The Official Post your Arcade Cabinet Thread!!

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I figured we need a place for everyone to post their Arcade Cabinets. Custom Built, MAME Machines, Cocktails, Straight from the arcade, Whatever!!!

I've seen some really nice cab's here, but it's hard to find them all.

I'll start.


This is my Dynamo 20" Street Fighter 2 Cab. Currently houses a PS2 with hacked DS1 pads under the CP.


Up next is my Current WIP. It's a vewlix style cab using T5's as a CP. This should be done in a few weeks.


Last is my MAME setup. Usually going for high scores in Donkey Kong. Had to build the CP from scratch. Pretty Stoked about how it came out.

Alright all, let's see some Cabs!!!
[TMNTTF - Leonardo]
[Donkey Kong - Jumpman]
[UMVC3 - A Button, B Button, C Button + S]
[MK9 - Scorpion, Freddy Krueger]



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