    Locale: Toronto, Canada
    games: SSFIV, MW, MW2, LBP, FNR3, MNR, mercenaries 2, warhawk, guitar hero 3 and black ops once it is out :)
  • vangplayervangplayer Joined: Posts: 4
    PS3 SN: VangPlayer

    character BISON

    Add me for a good time :rofl:
  • EwitzDavidEwitzDavid Joined: Posts: 19
    SRK Name: Ewitzdavid
    PSN ID: Zinh
    Location: Boston, Ma
    Usual times to play: Mostly Weekends, sometimes tues and weds afternoon
    Games: SSFIV
    Skill level: okay i guess? 5400 BB Ibuki Player but i still need to practice more
    PSN: Domokun_nomnom

    Main: Ibuki
    Alt: Cody, Juri, Hakan
  • Havoc160Havoc160 Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: Havoc160
    PSN ID: havoc160
    Mic: yes
    Location: Brenham, TX
    Usual times to play: Weekends afternoon/evening/nights
    Games: SSF4(Boxer), MW2, Tekken 6, and Battlefield Bad Company 2
    need a solid gief player..
    in the midwest area i lost M y password recently soo my psn name is ...MEXGIEF
    SIFU SHI YAN JU.....
  • OrientalNightsOrientalNights Joined: Posts: 3
    ?SRK Name : OrientalNights
    ?PSN Gamer Tag: OrientalNights
    ?Mic : No.
    ?Location: Marseille - France
    ?Usual times of play: Evenings and weekends
    ?Games: SSFIV, MGS Online.
  • zdravkeljazdravkelja Joined: Posts: 14
    ?SRK Name: zdravkelja
    ?PSN Gamer Tag: zdravkelja
    ?Mic: No.
    ?Location: Serbia, South Europe
    ?Usual times of play: Evenings, nights and weekends
    ?Games: SSFIV, BlazBlue CS
  • SoyaSoya Hayatatatacha! Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN ID: TwelfthSky
    Location: NorCal 916 area
    Microphone: Yes, but I rarely use it.
    Times of play: Weeknights and weekends!
    Games: SSFIV, Tekken 6, SSFII HD Remix, DJ Hero 2 - Hard & Expert
  • ZeroGXZeroGX Joined: Posts: 6
    edited May 2017
    Delete posted.
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  • RoyalShowstopperRoyalShowstopper Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK: RoyalShowstopper
    PSN ID: ZaneKazama001
    Mic: No
    Times of Play: Weekends
    Games: Tekken 6, BB, Fat Princess, GH III, SFIV, DJ Hero, GH Metallica, Rock Band, Smackdown vs Raw 2009
  • mistamakavelimistamakaveli Joined: Posts: 8
    Psn Id: mista_makaveli
    Times of play: weekdays, weekends
  • steamwolfsteamwolf Southtown Underdog Joined: Posts: 28
    PSN ID: steamninja
    Mic: Yes
    Times of play: Saturday - Tuesday
    Games: SSFIV, SSFIIT:HDR. MvC2, KoF XII, Blazblue: CS, Tekken 6
    Current fighters: SSFIV: AE 2012, DSR, GGXXAC+
  • Ashton AnchorsAshton Anchors Hate lag. Joined: Posts: 4
    SRK: Ashton Anchors
    PSN ID: pozertron
    Loc: Finland
    Play Time: 16:00~ Midnight on work days and all day on weekends
    Games: CoD> 1,4,5,7. BF>1943, BC, BC2. MvC2, SSF4, NGS2. Demon's Souls. TMNT: Turtles in time RE-Shelled. RE5, Killzone 2, Borderlands

    Skill: Since i got SSF4 *my first SF game* i'll be learning it non-stop. Right now i'm pretty scrubby.

    P.S. Yes i have a mic but, i doubt that i can speak english freely. Then again it will be my chance to improve.
  • SASHSASHSASHSASH Stylin' on ya. Joined: Posts: 3
    PSN Gamer Tag: Disregardful
    Mic: Yes
    Location: Hawaii
    Usual times of play: Evening/Nights
    Games: SSFIV, COD:Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption

    I play as Akuma, Balrog, Bison, Vega :]
  • Dark GeistDark Geist I miss arcades Joined: Posts: 98
    SRK: Dark Geist
    PSN Gamer Tag: Geist_Hexenjager
    Mic: Yes
    Play time: Some weekday evenings, weekends
    Games: BB:CS, SSFIV, (waiting for the SNK releases)
  • WafflepopWafflepop Joined: Posts: 12
    -Los Angeles, CA
  • GraphicGraphic Waifu Fighter V Joined: Posts: 685
    SRK: Graphic
    PSN ID: njninja6
    Mic: No
    Times of Play: Weekends, sometimes weekdays
    Games: SSF4, MVC2, Uncharted 2, X-Men, Bioshock 2
  • MootjeMootje Joined: Posts: 4
    SRK: Mootje
    PSN ID: Moootje
    Mic: Yes, but I dont use it.
    Times of Play: Everyday after 18.00 and weekends.
    Games: SSF4 (main Adon, Sagat), Battlefield BC 2

    #Note: I hate lag so I dont accept u if i have not full green bars ;)
  • 730BlackMage730BlackMage Supporting France for Euro 2012 Joined: Posts: 1,460
    SRK Name: 730BlackMage
    PSN Gamer Tag: NJsTriniGunna w/ mic (yes I have a mic)
    Location:Jacksonville Florida
    Usual times of play: M-F 9-12pm est
    AIM/MSN/Yahoo! (optional)
    Games: SSF4(Ryu, Sagat, Fei Long, and Ibuki), metal Gear Online (not so much anymore), Fifa 11, NBA 2k11, GT5

    I'm pretty good at Fifa 11, so if your serious about the game, hit me up. SSF4, I really suck and need help, lol.
  • JDM98FerioJDM98Ferio ****MANIAK**** Joined: Posts: 520
    SRK Name: JDM98Ferio
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Playtime: evenings 8pm-? Central time
    Games: Super Street Fighter 4
    TWITTER: @maniakbuilt
  • LightxdreamLightxdream Alex Strife Joined: Posts: 102
    SRK Name: Lightxdream --formerly Alex Strife--
    PSN Name : Lightxdream
    Location: NYC
    Time: Everyday after 9pm
    Games: SSF4
  • ShinjojinShinjojin The quiet one Joined: Posts: 312
    SRK name: Shinjojin
    PSN name:Shinjojin
    Location: Fort Worth, TX
    Availability time: Usually on Weekends: 11:00am-9:00pm central on Saturdays, 4:00pm-9:00pm on Sundays
    Got a Mic?: I do but I rarely use it since I usually prefer not to talk while playing.
    Games: SSF4, BBCS, SCIV, MVC2, Tekken 6, Saint's Row 2, Naruto Shippuden UNS2, and Zen Pinball (I'm planning on adding MVC3, MK9, Dragonball: RB2 to the list once I get them)
    Currently playing: Nothing at the moment

    To One Piece fans:
    Check out my Rokushiki Robin project here: (UPDATE 4/15/17)
    And the gallery here:
  • SF-ABKSF-ABK Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: SF-ABK
    PSN Gamertag: kat-so
    Location: United Kingdom
    Usual time of play: Most days late afternoon, evenings:GMT
    Games: SSF4 (Bison, Sagat, Rose)
    Mic: Y

    i need pratice =P
  • KornKombatKornKombat Joined: Posts: 5
    Oklahoma City, OK
    PSN Gametag is KornKombat

    Huge Mortal Kombat Fan!
    KoRnKombat TRMK.ORG TESTYOURMIGHT.COM UltimateMK.Com ClassicMK.Com
  • solidgear91solidgear91 Joined: Posts: 135
    SRK Name: Solidgear91
    PSN Gamertage: Solidgear91
    Location: South Carolina
    Time of Play: Friday and Saturday Nights
    Games: SSF4 (Bison, Ryu)
  • FuhajinFuhajin Joined: Posts: 6
    SRK Name: Fuhajin
    PSN Gamer Tag: Zombieater88
    Location: San Diego, CA (GMT -8)
    Usual times of play: Random(Usually once a day)
    Games: Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, Blazblue CS
  • Famous531Famous531 Joined: Posts: 16
    SRK Name: Famous531
    PSN Gamer Tag: Famous531
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Usual times of play: Nights.
    Games: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Soul Caliber 4
  • King9999King9999 Joined: Posts: 10,962 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    SRK Name: King9999
    PSN Gamer Tag: mmking9999
    Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Usual times of play: Nights
    Games: Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, SSF4, SF2HDR, Uncharted 2, MGS4 Online, Warhawk,
    Switch Friend Code: SW-2722-8799-3295
    PSN/Steam ID/NNID: mmking9999
    Tile Crusher now available on Android &!
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  • LunarEdgeLunarEdge Joined: Posts: 10
    SRK Name: LunarEdge
    PSN Gamer Tag: LunarEdge
    Location: New Jersey, USA
    Usual Times of Play: Nights
    Games: Marvel vs Capcom 2 & 3, SSF4, Metal Gear Online, BlazBlue Continuum Shift, Lost Planet 2, UNO
  • gouki_cookiegouki_cookie Gracias!! Joined: Posts: 142
    SRK Name: gouki_cookie
    PSN Gamer Tag: Gouki_Cookie
    Location: Socal
    Usual times of play: Evening to nights
    Games: SSF4
    "I dont even understand the quote in my signature. It just sounds cool"
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