How to fix Mortal Kombat



  • ArtVandelayArtVandelay Architect Joined: Posts: 5,336
    How about no more buttons for blocking, running and getting rid of changing stances?

    Then they'd have to design a real fighting game and after 20 years we should know that Ed Boon is incapable of doing that.

    Mortal Kombat/Injustice single player is fucking boss though.
    Only enjoyable aspect of the game.

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  • OrochiDemonOrochiDemon Joined: Posts: 1,537
    Theres a UMK 3 tourney on the 11th at a retro store on the Genesis. :/ me and this dude who has a crush on a female employee were thinking of training for it and he could impress her, but we both figure that the long time players will show up and kick our asses. Id play Cyrax and just use the net and grenades.
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