Official HORI RAP Premium VLX (VEWLIX) - VX (360); V3 (PS3) - Arcade Stick Thread

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7/8/10 update :
Real Arcade Pro. EX Premium VLX

Real Arcade Pro. 3 Premium VLX


XBOX 360

What is it ?
A stick made by hori+taito modeled after the Taito Vewlix Cabinet itself, it is NOT a to-size replica of the arcade panel.
It is full Sanwa parts on stick and buttons, like the real panel.

How much is it ?
Currently it is $300 USD before taxes at the Hori usa store.

Can it be dual modded ?

Can I swap out the JLF for a Seimitsu LS32?

past info :
Coming to the USA this year via hori usa store?
EXCLUSIVE: Hori USA To Bring A NEW RAP Premium VLX In The US! ? SDTEKKEN.COM ? Tekken News Resource!

Still may be possibly available through Akihabara
Buy HORI Real Arcade PRO.3 Premium VLX (PS3?) -

Buy HORI Real Arcade PRO.EX Premium VLX (Xbox360?) -

2/1/10 Update :

The VLX along with standard turbo button features and storage compartment for cords, has a maintenance area to hold two buttons.
So you can switch to 7 or 6 buttons easily.

older info :


??????? Lever unit ? : JFL-TP-8YT-SK (I'm assuming this is a typo for JLF)
??????? Button unit ? : OBSF-30
OBSF-24????????? OBSF-24 (start button)

28 572 Japanese yen = 316.406328 U.S. dollars as of 1/30/10

????????Pro.EX Premium VLX / xbox 360 /
????????Pro.3 Premium VLX / PS3 /



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