ken infinite on a standing sentinel........

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allright peeps i been fucking around with ken trying to do his infinite... i read about a couple of infinities on the web that are all fucken boguss, that dont even work. Well lastnight i found a true infinite with ken, on a standing sentinel! (Yay :eek: ) yes a standing sentinel, Please give me credit for finding and creating this out on my own, and shraring with the shoryuken community.....

I have two variations

it goes, like this in the corner : j.lp, j.lp jhk

j.lp, j.lp jhp like ironmans infinite

Note: you must be jumpping up forward also you can rotate hk with hp :D

now all you ken users can rape sent with no lube......


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    nice one, but you prolly won't get cred... who knows maybe... not bad, it's useful.
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    Is it the same rythym as IM's infinite or without pauses?
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    how about j.lp j.lp j.hp down downleft(right) left(right)
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    Thanx man, u frikin ROCK!!!
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    You can also actually do a full magic series on Sentinel and finish with a Hurricane Kick before landing, and then repeat the process. So it would go:

    (jump lp, lk, lp, lk, fp, fk, air hurricane kick) repeat over and over.

    I've never tried your variations, but I could def. see how they'd work. I think my way would be easier because it takes all the waiting and timing out, plus they don't have to be in the corner with this variation. But the way I see it, use your makes it yours.
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    team shoto:

    ken inf set up, corner: + akuma(y), , assist hits, j.lp .jmp xx lk tatsumaki...
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