Tips/Rules for posting in the Newbie Sakiyo Dojo

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Hi Guys,

I really like the idea of this forum. It's always a tough job organizing info on the forums while at the same time getting to quick, basic questions without running into thread derailment issues and the like. I'm going to take a second to list out some tips for posters that might keep in mind. This is not meant to influence the intent of your posts, but instead give you the best chance of finding the info you seek.

Tips for asking questions:

Format (Likely to change): A preferred thread title format would look something like "SF4: Ryu - How do I FADC?". This is of course only possibly if a question is so specific that this information can be provided in the thread title. At this point, use your best judgement and try to make it look nice while things come together.

When asking your questions try to include all pertinent information on the subject that one can muster. Besides the obvious, any information one recall might be helpful.

-What Game/Character/Stage?
-Actions immediately before/after

When asking for help, first decide what type of answer you seek. Are you looking for an escape to a particular situation? A counter attack? Do you need help dealing more damage in a match-up? It's of course difficult to figure out the answer to your question, but a little critical thought can help the speed the process along quite a bit.

Important!: When asking questions, try to avoid discussions about things that don't have a direct question/answer scenario (IE: Opinion based topics). For example, try to avoid making topics like "Who is your favorite character in SF4?" or "Why should we use game mechanic XYZ in game ABC?". These topics are more suited for other areas of the forum as they can cause long debated discussions that most new players won't understand. Also, simply put, they're a magnet for trolling, or generally will be seen as trolling attempts themselves.

Be Humble: Realize in this situation you are asking for help. Put your ego aside and try to work with the help you are offered. Enjoy this experience as you learn and grow.

If you make a topic just to cry/whine about something you're going to get a warning. This is a place for learning and asking questions. That doesn't mean make a topic "omg xyz is soooo cheap" keep that stuff on other forums.

Tips for Answering Question:

Try to find any information that isn't included that may be helpful.

Be Honest: Use language that represents the true degree of your statements. In other words, try not to say "This move beats c.strong" or describe a fail-safe counter if you are uncertain. If some experimentation is required in a situation but you only have a faint idea of what you'd do, try to explain it as such.

Be Humble: Realize in this situation someone is humbling himself, asking for help. Be courteous when offering help, do not insult beginners for lack of knowledge. Make this experience enjoyable so the scene can grow.

Last, but above all, to everyone in the forum - Play nice. We're here to help. This could be something great for SRK and fighting games in general, so treat it nicely and help it along. Please don't flame the noobs. Blatant trolling and trolling topics will not be tolerated Newbie Sakiyo Dojo.
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