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Vewlix 'Slim' worklog (plus some other bits ...)



  • Gorilla WhiteGorilla White Joined: Posts: 118
    Wow, can't believe I haven't been following this thread. Good work ericleroi.
  • x24x24 Eiffel Tower! Joined: Posts: 280
    Wouldn't that design make it a little bit top-heavy with the TV on? Any plans on making a metal base to add a little weight and a lower center of gravity? Or maybe a wider base?
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Thanks Gorilla White :)

    The unit is actually pretty stable x24. I had an abortive attempt at a previous one which was a good deal taller and that had stayed planted for over a year even without any legs and leveling feet on the base. There's still a fair amount of MDF to add to the sides (30mm panels) which will add to the overall mass. Completely understand why you might think that though.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Few things progressed.

    Legs cut (will require additional finishing and hardening with adjustable feet fitted)


    Second of the three top pieces fitted and glued. Will wait for that to dry and screw it in. The usual body filler and sanding will then be done.


    Side view:


    Next will be to complete the third top piece. After that, I'll start on the shaped side panels.

    It looks like it's shaping up to plan at the moment.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Completed the third top piece and have started to shape a retaining panel which will be placed on top of the the centre top piece as you can see in the picture.


    Rough cut a side piece to check out the angles. This still needs to be trimmed back and then cloned and bevelled.

  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Basic shape for the top retaining piece has been cut. This requires some additional router work before it is complete.


    The third hole is where a pipe will sit to hide the cables. This will be white.

    Side panels have been cloned but still require a bit of trimming with a flush bit.


    The side panels will be white.

    I would appreciate some input from folks on what to do artwork-wise on the side panels. I want to have it in keeping with the general style on my Vewlix cab. Basically, I feel that this should have white accents rather than a large surface which is plain white. Open to offers!

    This is what I put together for the Vewlix cab.

  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Sides trimmed and bevelled.




  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Shaped the retaining piece and cut the access tube. I actually think this 3rd leg will give it a better view in profile. With the location I have planned for it, it will be directly visible from the side through an open door so the look of the profile is important.




    This is the TV I'm thinking of getting when funds allow (provided the input lag isn't a problem):

  • speedsterharryspeedsterharry Joined: Posts: 786
    Nicely done
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Thanks speedster :)

    Now on to the bits which take the time - preparation of the wood surfaces which need to be pained/sprayed. Pass 1 of filling/smoothing the MDF edges with car body filler. I'll now check for imperfections, mark them out, fill and sand back again.


    Initial doodle for the control panel section.

  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    A few pics of the skinning process for the 'roof' of my 'house cab' as my daughter has started to call it. This bit was pretty tricky but it still beats painting....






    Sides have been filled and sanded back ready for priming tomorrow.



  • DarkOceanUniverseDarkOceanUniverse Joined: Posts: 47
    Dood this looks Excelllennt!!!!
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Thanks DarkOceanUniverse.

    Not sure what's happened to the quality of the pictures I'm taking at the moment - seem to have deteriorated badly. Oh well.

    A couple of pics with the TV in place. A bit of work has to be done with getting this all fitted out correctly but you get the idea.



    A thinner bezel on the TV will improve the aesthetics, I think.
  • Gorilla WhiteGorilla White Joined: Posts: 118
    Can you adopt me and make me one? Good stuff right there. Can't wait to see it finished.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Thanks again GW. Actually, if my kids don't start behaving. I'll be putting them up for adoption ....

    My next challenge will be how to fit this new machine with the control panel into my games room.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Sides, retaining piece and legs primed. Legs and retaining piece will be painted black.


  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Making very slow progress due to a nasty cold and cough I picked up but have managed to complete the black base coat (blackboard paint) for the retaining piece and the cabinet legs. I'll be using some matt polyurethane varnish once this has dried thoroughly. I've used this combination before and it generally comes out pretty well and nice and even.



    I also ordered a slot cutter and some T-molding to fit to the lower opening in the base module. I figured that it would look much better with T-molding in place.

    Just in the process of designing the door panels for the front of the cab and also the artwork for the sides. I'll also be adding a shroud at the back of the display and also a marquee.

    I decided to call this the Raptor - I think it'll look quite mean sat on its haunches.
  • x24x24 Eiffel Tower! Joined: Posts: 280
    Are you using some kind of industrial grade blackboard vinyl? The one i used won't stay on probably due to a weak adhesive backing. Have you tried putting it on painted surfaces?
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Sorry to hear you're having problems x24. Yes, I've tried both painted and bare MDF (plus other surfaces) and haven't had any issues at all with the adhesive; it really does stay down firmly. It can only be down to the quality of the adhesive or dust on the surface I guess. Is it the application to a flat surface or when you're wrapping it around edges that causes the issue?
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Legs and retaining piece have been varnished. Not completely happy with the finish on the latter so I'm thinking about redoing it at some point - will be fitting the t-molding next.


  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Completed cutting the slots for the T-molding and have fitted it. I was a couple of mm short where the T-molding joins at the top but never mind, you can't really see it. Both apertures will be covered by doors with a mesh grill anyway. It looks a little gloomy at the moment but will look a lot better once I fit the legs/adjustable feet and get the white side pieces in place.




    Mesh for the doors:

  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Coming along slowly but surely......

    More pics. It's definitely starting to look more the part now I have the legs on the Raptor. The sides are just primed at the moment and will need to be sprayed and some side art applied.




  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    I'd been wanting to see what lighting would look like on the cab so I just had a quick go at assembling something. Held together by blu-tac ;D

    The light is white rather than the blue hue seen in the picture.


    I'll be stopping until next week now. I will consider the design of the rear shroud, marquee and, most importantly, the control panel in the meantime.
  • x24x24 Eiffel Tower! Joined: Posts: 280
    Sorry to hear you're having problems x24. Yes, I've tried both painted and bare MDF (plus other surfaces) and haven't had any issues at all with the adhesive; it really does stay down firmly. It can only be down to the quality of the adhesive or dust on the surface I guess. Is it the application to a flat surface or when you're wrapping it around edges that causes the issue?

    Yes it was going around of edges with less than an inch of width are involved. I checked back at my package and saw that it was the peel and stick variant, where it's light enough to be removed and repositioned. So the adhesive isn't that "permanent". I'll probably try to get some from sign suppliers.
  • sharpforksharpfork Joined: Posts: 50
    It is great to see a bit more detail than the other tread I've seen on this project. I think I'm going to have to give the chalkboard vinyl a try and keep my eyes open for that fat router bit.

    Looks great!
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Thanks sharpfork. The router bit used is this one:


    It's 19mm deep so will create a full-depth beveled edge on standard 18mm / 3/4 inch mdf sheet. The results are quite impressive.
  • sharpforksharpfork Joined: Posts: 50
    Thanks sharpfork. The router bit used is this one:

    It's 19mm deep so will create a full-depth beveled edge on standard 18mm / 3/4 inch mdf sheet. The results are quite impressive.

    I agree that the results are impressive! I bet you have some serious cleanup after taking out that much material. The 1/2" shank is an issue with my current tool setup. I guess I have another Craigslist tool search to add to my list.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Yup, dust gets everywhere :(

    Now comes the fiddly part, making the doors for the cabinet apertures.....

    I didn't want to use pin hinges so I had to figure out another method. I had an idea to use some Ikea shelf support pins and use these as a 'swivel hinge' ... that's my term, there's probably a real one.

    I'm testing this out at the moment with a mock-up so here's the design.

    The door/flap will be made of 12mm MDF. The side pieces 18mm. This will allow the flap to rotate relative to the side piece whilst providing clearance. Hopefully the pictures will make more sense ....

    Ikea pins:


    Hole drilled into the side of the flap:


    Pin inserted into the hole:


    Hinge in place (depth of hole in the side piece is slightly shallower to allow the flap to clear the side piece when opening/ closing):



    This will need to be done accurately to ensure a decent fit.

    The door/flap will have magnetic strip at the top to attract to another strip on the cabinet to ensure that it remains shut. The door/flap will have a cutout with embedded wire mesh. I'll post more pics as I go ....
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    The lower door/flap and the side pieces have been cut. A window will need to be cut into the door/flap to insert some mesh.

    The side pieces are stuck to a piece of scrap with double sided tape to check it works and that everything is flush. It looks ok.

    Making sure it opens!


    Side pieces beveled:


    Fit looks ok:


    This side pieces will be screwed onto the left and right sides of the lower aperture.

    Itching to start making the the control panel soon ......


    Temporarily attached to the front:


  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Probably the last pics and progress for today. Will concentrate on the mesh insert tomorrow.



    Very fiddly to do with my meager skills.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Managed to get the wire mesh and the inset for the door sorted.



  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Completed the cover for the top section (double sided tape holding it in place atm):



    Filling, sanding and priming next weekend.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Cabinet doors have been filled, primed and sanded and the base coat applied. Will be varnishing these tomorrow.



    Looking forward to starting on the control panel soon.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Complete the finish and fitted them to the front of the cab. The mesh is held in with hot glue. I need to tidy up the inside of the lower door a little. The photos are a bit rubbish unfortunately.




    The next job will be to fit the magnetic strip I ordered to the top of the door and the cab.


    A couple of better pics now there's some daylight around.


  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Started on the marquee. I wanted something similar to the Golden Tee machine but a bit sleeker (less height) and chunkier (more shape) at the back - I'm going to be paying particular attention to the profile of the machine due to the place it will be located (visible sideways through an open door). The width of the marquee is 40cm and the height 10cm.

    The Golden Tee has something a little too big I think.


    I think the marquee will give a better balance to the cabinet and make it feel much more like a real machine.


    I had a little mishap with the front frame of the marquee - the MDF split (just a thin 'slice' at the top - didn't go through) and messed up the cuts. Nothing a bit of car body filler can't rectify though. You can see it on the right of the picture.


    The marquee comes in 2 parts - the front frame and the back. The front will be finished in white and the back in black.

    The back of the frame - recessed to allow for some acrylic and artwork:


    Basic shape:




    Now back to filling the mistake and prepping it for painting .....
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    The display is ordered and should arrive next Monday .....

    More progress on the marquee.

    Rectified the mistake with some car body filler and applied some to the rough, routed edges:


    2 coats of primer on the front and back pieces:



    Cut the acrylic:



    And designed the artwork (may tweak this a little):


    I will be spraying the front piece white and the back black.
  • mistahsnartmistahsnart Joined: Posts: 511
    Seriously though: great work. :)
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    lol that made me chuckle :)

    The sad thing is though, that's exactly what I'm doing ....

    Hope to make more progress on this over the New Year. Display arrives on Monday.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    New display has arrived :)


    Light and very slim with a nice thin bezel:


    ... compared to the current one (will be moving this to a different location with more room):


    Connections on the back:


    Just have to wait until everyone's awake before I get the router out and start to make a mount for the thing.
  • ericleroiericleroi Joined: Posts: 529
    Basic display mount has been made but still needs to be adjusted. Cables need to be fed through the white tube ....

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