Trouble with execution!

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So the trouble is I can perform the evac toss well but i cant finish with the final part of the attack. I play pad so im a little confused with the execution. Do i do the evac toss then hold all three buttons let off or what? Help please. I know i sound stupid but i know im doin something out of order.


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    No one can help?
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    This sort of thing is explained in the main Rock threads really.
    The answer is yes, tap and hold all three buttons immediately after the evac toss to charge the blast, release to fire it.
    Or after the evac toss tap release then shine knuckle.
    I forget if you merely had to just tap or not the three buttons or just two, I always double tapped three to be sure as you have enough time either way and doesn't take anything away from combos.
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    You don't need to press 3 punches. Only 2 punches. So if you're using pad, press R1 and Triangle. The timing is easy, just keep messing around til you find out ^^
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