BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Thread (Good Games, Matchmaking and Discussi



  • KaoshinKaoshin Now on PSN and 360 Joined: Posts: 119
    i'm at work but i'll be on tonight, only run into a handful of SRK and dustloop people online. love it when you find somebody good

    GG's to supersayinjeff, really good rachel, almost had you with my Litchi, but i think it's because you haven't played the matchup too much
  • ssj2jeffssj2jeff Joined: Posts: 701
    yea GGs. i actually have 2 pretty good litchi players in my area but i hardly ever get to play them. i'm definitely down for some more games. if i see you on. could use the practice.
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  • Neo_SlasherNeo_Slasher nab Joined: Posts: 211
    GG's and shouts to anybody I've played against. U guys play more ranked or player match?
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    MvC2= random teams
    BB= Jin ( trying to learn and main Litchi afterwards).
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  • Weretiger_ReiWeretiger_Rei Newbie Vega (G2-C) Joined: Posts: 104
    GG to Outtawack311 and Ghaleon as of recently running into them randomly on Ranked.

    I can't remember what the scores are so far, but the two of you give me a run for my money every single time.

    Just watch out, I'm looking for that AF one time <3

    Also to Butters. Your message made me laugh afterwards. Good game, congrats on graduating from non-scrub land :P I think ya've been there for a while though.
  • PR0BLEMZPR0BLEMZ Unleashed! Joined: Posts: 294
    GG to all the SRKers I faced today.
    Hope to play wit you guys again.
  • HighOnFiberHighOnFiber FIGHTNATIONEX Joined: Posts: 32
    GG's to everyone i've fought in BlazBlue the last couple weeks. KBizzel, xScaleSx, Dpendleton04, NinjaKangaroo. Bad games to the ragequitters.
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  • AudioCGAudioCG Bang The Machine Joined: Posts: 877
    GGS to all the players I have fought as of late, still very new to this game, but im loving every second of it, cant wait for CS to drop.
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  • ArkkaiArkkai Yare Yare Daze Joined: Posts: 372
    ggs to anyone i played
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  • Sex InstructorSex Instructor U Mad? LoL Joined: Posts: 399
    GG's to anyone I've played thats had the balls to stick around win or lose
    Best Damn Bison PERIOD!

  • SpudSpud Bottom-Tier Hipster Joined: Posts: 492
    GGs to FormerlyUnkown. You did some interesting things with your Jin and really made me work for my wins.
  • dereklearnslowdereklearnslow Zim zam Joined: Posts: 685
    What forum/site is the best overall for looking up BBCS strats? Trying to get gud in this game.
  • shrekbadshrekbad Joined: Posts: 33
    gg to double0cheese! good zoning
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