Identify this fighting game:

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About ...uh...15 years ago in EGM's Import Preview section there was a fighting game with a kappa as a playable character. You know, the green monster with the beak and the water on their head.

Can anyone name this game? I'm trying to put my finger on it but it's not coming to me.


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    would the green monster possibly be a blob?
    Did my Jab just fly out of the socket?
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    Pretty sure it came out before Samurai Shodown but it was along the same vein of medieval Japan setting for a fighter. Hmm, no blob, but something like this:

    Arcade game.

    It could be my memory going but I could have sworn it was a fighter from not SNK or Capcom but one of the smaller devs like Kaneko. Can't seem to find it going through a MAME list so I thought I'd try asking. It was nearly 2 decades ago, jeez. Hmm, I'm thinking more than 15 years. 1991-1993ish.
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    Found this Googling...
    Mizuki Shigeru no Youkai Butouden (Playstation 1) - Kappa - A kappa named, apparently, Kappa also participated in the proceedings of the single Mizuki Shigeru-related youkai fighting game.
    I can't find a single picture of this game.
    Gekka no Kenshi/Last Blade (various systems) - Akari, a young onmyouji, uses various attacks that involve youkai. One of them is a special move that summons "a hundred youkai" to parade across the screen in a happy procession, and one of the youkai is a kappa.
    I think is what they're talking about. I don't even see the kappa in that.

    Slim pickings.
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    Yeah...I'm just basing it on the arcade-Japan previews in EGM that I recall. This predates Last Blade by a few years. My first EGM ever was 1991 August and looking through that, it looks like this issue didn't have the import arcade preview yet.

    I recall Armored Warriors being one of the previews in that feature section so this other fighting game I'm trying to recall was prior to that or shortly after.
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    Looks like it isn't emulated in MAME (shows up in red and without a screenshot which didn't help) but I found some screen caps (heh, it WAS Kaneko) and a poster which has a Kappa:

    So it's Shogun Warriors/Fujiyama Buster. Yep: Youtube footage of what I remember the character select screen:

    Looks like the sequel Blood Warriors veered off into weird live action mocap like MK.

    Guess Kaneko stuff isn't common--Dj Rap Boy still isn't emulated and I remember fondly playing that one.
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    No, I'm pretty sure you're talking about Real Bout 2.
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    There was a 3D fighting with youkais as characters on PS1, as I remember it was japanese only. I dont remember the name but I stumlbed on it on forums
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    Was this the article? December 92...EGM. R.I.P.

    This same arcade section of this issue also featured Golden Axe 3 and Street Fighter II: Turbo Championship Edition. Pretty good month for coin-op games...

    And, the Tricks of the Trade section featured that new game "Mortal Kombat", with an expose on all the special moves and those super secret "death moves" in the game.
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    Thanks. :) That was definitely the page. Ah, the optimism of youth.
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    0:40 wut?
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    Is she saying sucker, or fucker?
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    What the FUCK was THAT?
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    maybe Tobal 1?
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    Is she saying sucker, or fucker?

    sounds like fucker to me
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    Holy shit. I remember that EGM article as if I had read it yesterday. I vividly remember sitting in the floor of the Drug Emporium reading this shit while my mom was shopping for shampoo and Diet Coke, haha.

    I'd give just about anything to be that age again!
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    "i want you now" GODDAMN!! make cammy say that shit!! :D
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    definitely sounded like fucker to me lol. this game looks like a bad version of TMNT tournament fighters to me.
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    Sorry to disappoint, but Geisha's lines are "you suck" and "you're a sucker" -- I bought the Japanese soundtrack CD about 15 years ago, and her voice samples are much clearer in the sound effects track than in gameplay footage. IIRC, each character in this game had a set of English vocal effects and a set of Japanese vocal effects.

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    go away party pooper
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    epic win game
    About ...uh...15 years ago in EGM's Import Preview section there was a fighting game with a kappa as a playable character. You know, the green monster with the beak and the water on their head.

    Can anyone name this game? I'm trying to put my finger on it but it's not coming to me.

    Wow I thought I was the only one who played this game.

    They had it in a small cabinet at a local arcade near my home. I only knew what game you were talking about when you mentioned Kappa.

    I remember using him he played just like Blanka. He had a Blanka ball like move where he flew across the screen.

    The bonus stages in this game were the Daruma and some other stuff if I remember correctly.

    What made you think of this game again?
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    sounds like rampage
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    Wow, blast from the past! I used to play this at a pizza shop.
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    was trying to remember this and stumbled upon this while searching tirelessly...
    the game was Star Gladiator by Capcom
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    When a Kappa in a FG is mentioned, I always think first on Blood Warriors.

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