The definitive guide to ZSNES online

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To play online zsnes, follow these directions. All you really need is zsnes and an IM program that the other player has as well, but zbattle automates this process. First thing you do is open ZSNES. DO NOT load a rom. That comes after you are connected together. Open ZSNES and go to NETPLAY and select INTERNET (Heres a pic)

After you do that, you will see this screen. (another pic)

Decide over the IM program which of you will be server and which of you will be the client. Whoever is the server should then give the client their IP adress. It is located at the bottom of the netplay menu. The client then types the host IP address in the long blank spot. (another pic)

After the client puts the host IP address in, the host then presses the START AS SERVER button. After that is done, the client then should press the CONNECT TO SERVER button. The client's IP address is not required. After connection is made, which can take up to 3 minutes, then you will see a chat screen. All you have to do is go to game and load rom. It does not matter wether the host or client loads the game. The only requirement is that the roms must be unzipped and have the same name. While playing, press T to chat with each other.

Theres another thing you must know about ZSNES. If you have a firewall, you need to either disable it or let port 7845 be exempt from the firewall. If you are using Windows XP, you must disable the built in firewall that it has. Simply go to your control panel, select windows firewall, and disable it.

Now, to make connecting even easier, download the zbattle program at . Install it, and it's dead easy to use.

IMPORTANT... If you are on a router, then you will not be able to netplay until you configure your router properly! DarkAkuma (the creator of Z-net) has made an excellent router help page to assist you in doing that. (Find it here) has ZSNES. Make sure you get both 1.36 and 1.40 as some games, such as Mortal kombat, and others, work best on 1.36.

And finally, go to for zbattle. Easy to set up, but it only works with UDP.

There you have it. If you have any questions, ask and I'll see what I can do. I am willing to play tech support if I have to. But please refrain from asking for roms, as I would like to keep this thread open as long as possible. And let me know if this little tutorial helps any, or if there is anything I need to clarify.
Thank you for reading this.

*EDIT* Please note, if you STILL cannot connect, UNCHECK the allow UDP box in your netplay menu, and have the other person do the same. It should work then, but using TCP/IP instead of UDP can be more laggy. Only do this as a last resort. And do NOT do this if you are 56k. It will lag horribly then for sure.
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