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Vid 'announcements' get hidden in the Tournament Results thread, so... I figured a new dedicated thread would at least make it easier for people to track what's new on my site.

Currently shared vids are here at

Do NOT use FlashGet. FlashGet is broken. It will randomly WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE download thousands of copies of the same file, completely DESTROYING the web server you are trying to use it with. If you use FlashGet, I will ban you.

Subscribe to this thread to get my update announcements, or just check the page directly for updates. This thread will generally get new announcements first, since I like SRK peeps more than completely random peeps. :smile:

A full searchable list of all the footage I have is here:

You are welcome to post up footage or links to footage of your tourneys/play as long as its decent stuff. If it's a combo video, don't post it if it's interlaced.

I will host fighting game footage for other people... just ask - better than MegaUpload or something like that. You can hit me up on AIM ('zachdms') or MSN ('') or PM me here.

To get me footage, the best options for me and the site are:
* regardless of all else, ZIP or RAR it into one package
* Option A: put it upon rapidshare / yousendit / megaupload and send me the URL preferred
* Option B: send it to me AIM
You could also send it to me via MSN/Windows Live Messenger, but that sucks at last check since it doesn't support resume (does it do that now?).
You could also ask me to set you up a temporary account on my server, but that's a minor pain in the ass that I'd generally like to avoid. If we do that, you can only use FileZilla (SFTP) to get to the site, no other upload manager will be able to connect.
I don't like being on AIM, so just ping me on this thread to get on AIM and I will. : My giant archive of fighting game videos, centered around MvC2.
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