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The "Official" SSBM Thread.



  • G.O.TG.O.T #1 Haggar fan Joined: Posts: 2,164
    EazyP you have a very good bowser, but i like this guys especially.


    YO. Could someboy do some tests for Bowser for me since i don' thave my GC. I think Bowser might have sme useful tactics off of edge canceling from fairs off platforms.

    Example: Yoshi's Story; Player 2 runs at Bowser from below. Bowser jumps Bairs on the edge of one of the platforms, edge cancels...then does Koopa Claw right after edge cancel to catch him. Or another scenario where Bowser edge cancel's the firebreath, WD backwards then dsmashs because opponent decided to roll.

    What I mean to say I've seen the Dphanna vid about edge canceling, and platform canceling. And I've been trying to develop some new strategies/mindgames based off of that.
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  • ZodiakLucienZodiakLucien Joined: Posts: 66
    most of that stuff doesnt really help. platform cancelling is really situationally and in most cases more flashy then useful. Especially for bowser. fair to PC'd fair is fun though.
  • ILLiterateILLiterate DA BESS Joined: Posts: 924
    Hai Lucien, I remember that one time I Link dittoed you and won, it was awesome

    I need to play you again now that I don't suck out of control, you JC Shine champion
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  • Seany_BoySeany_Boy Forward Joined: Posts: 201
    One of the best ways to fight a falco as marth is to take the lasers. It's not really a big deal to take even 20% damage in lasers, because if you land a grab you have a much better chance to kill falco than if falco were to land a shine. Only reason I think a marth would lose to a falco is because the falco is just better, or the marth is impatient.
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  • SystemSystem Joined: Posts: 508,676 admin
    Any of you fellas play a decent ganon(I main marth, but ganon is my alt)? I rarely see awesome ganons, and although I play a "technical" ganon (l-canceling, wavedashing etc) it could use improvement.
  • JacJac Makin' It Rain Joined: Posts: 105
    Ganon isnt one of my favorite characters to use but when im bored Ill play as ganon just for fun and its pretty decent too
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  • Sexperienced.Sexperienced. kdh Joined: Posts: 5,359
    is melee better than brawl?
  • white shadowwhite shadow WHAT'S MY NAME NYUKAH?!!! Joined: Posts: 13,932 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    is melee better than brawl?

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  • SynikaLSynikaL Melee Prophet Joined: Posts: 1,728 ✭✭✭✭✭ OG
    is melee better than brawl?
    Most definitely !
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    Moved to the Smash forum.

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  • WazurauWazurau 悲憤慷慨 Joined: Posts: 22
    jesus this is old
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