Looking to start a group of friends

MasterRurouniMasterRurouni Joined: Posts: 3
Recently I realized that many fighting game players (New and Old) struggle to find more friends who share their same interest to get better. I am creating this thread so that people who want to either friend me or others have a place to look for them. I am a player looking to hopefully get better to play in tournaments (USF4). If anyone wants to add me my gamertag is Master Rurouni (Xbox live). I am around a 2000 pp player. I usually play later at night usually because of school.
Still Training!


  • Gamer DaddyGamer Daddy Joined: Posts: 119
    Add me Dirty NSS. 2000pp and play with Hugo.
  • ZanyZany FGC Noobie Joined: Posts: 14
    I just got a stick and USFIV and try to play an hour every day. I am learning Ryu right now and am always up for playing. My gamertag is ZanyFiddler.
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