[Oni + Evil Ryu] SF4 Characters as SF3 Sprites



  • R_PandaR_Panda Battle is Bliss Joined: Posts: 1,085
    This is interesting.
    I haven't been able to find these characters anywhere else.
    But I've been very interested in finding these characters though.
    Thanx for posting these sprites:)
    Eventually, when i get more experience behind me, I will learn how to create mugen characters.

    Is this your first forum?
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    Is this your first time using the internet?

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    man to make these mugen chars is not joke. your looking at over 2000 frames. believe me because i ripped 2000+ frames.
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    sooo sick man, nice work. cant wait for Adon! :D
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  • Mr. Basara!!Mr. Basara!! Satsui no Flowchart! Joined: Posts: 783
    Good shit, sir. They all look amazing... Not that you haven't already heard that for 17 pages. :P
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  • laudanum09laudanum09 Pax Bisonica Joined: Posts: 1,166
    I'm just going to add to the echo chamber: Amazing.

    as a photoshopper myself, I know how painstaking all of this can be, but also how fun and rewarding at the same time! fantastic work, keep it up!
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    This is dope man.
  • skemar007skemar007 Joined: Posts: 302
    thats some good stuff
    keep it up
  • Truest StrikeTruest Strike The Power Cosmic Joined: Posts: 444
    Very good stuff!
  • HidamariiHidamarii Joined: Posts: 175
    What happened to the Sakura sprites?

    Anyone care to put them back up if they have them saved? :3
  • Lord_MandarkLord_Mandark Joined: Posts: 37
    WOW! Im buying premium just so I can give you +rep. Serious talent.
  • UnessentialUnessential Joined: Posts: 1,171
    I can't stop staring at Rufus' fat ugly belly. ... Great job!

    ... I noticed you didn't scale the sprites height and width 1:1 for the in game shots, what ratio did you use? I think just one or two characters look a tad too tall when you do that.
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  • TNBTNB Bye. Joined: Posts: 1,180
    steamboy, make this into a game plz.
    .. then hardcore 3s people may stop whining about not having a 2d sf4... and they'll get to fight the sf4 fan-boys, haha. "FOCUS SUXX0RZ!! NUH UHH<PARRIEZ D0!!" lol.
    Bad hing is is that the sf3 characters could parry all of an ultra and punish it.. so more than likely the move set would have to be done sans-ultra and sans focus.. or maybe there could be a "groove select like in cvs where you could have either sf3 or 4 style.. that would be neat, albeit a little broken."
    The alt way of doing it would be to have the sf4 chars have parry and then have the ultra as a "full meter only" super like raging demon or yagiyou odama.
    I think there really needs to be a 3s style game with all the characters that weren't in it.


    It would be sexy to play as sagat or any one else.

    (The actual sprite was made by a brazilian spriter, I took one sprite and created the animation.)

    idunno about that. Sagat would get owned if his fireballs did less than 2 hits, so he'd need meter all the time for ex tigers etc.. same with blanka.. however, if they did parry that's all they'd be doing, so the opponent would be trapped in a corner. His normal fireballs would also need to be large and very fast, sorta like a souped up old 'gat. His tiger upper would need some sort of kara prop with the light version and the hp ver may need to be toned down in order not to get punished.. however this was not the case with ken so it could go unchanged. And Ryu's fireballs went unchanged so why not? Anyhow hed need some major strategic changes so his game wouldn't be besieged by parries. Possibly some new moves and enhanced specials.

    Guile vs remy or charlie vs remy= win. We'd figure out who his dad is.. more than likely guile, the child neglecting family man.

    Also steamboy, your sprites got the attention of joystiq.com back in September. Be proud.
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  • Jubei KibagamiJubei Kibagami Too much naughty... Joined: Posts: 1,304
    ^ That Sagat looks freakin good.
  • Siberianhusky89Siberianhusky89 Joined: Posts: 118
    I love how some of these sprites look. The one of Gouken is pretty detailed and that Sagat is pretty good by the way. Personally, I think the best one overall is the Rufus one. It's quite detailed and his roundness, muscle/fat is depicted very, very well. I hate how Street Fighter4 looks though. Everyone looks like an ape and Chun Li looks manlier than all the apes in the game. I'm not a sprite elitist or anything, but personally, I think Street Fighter 4's 3D models look like someone took a dump and decided, "Well, as long as it's 3D people will like it." If you're gonna make 3D Characters, at LEAST make them look good. Then again, I pretty much hate almost everything about Street Fighter 4 to be honest. I mean, I've been a fighter for a while now and honestly, if nobody knew what Street Fighter 4 was, it'd probably be another crap in the huge pile of fighting games that exist and were never given a chance.
  • akuaku スピリチュアルやからね! Joined: Posts: 3,865
    I'm usually not a fan of sprite edits(I know, the irony), but these are incredible. Rufus is my favorite of the bunch, and I don't even like him!

    Great job, and keep it up man!
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    I Hope these characters really are able to be downloaded
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    How Can I download all the characters?
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Awesome sprites

    Characters are lloking great can't wait to see em finished. I hope to learn how to make osme of my own to.
  • KhwadjKhwadj Joined: Posts: 54
    Just saw this thread. Man, you're my hero ! :wow:

    I would like to ask permission to use the Juri sprite to make an avatar with the three characters I want to play in SSF4 (Dudley, Ibuki, Juri).

    Also, I dream of one day, thanks to fans we may have a 3S-like ultimate Street Fighter including all the cast of every SF ever published.
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    the dan one really matches sf3
  • adobopoweredadobopowered Joined: Posts: 200
    Wow, these are great! Haha should try to script it to work with something. Haha, i'd pay good money for a game like this.
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  • Oguz286Oguz286 Hitomi Power Up! Joined: Posts: 52
    Holy poopyjuice, those sprites are awesome! Nice work!
  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
  • D-ProtoD-Proto Execution God Joined: Posts: 824
    I saw somewhere a Q 8bit sprite as an avatar, i thought i was going to find it here =(
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  • SlamtasticSlamtastic Joined: Posts: 574
    I don't want to pressure you, but



    Thank you. You're great at spriting!
  • steamboy33steamboy33 Joined: Posts: 88

    Hakan has been added to the first post, enjoy everyone!

    I'm considering doing an "oiled up" version later....

  • shiningsoulshiningsoul P-ness Joined: Posts: 414
    Holy shit, dude. That looks absolutely sick.
    Y B Squrred !
  • Shim Sang JoonShim Sang Joon Random! Joined: Posts: 743
    More win!! Very nice.
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  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,803
    Looks very pro dude! cant wait to knock the shit out of him in SSF4
  • Mr ListMr List Lord of the Scrubs Joined: Posts: 1,393
    ok hakan is just too good.

    how can any company justify not making 2d fighters when spriters like you are just mulling around with this stuff for fun.
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  • Master_ChibiMaster_Chibi .: Dynamites! :. Joined: Posts: 15,082 mod

    Would you kill me if I asked you to sprite one of his daughters, possibly the one holding the action figure?


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  • Jubei KibagamiJubei Kibagami Too much naughty... Joined: Posts: 1,304
    Awesome work man!
  • VictormaruVictormaru Legendary Sannin Joined: Posts: 735
    Damn, that Hakan sprite looks amazing. I'm curious to see how the oiled up version would turn out. Keep up the great work.
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  • pheraipherai LIVE FOREVER Joined: Posts: 11,888 mod
    hay when r u gonna do dudley, mokoto and ibuki? those would prly look sweeeeet 8-)
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  • pootnanniespootnannies mr. negative Joined: Posts: 3,219 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    hay when r u gonna do dudley, mokoto and ibuki? those would prly look sweeeeet 8-)


    AWESOME hakan btw. really like the way you drew his hands.

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  • AriaAria The Origination Joined: Posts: 3,513
    Amazing spritework as usual, steamboy. Right down to the last detail.
  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,803
    these have got to be the most flawless looking sprites yet....but it hits me on how dry the thread may get old after a while. when the game comes out, do I kiss this thread goodbye?
  • Prodigy_LXMProdigy_LXM Just Me Joined: Posts: 60
    MAN I LOOK UP TO YOU EVEN MORE NOW!!!! I just started doing some Street Fighter EX conversions to SF3 but I need more practice....Hope to see more!!!
  • steamboy33steamboy33 Joined: Posts: 88
    Tutorial is up!

    Check it out~
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