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Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)

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Welcome to Tech Talk.

This section of the forums is for the discussion of arcade sticks, hardware, repair, computers, etc. There's an exhaustive amount of information here. People can and will give you grief if you don't inform yourself before posting. Please take a moment to search before you post. It's extremely likely that your question has been asked before.

We have an IRC chat room where many of our regulars lurk (#srktt on efnet). Feel free to stop by for real-time tech support. If you aren't familiar with IRC then you can use a web based Flash client called Mibbit. This will allow you to join the room without installing any software on your PC.

1. Browse to Mibbit chat network
2. Click Start Chatting Now
3. Change the IRC dropdown to EFNET [webirc]
4. Enter your nick and use #srktt for the Channel
5. Click Go


- Follow the SRK Terms of Service and Rules at all times.

- Search Before Posting! If the SRK Search Bar doesn't work, visit Google and format your search like this:
site:shoryuken.com square gate

- Check the stickies. Even if a search doesn't work, chances whatever you need is covered by the stickies.

- Buying and selling in Shoryuken.com is allowed only in the Trading Outlet (as long as you fullfil certain conditions). Trying to sell in Tech Talk (or anywhere else on the site outside of the Trading Outlet) will result in an infraction.
To post in the Trading Outlet however, you need to satisfy the ff. conditions.

-At least 6 months membership
-At least 50 posts (non-spam)

If you do not meet these requirements, then we suggest waiting and joining in on the community. If you need to sell immediately, there's always eBay or Craigslist.

If you do meet these requirements, please be mindful of the Trading Outlet's rules.

- Respect intellectual properly. Do not provide links to roms, pirated material, game data, cracks. If you're hesitant to post it then don't. It's not worth a ban.

- Respect the products and services that people offer. Don't go around peoples threads promoting other folks products or services at the expense of that which is the subject of the thread.

- Do not quote images. Remove the IMG tags from your reply or just leave the URL.

- Do not spam. Avoid posting consecutive messages one after the other within a short period of time. Use the EDIT button.

- Avoid posting in ALL CAPS.

- Technique questions do not belong here. If you can't pull off a move practice it until you can.

- Do not abuse the Flag button, Off Topic and WTF reactions. The only things you should flag are spambot posts and stuff that violate the rules above. Any abuse of the the flag button will result in 7 days of jail. Second offenders get instantly banned.

- Read Slagcoin.com. It will make you less dumb.

- When making a thread regarding an issue, do not edit the OP and thread title with a "PLEASE CLOSE" or "PLEASE DELETE" message once your issue has been addressed. Every thread dealing with a problem here is a valuable resource that can help other people if they ever encounter the same problem.

Tech Talk Moderator List:

*These guys haven't been active for some time, so for certain issues, you best get in touch with the others.

Info, Guides and Tutorials:

The ff. is a collection of threads relevant to some of the more important (non-stickied) topics in Tech Talk. We recommend that you read go through these before making a new thread in case your question has already been addressed (or if it belongs or relates to any of these).

Due to the sheer number of these threads, we've put the links to them in separate posts. Follow the ff. links to go to the appropriate post.

-General Info & Tutorials
-Parts, Resources & Customs
-Sharing & Miscellaneous

The old list of topics can be found here.

Note on DIY mods
Please remember that It is the end user's responsibility to see to and to carry out proper implementation their own repairs and modifications. Ultimately the end users hold responsibility for how they implement their own repairs.
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