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    MvsC 2 Single Tournament double elimination this Sat starting at 5 PM at Regency Arcade. Entry fee $5 possibly $10 depending on number of entrants. There will be a series of MM's follow by the tournament. Be sure to arrive early for casual gaming prior to start of tourny.
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    Does it get pretty busy here on Thursday nights? Flying down for a vacation/Socal Regionals and don't feel like having to fight traffic in LA if I don't have to.
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    Final Round XVI Mvc2 Exhibition Match Card Lineup. If I forget someone or you want to be added to the card let me know asap. All of these matches are confirmed + there will be a surprise exhibition match set you will not want to miss. I wont speak on it, you will just have to show up and see what happens. More matches will be added so Lets get it crackkin!

    Final Round XVI Exhibition Match Card Lineup

    (Main Events)
    VDO Vs Rappleross

    Vegita-X Vs GOFORBROKE
    VDO Vs Rick Payton
    NickGuy Vs Vegita-X
    VDO Vs Skitz

    (Surprise Exhibition Match)
    TBA! See you at Final Round XVI

    Facebook Event:
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    Cot damn, this thread is nearly extinct now!
    Time to bump it up!
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    Alex Arcade has a facebook group, it feels whole lot better
    "gen" like the character
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    So mvc2 died here at Alex arcade ?
    MvC2: will never die
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    Oh the memories.
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    Sup niggas
    Green Karin.
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    evilj wrote: »
    Sup niggas

    Sup girl
    Your reigning (defending) mvc2 champion.
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