SF4 PC: The Custom Skin Mega-thread!

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The mods have spoken.
Update: 7/28/2009: DLC Alternate Skins are on Live Marketplace! - If you plan on modifying alternate skins OR using modified ones, I strongly encourage you to purchase the DLC pack first. For around $12 you can get all 25 characters and support Capcom's decision to allow us to modify this game in so many great ways!

Update: 7/24/2009: We've gone to Wiki format to help better organize everything (thanks to hunterk for the help!). Keep posting your new skins to this thread and we'll make sure to update the Wiki. In the future, we may allow Authors to edit the Wiki themselves!



Changing SF4 PC Skins
1) Download whatever skin file you want (.emz file)
2) Find your SF4 Characters directory.
Retail version: "C:\Program Files\CAPCOM\STREETFIGHTERIV\Battle\Chara\"
Steam version: "C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\street fighter iv\Battle\Chara"
3) Go into the folder of the character you want to change. Remember they are Japanese names so Boxer is "BSN" (Bison).
4) Whatever the .emz file you download is called, make a backup of the old one first. For example, Chun Li's file is "CNL_01_05.col.emz" so rename that "CNL_01_05.col.old" and copy the new modified one from the zip file in there.
5) Load the game and pick the proper character/color to see the skin (more in notes on this). Enjoy!

Important Notes
-PLEASE respect the authors here. DO NOT turn this into a beg/request thread but feel free to post any ideas you have. If someone wants to make it, they will. You can also do it yourself with the tools listed below!
-These skins do work online but only you will see it, not your opponent. They are local only and the game doesn't appear to have checksums/checks in place. Still, CHANGE AT YOUR OWN RISK.
-No links to nude screenshots or nude patches directly please. SRK's policy includes a 1-year ban for linking to porn so be careful what you put up. It's on you! If you want something on the Wiki you don't think is safe for SRK, PM me directly. Please obey the rules!

Videos of Skins in Action

Cammy Bikini, Ninja Claw, Flaming Ken and B&W Balrog w/beard[/B
Superhero Rufus and Cyborg Akuma[/B
Guile: Nathan Rad Spencer - Bionic Commando[/B
Mr. T vs. Hulk Hogan[/B
Ghandi Dhalsim[/B
Skeleton Guile[/B
Cammy: Micro Bikini[/B
Claw Shinobi and Sakura Bee[/B
Jill Valentine Cammy Vs. Sheva Alomar Cammy[/B
Black & Fire Sakura vs. Pale Rose[/B
Guile Dragon Warrior w/ Goth Chun[/B
Dictator Tyrant Nazi[/B
Cammy Purple Lingerie vs. Chun Li Red China Dress[/B
Cammy Fishnets vs. Chun Li Fishnets[/B
Claire Redfield Cammy vs. Shin Gouken[/B
Evil Dan vs. Military Sakura[/B

[Seedy's SF4 Shack] - 1080P Boxer videos (now with Ibuki!). Tips, matches, discoveries and other crap.


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