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I've seen this on other forums lately and figured I would give it a try.

Pick up a HRAP for a steal? Find a SFAC stick at a garage sale? Post it here.

I'll start out:

I picked up a Namco PS1 stick for $40 shipped today. I've been after one for a while ever since MarkMan claimed it was his favorite stick. I have a few sticks now so I'm excited to give it a try.

Also recently got a ReKleSS Saturn to PS2 converter with a very nice condition Saturn pad for $42 from Ikagi-chan in the Trading Outlet. I was supposed to have gotten a PS2 Saturn pad a while back for $90 :xeye: and I'm just as happy with this.

I know this isn't technically Tech Talk, but there's already a post about people's multi-thousand dollar entertainment setups. I won't posting be in there anytime soon. :rofl:
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