Shaking hands before or after matches. i get it but...



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    Just open your mouth and say something, a handshake is not necessary unless somebody sticks they hand out and even then just fold your hand up and hit them with a fist bump because I dont know where your hands have been and keep it moving. I think that carries the message that I'm not mad enough to fight you because I got my ass handed to me in a video game it was fun now let's keep it moving.

    If I lost badly in a match I'm usually not going to say good game if they were intense matches. Im going to say "Oh hell naw you aint have to fuck me up in street fighter like that, this nigga got cheat codes(moreso a football or basketball game(real life) than a fighting game though)". If you ever, ever, ever hear me say good games I'm going to be sincere about it. Stuff like this isnt really obligatory, I'm saying it because that's how I feel.

    However don't say gg you only write or type that abbreviated version out you're never supposed to say it aloud....... that' s kind of embarrassing yourself.
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    What a worthless piece of shit thread.

    Yeah I can't believe a debate actually even came up about this.

    Here's the jist guys cuz I've been going to local and major tourneys 4 years straight including 4 Evos in a row. Some people will shake your hand and some people just won't. That's tournaments. Jimmy's post made it seem like there's several players in the scene who don't shake hands after fights but in reality most do shake hands or at least say good fight after things are through. Though YOU ARE going to run into people who just won't say shit or won't shake your hand. It's also NOT ALWAYS because they are trying to be rude or outright hate the way you play SF or anything like that. Some people are just anti social or are just too caught up in their loss to give you a handshake. Especially at an event like Evo where people have been training for all year and then a 2/3 match set decides whether or not they get anywhere close to a chance to make it to semi finals after a 4 hour flight or 10 hour car ride. I've had people literally look at their stick like it was broken or put their head completely down on the stick after barely beating them in a tournament. Sometimes you're just too caught up in the moment to shake hands.

    You will also get the people who just won't shake your hand period even after the fight is over but you can generally tell who those people are before the fight starts. Usually if the opponent doesn't say shit to you before the match starts don't expect to feel the warmth of their hand when you win/lose easier. In the end people are people and a hand shake after every fight is not going to make the difference between the scene crumbling to the ground or huge sponsorships.

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    Your epic walls of text are nice and all, but...
    Personally I'd never refuse a handshake if it was offered. Why be a prick? . . .

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    see, something is wrong with people on srk sometimes, because i have no idea how people that dont know me, can get so upset over me saying i dont want to shake hands..

    Who would have guessed that when you make a thread that you don't do socially accepted things, you'll get backlash!
    people are in la la land if they think every competitive scene doesnt have its different type of players. you think everyone in the nba, nfl, mlb, wants to always be so courteous? of course not, and it fucking shows from time to time. im sure if teams had options to sometimes just walk the fuck off after a game, they would do it sometimes, but there is a whole other beast behind the scenes that dictates that from happening. a beast that is not within the competitive gaming scene, which is nice, because it allows us to express ourselves freely however we like. if we wanna blab a little while beating someone down, there is no one to pull a red flag, you just have to suck it up, and keep focused. anyone here raging ever wonder why no tournament bans shit like shit talking, and general hype, because that is the scene, its gonna happen. that is the beauty and freedom of it. if i want to get up after a match, unplug, and walk away, i can do that, and i dont need to worry about being dq'd for bad behavior, or penalized in any way.

    Again, that's your thing. Good for you.
    the fact that you say something like my thread seems to be begging for attention, and pisses you off, is completely fucking retarded. im sorry. something obviously is wrong with you, if you cant be like, nah, i disagree with him, ill vote to shake before or after, and just move on. what is wrong with you personally inside that makes you read probably only some of what i posted, and be like, who the fuck does this guy think he is asking questions like this on my forum. no, seriously though.

    Are seriously trying to deny that you are just trying to start shit? Seriously? Hell you're trying to provoke me right now. I dunno if you're just being thickheaded or trolling.
    i came in and said how i feel about hand shaking, made a poll out of curiosity, and that was that. it was others who had to pull out their usual wannabe srk thug shit, and start calling me names, and talking bout they gonna spit on me and crazy talk that will never ever happen in real life.

    A: Dude your OP had so much name calling it's not even funny

    B: No shit, it's a forum. Ignore the ones you know are just talking shit
    ignorance is bliss on srk, we know that. its easier to assume shit about someone, and lash out in typical "cool" internet fashion

    Which is why you put:
    i think some people got some major insecurities in here, considering the amount of heat coming off some of these post.

    I'm not even trying to be that hostile towards you, so don't go off calling me names for inexplicable reasons.
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    Some people, I won't say who, need to learn to not take themselves so seriously.
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    Jimmy's post made it seem like there's several players in the scene who don't shake hands after fights but in reality most do shake hands or at least say good fight after things are through.

    word. well i didnt mean to imply there was anyone exactly like me that just doesnt want to shake your hand at all, and i dont think i made this clear, but although im not a fan of saying good shit, or good games after every match i have out of some so called courtesy towards the other player, but if someone says good shit, ill reply with a, word, or something. no big. im just not really big on handshaking and all that. ideally, yes, i just wanna sit down and play, and keep it movin. does that mean im gonna talk shit to anyone, or be a complete anti social dick? no. i invited a couple md players, and a fellow tvc player to drinks on me during the breaks at last years evo, and i dont talk to them much, and i never met royalflush before in my life before evo, other then on the forum. im not exactly a dick head in real life, nor am i some weird anti social nerd behind the forums, but when it comes to the match at a tourney, i just want to sit down and play. im trying to stay in my own personal zone. i dont wanna shake, and we dont have to even say anything after. id probably be more inclined to big you up later on the forum, then say shit to you there. thats just me.
    some of the BEST players that people want to see at tourney after tourney have done this before, past, present, and not to distant past, but the scene didnt die just because a couple egos, or a couple randoms that took a win or a loss, and just kept his hands to himself.

    thats what i said. i was just pointing out that, not everyone is always gonna put their hand out to a winner, or a stranger all the time, and that does not make them some anti social dick.. if anyone watched jeff's videos speaking on his past, it obviously didnt sound like the most lovey dovey type shit, but its not like they were all uber dick heads who you wouldnt wanna be around. they just had their own certain way of playing to win, and keeping a certain swag about how they got down in games.

    this is not directed towards you deviljin, but this is where some people have me twisted. im not some random who has never been a part of a scene, or anything, and just sits behind my computer all day ranting on srk. i was a regular part of my tekken scene for almost 3 years before i moved away, and people know me, im cool as shit. everyone who met me at evo last year for tvc knows im cool as shit. we all kicked it, and chatted it up, but i just personally am not a fan of hand shaking. does that mean im just gonna mean mug you before and after a match? no, lol. whats wrong with people. hell, if it was tense, i might have to say good shit myself, or if its at me, ill reply with a word. but personally for me, im not into handshaking at all, and im selective on all the good game shit. thats just me though. i want to come in and do work. save all the cool shit for later. thats when ill be like, yo, you wanna go get a shot at the bar or something.

    can a brotha have his own personal tourney mentality please. ha ha
    Which is why you put:

    yes, i do think people are having some insecurity issues. maybe im assuming myself, but the post speak for themselves in my opinion.
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    I have no problem with shaking hands after a battle. I did it a whole lot while playing MVC2 in the arcade, along with KOF, and many other games.

    When I played this one guy in Street Fighter 2: CE, he talked mad shit, but I ended up winning and I offered a handshake--but a second after realizing he wouldn't accept it, I pretended I was sneezing, so I brought my hand back up to my face to cover my mouth real fast so I wouldn't look like a fool. I was pretty annoyed by it, but realized that some people are just douches no matter what.
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    Shaking hands or saying good games just shows some respect and good sportsmanship, I usually do one of the two after a match.

    I don't usually initiate the hand shaking, but if someone puts their hand out I'll shake it. If they don't, I'll say good games, if they don't respond I don't care lol.
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    If a man's had time to jerk off during your match you are doing something wrong.

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    Before the match its all business (unless they wanna shake hands, than I'll be sure to shake) but after the match I always make sure to shake the hand of my opponent, whether I won or lost.
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    True story:

    A couple of years ago at EVO, I went up against a scrubby Chun Li player (in ST) that literally didn't do anything but throw a random fireball and then jump forward LK/MK and then mash out legs. As a Dhalsim player, those moves have high priority and can be tough to counter correctly. A few times my spacing was off or my timing was off. But mostly, I was just thrown off by the fact that he kept doing the same thing EVERY SINGLE TIME. Surely, I thought, this time he'll change it up. After all, this guy came all the way to Evo to play. There's no way he'll do jump in LK -> legs for the 50th time. 49 times sure...but not 50. But, I guess that's the mixup. And he kept it up. Anyway, the last round came down to the wire and I just barely squeaked out the win. As ashamed as I was to almost get beat by those "tactics", it was a close game, so I got up, said "Good game" and stuck out my hand for the shake. Dude just unplugged his controller and stormed off. The fuck?!

    So, two things:

    1. That guy was a dick
    2. jimmy1200...I have to ask...was that guy you?

    EDIT: Almost forgot to give my thoughts on the subject. If you win, be courteous and shake or say GG. If you lose, don't be a dick. Be a good sport either way, basically...IMO.
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    ^ lol. no, that was not me.
  • SweetJohnnyVSweetJohnnyV Streets ahead! Joined: Posts: 1,981 mod
    LOL! Fair enough. Figured I had to ask :wgrin:
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    I nominated this, great post.
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    Yeah that's the thing. I love fighting games because they really show off the personality of who you are playing against both in and outside of the game. The flowchart chun li was just looking for a quick win and then gets upset when his strategy was ultimately predictable and failed him. Its just hard for some people to fly or drive all the way out to a tournament and put their all into it just to lose. The whole sportsmanship thing isn't on their head and they just want to win.

    What they don't realize is that fighting games are ultimately an art and it requires u to respect the opponent. The way the chun li player was playing even through the game showed he had no respect for ur mind as a player seeing he went after u with the same pattern like u were a training dummy. Someone who plays one dimensionally will ultimately also only see one dimension in real life. Themselves. They are only thinking about what they are doing not realizing what u are doing as an opponent is equally as important to their goal of winning the set and moving to the next bracket round. Sometimes people learn from it and for others it just becomes their personality in tournaments.

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    You guys had me rolling by page 2... :rofl:

    Anyway, fist bump ftw. My hands get clammy as I'm sure half of these posters have the same situation. Do you fist bump, jimmy? :rofl:
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    Found this hilarious for some reason. >_>
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    Terrorist fist bump ftw.
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    Anyway, fist bump ftw. My hands get clammy as I'm sure half of these posters have the same situation. Do you fist bump, jimmy?

    i should substituted it for a hand shake just to be funny. just fist bump their hand shake and walk away. good games! lol!
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    If someone offers you their hand and you snub them, it's basically like spitting in their face. Not all post-game situations require a handshake, but if it's initiated just behave like a civilised fucking person. Wash your hands after if you must.

    Personally, this past Christmas was my first time at a real arcade and after every game I lost I'd just give them a brief nod-- a sign of acknowledgment, but nothing intimate or serious.
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    In casuals, it doesn't really matter.

    In tourney, sometimes I shake the other guys hand before the match and say "good luck" or something. It's just a friendly gesture.

    After the tourney, win or lose, I'll shake your hand again, because it's a friendly gesture.

    Tourney's aren't just about video games. To me, tournies are half about the games, and half about the people. I like to make friends, especially with those in the FG community, so if you refuse to shake hands for really, no reason, you're only portraying yourself as unfriendly. And of course, you can do fist bump/say GGs, etc. You just have to have some sort of sign of well, a friendly gesture. If you don't, people will think "wow, that guy is a douchebag" before they even know you. First impressions are important, and if you don't even try to be friendly, then you're not gonna make friends.

    So you might say "So I don't want to make friends." Fine, of course nobody is asking you to, but is it really fun to go to a tournament and have nobody to talk to, and have not a single person there respect you regardless of your skills? Imagine playing a tournament match against a guy who has a lot of friends. His entire crew is cheering him on. You have nobody cheering you on. Is that really fun? I've made some of my closest friends in the fighting game community. Yeah, some people are sore losers. I'm a sore loser, too, sometimes. But you still can't take that away from your opponent in the tourney match. Your opponent wants to win, too. Nobody plays to lose. Not shaking their hands for trying to win is a dick move. So even if that's not your intention, that's what it's seen as. If you get up and just walk away without saying anything or acknowledging your opponent or something, you're not gonna have people wanting to talk to you or hang out with you. However, if you get up and say "I don't do handshakes, but good games, bro" and walk away, people won't hold that against you.

    So it doesn't really matter to other people. It's really just about how you want to portray yourself.
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    I always shake hands win or lose. Now, if the other cat doesn't want to shake my hand that's cool, too unless he's trying to be a jerk about it, then maybe it's time for some real life Street Fighter.
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    Yeah that's the thing. I love fighting games because they really show off the personality of who you are playing against both in and outside of the game.

    Yup, same here! There are people that are super good technically, but have no intuition or response. There are people that are very good at reading people but can't capatalize on shit. And IMO, most people fall in-between and have some skills in both areas. Playing these games definitely gives you an insight into how your opponent thinks and their strengths and weaknesses. It's interesting for sure.

    That's especially why I think it's nice to give a handshake or GGs or high-five or whatever after a match. You always have two skillsets up against each other and the way that plays out is interesting. Sure, sometimes it's a tough matchup. Sometimes someone gets lucky. But most of the time, someone just plain gets outplayed. And I'd like to think that the fighting game community is close enough that we can suck it up and say "Hey man, well done!".
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    After beating someone i usually give them a hug & a slap in the ass...People love hugs just make sure your dicks dont rub onto each other & the slap in the ass should be without pause during contact...

    Also if someone does win in a tournament, i really think we should start doing group hugs to the winner...I think this what the fighting community needs...We need to start having more comradely among our community
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    I will shake my opponents hand even if I have to reach into his pocket to grab it.
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    Fuck fighting games for a minute, I don't get the aversion to shaking hands period. You don't fuckin' shake hands when you meet someone somewhere? What he fuck is on about actin' hard and shit, who the fuck are you trying to impress if you don't shake hands? I can understand being upset, not respect the person, bein' all in the moment and jumping and shit. But all that aside if you have respect for the other person and respect for yourself why the fuck not. Shake hands after a good game, tell the mother fucker good game. No reason to be a little twat about it all. Seriously, you all got issues if people shaking hands after a video game disturbs you so much.

    If a guy won't shake hands, fuckin' fist bump, whatever then he's probably socially fucked up or just a straight up run-of-the-mill asshole. That has nothin' to do with fightin' games expect that's another situation where it'll happen.
  • Syxx573Syxx573 Jo Mama Joined: Posts: 8,963
    people who don't shake hands after matches or refuse to shake hands after they are offered are bitches. if you aren't down with shaking hands at least say good games
  • MihaiMihai umeshoryu Joined: Posts: 1,697
    I think that ppl who act hard are just socially retarded. Same goes for those who act rude in the name of honesty and claim they are sticking to their principles. Shaking hands is a sign of respect. No matter if it means anything or not, it's a sign of respect. If I hate my neighbor, I'm not going to tell him he's an idiot whenever I see him because it creates unecessary tension, and it's just plain rude. Unless you have a disorder like that guy from the suitcase show, you should be shaking hands or showing some sign of respect like a head nod or saying GG.
  • FoldoutChairFoldoutChair Smiley Joined: Posts: 180
    i should substituted it for a hand shake just to be funny. just fist bump their hand shake and walk away. good games! lol!

    But paper covers rock. You're a tool AND you lose a telegraphed game of rock/paper/scissors?
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    ^nah, a proper handshake would look like an attempt for scissors, so rock beats scissors. i win still. now if he went for like a sideway hand shake, i might lose though.
  • IdunoIduno ...what to put here Joined: Posts: 5,539
    ^nah, a proper handshake would look like an attempt for scissors, so rock beats scissors. i win still. now if he went for like a sideway hand shake, i might lose though.

    You shake hands with vulcans now?
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    Regardless of the outcome of the match, shake hands or at least say GGs. It's courtesy.
  • MRGAYMRGAY meaty atk = my cock Joined: Posts: 634
    i should substituted it for a hand shake just to be funny. just fist bump their hand shake and walk away. good games! lol!

    Shit man, that throws me off every time. I fist bump, they want a handshake and then it reverses. then I'm like 'C'MERE MAN' and I hug them. YES I HUG just like rcaido. EH OH GROUP HUG.

    god I'm thinking again
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  • jimmy1200jimmy1200 Joined: Posts: 8,874
  • Riot GuardRiot Guard Old School Joined: Posts: 3,907
    LOL at givin somebody a high five. "GG's, now give me a high five."
  • VecayseVecayse Joined: Posts: 154
    Nothing wrong with a handshake after a match, shows sportsmanship? Dunno I don't generally do it though unless someone sticks out their hand.
  • MRGAYMRGAY meaty atk = my cock Joined: Posts: 634

    See, jimmy ain't so bad after all. You just have to play nice. =)

    I do wanna face you in SF, though. Gunna chase you all around EVO for a handshake. xD Nah, I'm playin'.
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    If you don't at least try and shake in a serious match then you're a tosser.
  • jimmy1200jimmy1200 Joined: Posts: 8,874
    im sure come evo i will be forced into hand shakes, and i shall accept my defeat. lol! we can ssf4 mm. im gonna try to take the sf4 series serious without having to drown myself with alcohol first to be able to play it.

    edit. im just gonna tell everyone to bump it, like the mcpoiles on its always sunny. lol! "good games. bump it"
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    the next match i lose i'm gonna ron artest the fuck out of someone watching me
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