New MEMBER! located in central texas! meetup possibilities?

aquatictacoaquatictaco Joined: Posts: 12
are there any central texas meetups/tournaments?

austin/killeen/waco area?

or would there be any interest in having one?

might be willing to get one together if there is enough interest

a local gamestop has had some tournaments with mk8/UFC trying to get more fighting games like KI/sf4/etc



  • crotchpunchacrotchpuncha Joined: Posts: 22,297
    Look in Regional Match Making, this is not the board for this thread.
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    ? This post should have been Moved, not Closed. Unclosing it and Moving it.

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  • RyanCRyanC using brain.... NOW! Joined: Posts: 215
    I'm in Austin and have been wanting to play. Have you found any people?
    Made you look.... your ad here.
    Call 1.888.MSP>Cable
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