Yatagarasu Donjon Game

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I did a search on this game and got nothing here so I figured I would let everyone know about it. Looks pretty interesting and the animations are pretty nice.



Dev Blogs:


AtTheGates did a write up of game engine and characters from the demo here:

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showpost.php?p=7780499&postcount=30 (Thank you for the info)

Newest demo download link (Thanks to Zero3K):


-Game is officially out now. Purchase your copy now.

Updated 01/05/11:

-Netplay patch is out along with some changes. Check the main site for download link.

-Character Chains List (Thanks to Spooty Whiteboy):

-Video clips:

I'll continue to update this post as more info/updates come.

11/11/14: I've been really behind on this thread and do apologize. I will see if I can update this post with all the current information that has been posted recently. Keep an eye out for the game as it gets closer for release on Steam.
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