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Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Player Roster



  • Dreadz18xDreadz18x Long hair dont care Joined: Posts: 525

    XBL GT : Dread Primetime
    Location: South FL
    Characters: no longer have a main, been playing a mix of characters
  • SE4WOLFSE4WOLF Joined: Posts: 9
    Location: UK
    Characters: whoever

    Just got a stick and Im the only person on my friends list that plays fighters. Help a brother out!
  • killonaterkillonater @killonater Joined: Posts: 110
    SRK: killonater
    XBL: killonater
    Location: SoCal
    Character: E. Honda, Ryu
    Brian "killonater" Bui (Pronounced: kill · o · na(y) · ter)
    Follow me on twitter: @killonater
    SSF4: E. Honda/Seth/Gen
    SFxT: Yoshi/Kuma
  • RemitiusRemitius xbl: Remitius SRK Joined: Posts: 5
    SRK: Remitius
    XBL: Remitius SRK
    Location: Southern U.S.
    Characters: Balrog and some random alts

    I'm looking for anyone at least subpar at the game.
    I have a good internet connection
    I don't have a mic
  • SoulTakerSoulTaker Joined: Posts: 1
    SRK: SoulTaker
    XBL: SoulTakerx5
    Location: New York
    Characters: Makoto, Yang

    I'm a beginner looking for practice.
  • TecTec974TecTec974 Joined: Posts: 1
    XBL : PSLD
    SRK : TecTec974
    Characters : E. Honda, Dee Jay
    Location : Reunion Island (French overseas territory)
  • Missing PersonMissing Person Quickly becoming the Sailor Moon S guy. Joined: Posts: 14,107
    SRK Name: Missing Person
    XBL GamerTag: WatCnBrwnDo4u
    Location: Qingdao, China
    Characters: Cody, Chun-Li, Deejay
    XBL: WatCnBrwnDo4U | PSN: LanierIsPlusEV/FORpowerfulGame | CFN: MissingPerson/YddeDdeDe GGPO/FightCade: Missing Person | Steam: [TAS] Missing Person | Battle.net: MissingPersn#1365
    Twitter: JTMMissingPersn | Instagram: jtmmissingperson | Twitch: twitch.tv/missingpersonsrk
  • DramatixDramatix Could be better. Joined: Posts: 4,607
    SRK: Dramatix
    XBL: WeirdHoodie
    Characters: C.Viper, Rose, Cammy
    Location: Maryland
    "Everyone in here has had someone who tried to convince them that they were sexually harassed, and you did not believe them because they were not cute."
  • SkzimSkzim Joined: Posts: 28
    SRK: Skzim
    XBL: Skzim
    Characters: ken, seth, cody
    Location: va
  • Squawking GooseSquawking Goose Scrubby Gouken Joined: Posts: 12
    SRK Name: Squawking Goose
    XBL Tag: GapingJewwAZZ (ima change this later)
    Location: Santa Cruz, Ca
    Characters: Gouken, anyone else that's not gen
    XBL GT: WashedUpHaloGod
    Games: SSFIV AE, SSB N64, Any shooting game.
  • rcorporonrcorporon Joined: Posts: 533
    SRK Name: rcorporon
    XBL Tag: Yewni
    Location: Northern Ontario, Canada
    Characters: Cody, Ryu
    PSN: Yewni
    SFIV: Cody / Fei Long
    P4A: Kanji
  • woodenTEETHwoodenTEETH Electronic Panhandler Joined: Posts: 694
    SRK Name: woodenTEETH
    XBL Tag: w00denTEETH
    Location: Toronto, Canada
    Characters: Any low tier character that benefits from lag
    I cannot have fun if I am not winning. I refuse to accept that I am not good enough to win. Start making games designed for me. :arazz:
  • M.D.M.D. digs older chicks Joined: Posts: 4,188
    SRK Name: Maximusdread (or M.D. for short)
    XBL Tag: DrDreadman
    Location: Gainesville, VA
    Characters: Seth, Gief, Gen, Abel
    "I'm deeeeeaaaadd!" - Williams
    UMVC3: Shehulk/Haggar/Thor
    SSF4: Seth, Gen, Zangief
    KOFXIII: Kim Team, Ikari Warriors, Hwa/98 Kyo/Raiden
  • JedahJedah Joined: Posts: 28
    SRK Name: Jedah
    XBL Tag: JedahMTL
    Location: Montreal Canada
    Characters: C.Viper

    Looking for Practice partners to improve and Learn
  • JackyJacky Hope runs deep. Joined: Posts: 4
    SRK Name: Jacky
    XBL Tag: Neisons
    Location: Long Island, NY
    Characters: Cody

    I just got the game two days ago, I'm trash. Need people to play with so I could get better. Please add me.
  • VariaVaria Self-destructive Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: Varia
    XBL Tag: VariaZero
    Location: Philadelphia, Pa
    Characters: Sakura

    Need to improve, I didn't play for a month and regretted it.
    Youtube channel - It'd be nice if you stopped by and watched or commented on something.
    What determines if I buy a game: Is Sakura in it?/Does it have cool effects?
    P.S. I main Sakura (SSF4AE) and I love Alpha 3
  • bodentonbodenton Joined: Posts: 2
    SRK Name: bodenton
    XBL Tag: bodenton
    Location: Hollywood, fl
    Characters: cody, guy,

    looking to practice and improve, feel free to add me.
  • MachoRhombusMachoRhombus Joined: Posts: 2,958
    SRK Name: Machorhombus
    XBL Tag: PenguinShivers
    Location: Mexico City, Mexico
    Characters: Zangief, Sagat on ocassion
    CFN ID - PenguinShivers

  • WBXtremeWBXtreme Joined: Posts: 3
    SRK Name: WBXtreme
    XBL Tag: willenglishiv
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Characters: Dudley, Ryu
  • Mr.SNKMr.SNK . . . . -B Joined: Posts: 1,809 mod
    SRK Name: Mr.SNK
    XBL Tag: Mr SNK
    Location: Arizona
    Characters: E.Honda
    A article on how to get better at fighting games, give it a read you might learn something.
    Random E.Honda footage/My Youtube page.
  • KoolersamaKoolersama Flight_mode Joined: Posts: 9
    SRK Name: Koolersama
    XBL Tag: Ko0lersama
    Location: Ny
    Characters: Blanka
  • Mikey Is DopeMikey Is Dope I wanted the Concords. Joined: Posts: 54
    XBL Tag: Dope Is Mikey
    Location: Washington D.C.
    Characters: Cody, Guile
    XBL GT = Dope Is Mikey
    PSN = Watowa
    Feel free to add me, i'm always down for matches.
  • WantonxWantonx Mooseknuckle Sammich Joined: Posts: 2,111
    SRK Name: wantonx
    XBL Tag: ROFLhawse
    Location: Ga
    Characters: Gouken and some other alts when I'm feeling saucy
    Having seen Cool Runnings a bunch of years ago, I consider myself a certified bobsledding expert
    XBL : Racetract
  • MelficeXMelficeX Each Fight Is A New Lesson Joined: Posts: 23
    SRK Name: Melfice X
    XBL GamerTag: Melfice X
    Location: Brooklyn, NY
    Characters: Ryu, Evil Ryu, Akuma

    Looking for some XBL friends from SRK...
    XBL Gamertag - Melfice X
    My YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/melficex1
    My Twitch Stream www.twitch.tv/melficex
  • DarksydefluffyDarksydefluffy Joined: Posts: 49
    SRK Name: Darksydefluffy
    XBL Tag: darksydefluffy
    Location: Saint Louis Missouri
    Characters: Blanka Honda Guile Boxer Dictator
  • ArmacDriverArmacDriver Joined: Posts: 199
    SRK Name: ArmacDriver
    XBL Tag: AddamStark
    Location: Louisiana
    Characters: Cammy, Abel
  • KageVincentKageVincent Let the practice begin Joined: Posts: 73
    SRK Name: KageVincent
    PSN: CodeVincent
    XBL: KageVincent
    Location: NYC
    Characters: Gouken, Ibuki, Sagat
  • NorieagaNorieaga FADC x ROFLCOPTER Joined: Posts: 4,224
    XBL: Norieaga
    Location: East Coast
    Characters: Gouken (main), Akuma, Rose, Ryu, Dee-Jay, Cammy, M. Bison
    Skill: solid fundamental player, won't do anything stupid when I play but I won't really "wow" you either

    Add me if you enjoy chatting and playing at the same time. Ideally I'd like to do endless battle with a bunch of people while in a party chat.
  • SamuraiGuySamuraiGuy This Is Bushinryu! Joined: Posts: 41
    SRK Name : SamuraiGuy
    XBL Tag : RenanS3D
    Location : Pará, Brazil
    Characters : Guy
  • rushtonrushton rushton21 Joined: Posts: 13
    SRK Name: rushton
    XBL GT: rushton21
    Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
    Character: Sagat

    Still a beginner player points float around 1k, I am a B Sagat, looking for some consistent endless battles.
    ssf4:ae 2012 - sagat
  • MatchatMatchat Joined: Posts: 44
    edited January 2014
    SRK name: Matchat

    XBL GT: Pumped Aaron

    Location: Washington State, USA

    Character: Sagat ?Rose? (contemplating this, I'll probably play her SOMETIMES)

    Beginner Player in terms of skills, but I've -very- casually played some "looser" fighting games (Super Smash Bros. Powerstone) for a long time.
  • Ninja PhilosopherNinja Philosopher The Claw Of God Joined: Posts: 654
    SRK: Ninja Philosopher
    Characters: I mostly main my high rank Claw but I also sub E. RYU, YANG, BOXER, GUY and IBUKI. Also have a decent knowledge of all other characters.
    Live in UK and I share the account with two brothers so me being online is hard at times.

    An intermediate player, willing to teach and be taught. There is always something to learn.
    Like a ninja, I sneak and fight.
    Like a philosopher, I speak and write.
    Subscribe to Lymbros. We ain't great but we are working on it. We do comedies, gaming and music though not much content is up yet. Stay tuned.cI play all fighting games and any other. Vega! If you wish to challenge my awesome ninja skills then message me :D XBL: DAKO360 WOLF. Not always me on. USF4: Vega all the way! Sub Decapre, Rolento, Guy, Cody. AM ALSO AVERAGE WITH ALL CHARACTERS; UMvC3: Taskmaster/Ghost Rider/Dormammu.MK9: Reptile/Smoke. SC5: Xiba, Kilik, Natsu, Nightmare, Yoshitinmapants, Ezio and Raphael.SF3TS: Yang Remy Twelve.
    Also play a majority of games.
    As an aspiring actor, writer and musician; I welcome you to ask of my assistance. Do not hesitate to also ask for my wisdom upon chosen characters on any game. Thus if you have nowhere to turn to in times of need, then I am your ally. Now respect your peers. And may they respect you.
  • drwill439drwill439 I'll never understand. Joined: Posts: 2,963
    SRK Name: drwill439
    Xbox Live Gamertag: DrW1ll439
    Location: Columbia, South Carolina for the next couple months, then Atlanta, Georgia around mid November
    Character: Cammy

    I'm trying to get into the competitive scene just for fun. I'm always up for any advice or critiques from other players, along with any sparring requests as soon as I get my Internet set up.
    Steam: [PCFL]Dr. Will Xbox 360/One: DrW1ll439
    PSN: drwill439 CFN:WKA439 (PS4) or drwill439(Steam)
  • HalberdiusHalberdius mm my hugo juggles.. watch him make people soar. Joined: Posts: 228
    SRK name: Halberdius
    Location: Los Angeles,California
    Character: Andore Hugo

    Hammer mountain! O_O..... KO
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