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Welcome to the Buffalo Fighting Game Community thread on SRK.

This thread is a matchfinder for any new players to the WNY region looking for competition or to meet up and play offline, and also a way for old players to reconnect and communicate with the FGC.
Feel free to discuss anything Fighting Game related here as well as drop comments on the community, gaming, life in the B-lo or whatever other type of conversation floats your boat, we're a pretty easy going bunch.

The Buffalo FGC also communicates largely on facebook: Buffalo Fighting Game Community (much more active than this thread currently)

We currently play the following Fighting games competitively in the Buffalo area:

We hold tournaments often, and travel to most Majors. View current posts to see what is going down on a week to week basis.

We're always looking for more people to join in and play games with us. We sport every kind of player from Casual to Hardcore, we welcome anyone willing to learn the games, hang out with us and as a community we are pretty chill and just love to throw down in these FGs. No one is going to seek to embarrass you or call you out if you are new or not good at a certain game yet, so definitely come meet us before giving in to general FGC perceptions out there. We have done a good job of weeding out the bad seeds and never have issues come game day :)

You can PM me for more information if you aren't comfortable posting up in this thread.

We generally play on these days:

Saturdays from 12pm to 12am @ Game Space (Inside Paddock Golf Dome Complex) 175 Brompton Rd. in Tonawanada
Monday Nights from 7pm-12am @ UB North Student Union- Flag Room (2nd floor)
Wednesday Nights from 7pm-12am @ UB North Student Union- Flag Room (2nd floor) (on Hiatus)
There are lots of sessions going on throughout the week at various player's homes all the time, once you get to know us, you can certainly get in on it!

We also host various streams on : twitch.tv/celestein (view recent posts for times/games being played)

If online playing is more your thing, here is a full list of our current players online:



Only way you are gonna get better, is come play the best in your backyard- here we are.

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Buffalo FGC- meeting every Saturday at Game Space (Paddock Golf Dome) 175 Brompton Rd. Tonawanda ~ Join us!
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