Tier list/Competitive Choices.

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Rocking on CS: Extended via Steam, but it's hard to find content on the new version and I'm curious as to how characters fall.

Who are the top picks?
Which characters are known for ground combos vs air combos?

Anyone care to share their personal tier lists?


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    oh. Uh. Sorry. I guess I missed this.

    Uhm... I forget the exact extend tier list, but it was something like:

    Dumb Tier: Ragna (He's actually just S, but he's so much EASIER Than the rest of S tier that he gets his own special callout from me.)
    S Tier: Arakune, Hakumen,Taokaka,Valkenhayn
    A Tier: Anyone not in another tier.
    "B" Tier: Makoto, Tager, Tsubaki

    No sorting within tiers (it's Alphabetical).

    I don't think anyone is particularly known for a given type of combo, though some of the lower tier characters have bad air-to-air combo potential. (Tager, Tsubaki, Platinum, maybe Makoto, dunno).
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    The 2 BlazBlue players Goro and Dora share their tier list in BBCP2.

    S: Jin, Nu
    A: Valkenhayn, Hazama, Kokonoe, Relius, Litchi, Tager, Taokaka
    B: Azrael, Ragna, Tsubaki, Makoto, Bang, Izayoi, Carl, Noel, Kagura
    C: Rachel, Platinum, Bullet, Celica, Mu, Lambda
    D : Amane, Terumi, Hakumen, Arakune

    S: Hazama, Valkenhayn, Jin, Nu
    A: Kagura, Kokonoe, Azrael, Relius, Makoto, Litchi, Tager, Taokaka, Tsubaki, Ragna, Carl, Izayoi, Hakumen, Bang
    B: Noel, Rachel, Arakune, Platinum, Amane, Bullet, Mu, Celica, Lambda
    C+: Terumi

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    But the OP was asking about CS Extend.
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