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  • oscatalepticoscataleptic Joined: Posts: 26
    PSN Gamer Tag : oscataleptic
    Location : Carson, California
    Usual times of play : after 6pm pst
    Games : SSF4, MVSC3
  • ssufurijinssufurijin Joined: Posts: 14
    SRK NAME: ssufurijin
    PSN Gamer Tag: LoveBirD-
    Location: New York
    Usual times of play: weekdays
    Games: Blazblue CS
  • New Era OutlawNew Era Outlaw Guntoting Superhero! Joined: Posts: 412
    PSN Tag: NewEraOutlaw1
    Location: Trinidad, West Indies
    Usual times of Play: Nightly, usually between 7pm to 10pm
    Games: Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat 2
    Mega Man/Roll - MvC----MM/Tron Bonne/Roll - MvC2---MM Trigger/Roll/Zero - Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
    Zero/Sentinel/Tron - MvC3 Zero - SvC Chaos

    Yes, I play Sentinel. Deal with it.
  • sombasomba Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK NAME: somba
    PSN Gamer Tag: sombajuice
    Location: texas
    Usual times of play: anytime
    Games: ssf4; hd remix
    my goal is to be the most hated blanka player on the psn ..
  • themightyikarithemightyikari Joined: Posts: 44
    SRK NAME: themightyikari
    PSN Gamer Tag: themightyikari
    Location: Charleston SC
    Usual times of play: after 5pm weekdays weekends anytime
    Games: MVC3, SSIV as well as hd remix, BBCS, Soul Calibur IV, Demon's Souls, MK9 (soon!!)
    UMVC3: Firebrand / Sent / Akuma
  • OniiOnii Joined: Posts: 34
    SRK name: Onii
    PSN: bpmisbpm
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    Usual Times of Play: After about 5 weekdays, weekends i'm good for any time
    Games: MvC3 SSFIV BBCS
  • AuthenticBlazeAuthenticBlaze Joined: Posts: 67
    SRK Name: AuthenticBlaze
    PSN: AuthenticBlaze
    Location: Allentown, PA
    Usual times of play: Nights
    Games: SSF4,SF4,Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Ridge Racer 7
    Victory is the sweetest feeling
  • Return of ShikiReturn of Shiki Your favorite game sucks Joined: Posts: 4,418
    SRK Name: Return of Shiki
    PSN: ShikiDan
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Usual times of play: Late Nights & Early Afternoon, usually
    Games: MvC3 right now, AH3 and HD Remix soon
    If you listen to fools, the mob rules...
  • ieswkieswk Joined: Posts: 7
    SRK Name: ieswk
    PSN ID: ieswk
    Have Mic
    Location: Trinidad & Tobago
    Games: SSFIV, MvC3
    Main: SSFIV
    Skill Level: Below Average
    Usual Times of Play: 7pm (GMT-4)
  • taidai1338taidai1338 Salt Mine Foreman Joined: Posts: 61
    SRK: taidai1338
    PSN: taidai1338 (no mic)
    Location: Ottawa, Canada
    Time Online: Random hours during the day/night

    Games: MvC3, Tekken 6, MK9
    MvC3 Team: Deadpool, Dante, Akuma
    Tekken 6 Chars: Hwoarang
    MK9 Chars: Ermac, Smoke, Scorpion, Cyrax
    I made you a combo, but I dropped it.

    PSN/Steam: Taidai1338
  • cam93230cam93230 Joined: Posts: 15
    Location:usa so cal
    Time online:late at night
    games:tekkn 6. Blaze blue. SSF4:AE. MVC3. Arcanna heart 3
  • J.ScogzJ.Scogz Bye Joined: Posts: 2,378
    SRK - j.scogz
    PSN - m1x4h
    Location: NYState
    Time On: Random... Usually evenings EST during the week
    Games: Tekken 6 (Learning), MvC2, HDR, AE
    It's been real.
  • keroropowaakeroropowaa Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK - keroropowaa
    PSN - KeroroPowaa (no mic)
    Location: NorCal
    Time On: Evening to late night, depends :/
    Games: SSFIV AE, MvC2, MvC3, Naruto UNS2, SSFII HDR, Tekken 6
  • scrub15scrub15 Joined: Posts: 389
    • SRK Name: scrub15
    • PSN Gamer Tag: beyonddestiny15
      No Mic
    • Location: Canada, ON
    • Usual times of play: Kind of Random
    • Games: SSF4 AE
      • Main: Akuma/Yun
        Second: Ryu/Sagat
        Third: Ken/Dhalsim
  • deadaciddeadacid I feel like someone threw me away. Joined: Posts: 745
    SRK Name: deadacid
    Mic: No Mic (for now)
    Location: California, USA
    Time: Before 6PM on weekdays, whenever on weekends.
    Games: SSFIV:AE (totally new, would like to spar), MK9, Black Ops, KZ3
    PSN: DEADACID #killthescene
  • l3et9jdhl3et9jdh "skig-scags" Joined: Posts: 471 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    PSN ID: sellsellsell2000
    Location: San Francisco
    Microphone: N/A
    Time of play: Random
    Games: HD Remix, 3rd Strike
    Character: 3s (Ken) only!
  • sketchman729sketchman729 Joined: Posts: 7
    PSN: DatScrub
    Location: Louisiana
    Microphone: none
    Time of play: 10pm - 3am central
    Games: SSF4:AE, MvC3, 3rd Strike
  • ChibiT89ChibiT89 Joined: Posts: 803
    can we fix the links please?

    i have to re-port my new router!
  • DIGITALFRAGDIGITALFRAG Legendary Monkey Joined: Posts: 235
    SRK name - DIGITALFRAG (irl - Jake... call me Jake plz)
    PSN name - DIGITALFRAG (has mic)
    Location - Peoria, IL
    Games - call of duty black ops, super street fighter iv (arcade edition even), street fighter iii : 3rd strike, world of warcraft, marvel vs capcom 2, marvel vs capcom 3

    mostly availble from 4pm-11pm US central timezone. weekends available at all times, txt (3096697319), message on PSN DIGITALFRAG. send friend requests please and tell me u r from so i know to add u ;) look forward to beating ppl up! not looking forward to salt! ;)
    "Fear is a state of nervousness only fit for children" — The RZA
  • Phillpro1Phillpro1 Joined: Posts: 3,043
    PSN: I_Love_New_York

    looking for some MvC3 games. If your good then add me
    PSN: I_Love_New_York
    MvC3: Zero/Ammy/Phoenix
    Morrigan/Doom/Ammy (bloom)
  • steamwolfsteamwolf Southtown Underdog Joined: Posts: 28
    SRK Name: steamwolf
    PSN Name : steamninja
    Location: Florida
    Time: Afternoons and evenings pretty much any day of the week currently.
    Games: SSFIV: AE
    Current fighters: SSFIV: AE 2012, DSR, GGXXAC+
  • Murk-TacticsMurk-Tactics Dat 1 frame link Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK Name: Murk-Tactics
    PSN Name: Murk-Tactics
    Location: Norfolk, Virginia
    Time: Morning noon some evenings
    Games: AE and soon to be UMVC3

    MIC: Yes

    GamerTag: fallbacktryf1

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  • SamanthaKellySamanthaKelly Go easy on me! Joined: Posts: 18
    psn: Samanthakelly
    games:street fighter 4 arcade edition
    When am i on?: usually weekends/ weekdays (Still in university:( so a lot of work)
  • Yeah Dood 120%Yeah Dood 120% Now, 20% more pumped Joined: Posts: 1,926 mod
    I've been really busy with my job and haven't had time to update this thread. When I get some free time this week, I'm going to redo this thread and start from scratch... dood!
    "A man hurls himself towards his fate, his soul ablaze! There is nothing that can hinder me!"
    UMvC3 teams: Jill/X-23/She-Hulk, Jill/Nemesis/Firebrand, Chun-Li/Jill/Iron Fist, Jill/Spiderman/Felicia
  • shoryuken1979shoryuken1979 Joined: Posts: 46
    Forum name: shoryuken1979
    PSN: shoryuken
    Location: WA state (mic)
    Time: afternoons and late nights.
    Games: SSFIV AE, 3S0, MW3, GT5
    PSN - shoryuken
    Slightly average SF player with the badass PSN name
  • rcorporonrcorporon Joined: Posts: 533
    PSN: Yewni
    I have a mic
    Location: Northern Ontario
    Games: SF3:OE, SSFIV, KoFXIII, SSX
    PSN: Yewni
    SFIV: Cody / Fei Long
    P4A: Kanji
  • SesshaZLSesshaZL 春麗 豪鬼 Joined: Posts: 1,028
    PSN: SesshaZL
    Loc. North Carolina
    Games: Kof XIII and MvC2
    Times: week nights, whenever on weekends
    50/50 post Hyoukusen mixup is dirty!!
    Way more dangerous than outsiders perspective, "low forward super, yawn, I play better games" - WTF-AKUMA-HAX
  • InterimageInterimage Joined: Posts: 25
    • Interimage
    • GT: InterimAE mic avail
    • Los angeles
    • Various usually afternoons
      Play SSF4 AE- SFxt some UMVC3
  • InterimageInterimage Joined: Posts: 25
    PSN Gamer Tag: tobdawg831
    Games: just SFIV for now
    Mains: Ryu, Sagat, working on Balrog but charge characters are no fun online
    Skill level: just getting back into fighting games after a long lay off, so scrubby at best haha

    ive been pract with balrog. how do you like him? let me know if you down for some endless

    GT: InterimAE
  • wattwatt Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Name: watt
    PSN Gamer Tag: danielc1983
    Location: Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
    Available: Mostly evenings
    Games: SSF:AE, UMVC3

    Feel free to add me (please put SRK in the subject).
  • CallMeTetrisCallMeTetris Ive got the headache Joined: Posts: 41
    SRK name: CallMeTetris
    PSN name: CallMeTetris
    Location: Minnesota
    Times: Mostly evening-night, anywhere between about 4-12 PM
    Games: Mostly just SSF4 and soon Injustice. Have vanilla MvC3 and MK9 but haven't touched either in a while, also have 3S but have yet to put much time into it.
  • Doom PhDDoom PhD Joined: Posts: 6
    SRK: Doom PhD
    Mic: Yes, but hardly used. Only when I'm matched up with people worth talking to.
    Main online games: Resident Evil 6 / UMvC3 / Injustice / Third Strike / MvC2 / Skullgirls / Blazeblu
    Location: Phoenix, Arizona
    Usual time: Friday thru Tuesday - Early evening to night. (Roughly 6:30 to 12pm)
    Wednesday/Thursdays - Random. Just about any part of the day.
    PSN: Omen-Dawn
    UMvC3: Wesker/Nova/Doom, Wesker/Akuma/Dormammu
    Injustice: Bane (work in progress)
    BB: Iron Tager
    SF3S: Ken/Hugo
  • nualphaJPNnualphaJPN Mr. Tactic Joined: Posts: 23
    SRK: nualphaJPN
    PSN: nualphaJPN
    Mic: Nope.
    Main online games: Inital D: extreme stage, Injustice, other otaku stuff
    Location: Saitama, Japan
    Usual time: Wednesday evenings 11pm JST (11am est/ 3pm PST) and Thursday Mornings 10:30 JST ( 9:30pm est / 2:30am pst)
    Tune into my twitch for animes games, fighters, and more! Otaku stream!
  • SirMixahLotSirMixahLot Proud member since 2003 Joined: Posts: 3,379
    edited July 2013

    Mic: No, and I turn voice off when able to.

    3SO - Akuma/Yang/Chun/Remy/Hugo
    HDR Classic - Blanka/Hawk/Cammy/Dictator/Claw
    VF5FS - Pai/Lion
    TTT2 - Ling/Leo, Lee/Lars
    SFxT - Chun/Cammy, Chun/Ling, Hwo/Chun

    Location: Upstate, NY.

    Times: Weekends, EST
    Post edited by SirMixahLot on
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Gary.NGary.N Bisonsautoshop Joined: Posts: 278
    psn id: bisonsautoshop
    toronto area, ontario canada
    random times
    Visit http://BISONSAUTOSHOP.COM Tri-City Fighting Game Chill spot. We play SFV/USFIV
  • FenriswolfFenriswolf Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN Fenriswoif
    Have mic
    Games: SF4 SFxT UMvC Skullgirls Soul caliber 5 COD ghost Battlefield 4
  • Chris_AssmanChris_Assman Joined: Posts: 4
    PSN: Chris_Assman
    Region : Canada
    Games: Tekken Tag 2, Marvel vs Capcom Origins, Injustice Gods Among us
    "You prefer steel or lead?"

  • ToryWilliamsToryWilliams Actor/Martial Artist/Writer/Gamer Joined: Posts: 6
    PSN: Recruit28
    San Francisco, CA
    Games: Tekken Tag 2, King of Fighters XIII, AE, Mortal Kombat
    Random times
  • NoodlesNoodles Joined: Posts: 27
    PSN: smadj6470
    Birmingham, UK
    Games: AE (Akuma)
    Marvel (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Dante)
    TTT2 (Double Laws)

    Looking to improve my game overall. I'll be on usually at Fridays and the weekend. Mostly experienced in Tekken.

  • innovasianinnovasian Joined: Posts: 18
    I have a mic that I only use when playing FPS games.
    I have 3SOE, SF4AE, SFxT
    From San Diego, CA
    "Allow me to reintroduce myself..."
    gamertag & psn: batsman21
    steam ID: innovasian
    nintendo 3DS friend code: 0877-1508-2467
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