Burnout 3 OWNZ JOO!



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    I just pick it up. Sadly, I won't have a chance to play till tomorrow. However, I'll have three nights off! So look for me plowing into a wall near you!

    btw: I got this game so I had something fast to play on my new 80" projector. I'm hoping to get motion sick and die.

    -Bean I
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    KneelB4Me wrote:

    Go to driver settings in the options.. Then EA Trax, then press the blue button to change to the playlist you want :tup:

    I just got my copy a few days back. Its mad fun, I havent really been online too much yet.. Too soaked up with the single player and Silent Hill 4 on my PC which is great!

    Whats with all the games I cant join because scrubs are playing on 50hz :rofl: I also joined a party crash game by accident, went to leave and it made everybody crash. Kept loading a picture of my car! It setup a mad cursing spree, damn its good to be back on the Mic! :clap:
    is there a way to have the game automatically select a specific custom soundtrack at the beginning? i hate having to change it every time i start the game...
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    I love this game! I haven't played it live yet, seeing mixed reviews of it. The lap runs are hard, cannot crash once!
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    Is there a way to mute players in this game!?
    I can't stand having to listen to some fucktard's barking dog or music.

    And yes, this game does own j00~!

    -Bean I
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    Only thing I don't like about this game is when your in your garage just browsing through your cars it doesn't show the car stats like it does before a race.
    Is there a list of all the cars and their stats?
    Also, are there any other stats besides the speed/weight shown? There seems to be a lot of cars with identical speed/weight.

    -Bean I
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    When it's fun, it's fun... I like players that take the racing seriously.

    Unfortunately, I am having a problem with the BO3 community in general. For one thing, I get booted from games way too often by hosts for reasons I couldn't begin to imagine. I'm not much of a "talker" in online games, but I do put on the headset in BO3 just to avoid getting booted. Another thing I hate is when hosts take forever to get the game started. Sometimes a room could be FULL, and I find myself waiting for a good minute for the race to start, only to have the session ended. Some people just don't need to be hositng.
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    i just got the game, how is the online gameplay?
    And how does lag work online? is it laggy like ggx2 at times, or it is smooth with no delay?
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    The site was down due to the forum being too big.

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    Connections are typically great (compaired to fighting games). That's just due to the nature of racing games though (easier to predict where a car will be).
    Only bad thing is EA. If you remember the whole EA/MS thing, EA doesn't want MS's servers handling their games. So EA has their own record servers. These servers sometimes fail for whatever reason. This results in all rooms being closed. Any current games will continue on but once you leave you end up back in the lobby. This seems to happen a few times a day. It's not the end of the world (assuming the host reopens the room you just jump back in again), but it is annoying. I would assume they're working on it. And I've heard it's much less frequent then when the game first came out.

    jwillennium, I've never had the issues you speak of with the community. Most the people I've met are pretty cool. I've only come accross ONE guy who was trying to be an ass (verbally as there's no gameplay method of pissing people off, i.e. can't drive the track backwards), he was kicked out and that was that.
    If you getting kicked for no apparent reason it's possibly your mic. You may be causing a much of noise/echo without realizing it. If it's not that, I donno what to tell ya.
    Currently my headset (cell phone) causes echo (I'll have a new one soon). So I keep myself muted. Unmute to talk then remute. It's a pain, but it's my fault for having a shit headset. If there's not a lot of people talking or they're cool with it I'll stay unmuted during the races.

    All n all the game itself is the shit... now I must go play..

    -Bean I
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    Nah... it's not my mic, and it damn sure isn't me, as I'm pretty serious about the racing, and I hardly ever conversate.
    Fact is, I often can enter a room, and find myself facing a "You've Been Kicked"(or whatever) message before I even get to see my alias on the screen. That happens quite often.

    And I take back the "community in general" part. I'm really referring to hosts in general.
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    I just got ahold of this from a friend of mine now that I got an XBox. This game is the shizzle. Played a few runs online as well. Anyone up for a race, just lemme know. Gamertag is Ptak.

    I figured i'd use the search function rather than start a new thread. Meh.
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    DJTakashi wrote:
    I just got ahold of this from a friend of mine now that I got an XBox. This game is the shizzle. Played a few runs online as well. Anyone up for a race, just lemme know. Gamertag is Ptak.

    I figured i'd use the search function rather than start a new thread. Meh.

    dude send me FR, I aint played the game for yonks but still believe it's the shizzle.
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