Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

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The Introduction thread got stale. Let's try this again.

1. Stay on subject.

2. Do not ask for help.

Lessons learned from AkihabaraShop:

An LS-55 spring magically fixes the JLF for me. It also turns into a solid stick for shmups. It was an obscure reference I caught in another post. I'm guessing most people would call it too tight. It's tighter than both my LS-32 and LS-56. Has anyone else tried this? Thoughts?

The LB-45 (large balltop) is insanely huge. I'd be curious to know if anyone regularly uses one and how you grip it. I had to use the 'grip of doom' which is the equivalent of shifting a gear on a manual transmission.

The LB-30 (small balltop) is comical looking but I actually liked the thing. It feels like it gives you extra precision in shmups. I left it on my LS-32 for now. It's a little too clumsy to use for fighters.

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