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OK, so BOOM! Studios got the license to release comics based on Disney franchises, off the top of my head these titles are/were:
Incredibles (by Mark Waid)
Toy Story
Darkwing Duck
Duck Tales
Chip n' Dale: Rescue Rangers

I may be forgetting some titles but those are the ones they published.
I once asked Sano about Disney comics recommendations and his response is informative:
The problem is that most of Donald Duck and Scrooge comics by Barks cost WAAAAY too much money. No joke. His Omnibus series goes for about $100 dollars a volume for 10 volumes! That's $1,000!!! When Gladstone had the rights they put out a lot of books around the $100 - $300 range too. Oh I'm not making this stuff up...

There's 2 TPBs for the real Duck Tales, all of the stories the cartoon lifted from Barks' comics. Those are cheap. I think they still leave out the Glittering Goldie story - Back To The Klondike - because that story is considered a classic that goes for a lot of $$$ most of the time but I'm not too sure if it's included or not.

There's going to be a collection by Barks coming out that's affordable by Fantagraphics later this year. They are shooting for putting out 2 volumes a year and I think they are in the 20/30 range. I'd hold out if I were you.

Don Rosa's stuff is a lot cheaper. You can get the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (eisner winner) and there's also a second book, a Companion collects side stories from it too - you can jump back and forth between both books to read them in order but it doesn't matter. Pretty sure Boom just re-released both if you can't find the older editions.

Gottfredson's strips (Mickey), I'm not too sure if there's a collection for them, well I've seen EXPENSIVE ones that Gladstone put out (which were not collections per se, the books would cover one of his one to three month long stories IIRC). I can't see Disney and Fantagraphics not doing a collection for those too down the road.

Al Taliaferro's Donald Duck comic strip (he invented Huey, Dewie, Louie, Grandma Duck and Gus Goose) has never been collected in a TPB. His strips just appeared in random Donald Duck comics by Gladstone when they had the license (many on the back of their comics too) which is how a lot of people of my generation were able to read those strips. Gladstone wanted to do a collection but Disney nixed it because there was an entire month or so making fun of Native Americans. Strange because there's more than enough material they can use without that one month, but maybe Disney doesn't want to explain their omission by just not releasing a TPB.

Hope it helps those that are looking to find some Disney comics.
I'll update in the future with some more Disney comics and such, but until then, feel free to discuss their titles.
Read the latest issue. One part made me laugh out loud on the train ride home LOL! These easter egg cameos in the background are getting crazier and crazier. Oswald the Rabbit? A GUMMI BEAR! Damn!

Love this series. Looks like they will be doing a crossover story with the Duck Tales comic next. Can't wait!

Alas said crossover will be, apparently, the finale for the comic since the license expires and there's not plan for a renewal =(
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