Mick Gordon leaves Iron Galaxy, Atlas Plug and Celldweller to compose KI Season 3 OST instead

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From Mick's Facebook page post:
To my dearest Killer Instinct friends,

I give the greatest thanks to you all for your incredible support and trust with this kick ass fighting game. I’ve been a devoted fan of Killer Instinct for 22 years and it has been a dream, an honor and great privilege to be involved in the re-imagining of the Ultratech universe. The opportunity to dabble in the world laid down by Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate and the rest of the exceptional team at Rare has been an absolute dream…

Friends, I’m sad to say that the time has come for me to move on to something new.

I’d like to shout out a massive heart-felt thanks to Double Helix Games, Microsoft and Iron Galaxy for allowing me to share in this truly amazing experience. These passionately dedicated teams have been an endless source of inspiration and they all share a deep, infectious love of the Killer Instinct universe. Speaking as a fan, we’ve all been incredibly lucky to have these groovy people behind the development of KI.

And to you, the fans that have made all this hard work and late-nights worthwhile, I thank you from the bottom of my linker-parry-windkick-quartercircle-monster-combo-heart. I’ve absolutely adored every tweet, forum post, email, FB message, letter, handshake, hug and fistbump. Your endless support and encouragement is the driving force behind the Killer Instinct sound. We do this for you. There would be no KI without you. Thank you. Keep blocking, spot those lights/mediums/heavies, trick a lock-out and go in for Ultra!!!

I’d also like to give a shout out to my fabulous team of collaborators, musicians, singers, lyricists, translators and engineers. Thanks to you all for lending your fabulous skills and knowledge to the Killer Instinct soundtrack!

I wish Iron Galaxy and Microsoft the very best with the future of KI and I’m incredibly excited to see (and play!) what’s in store for Season 3!!!

Party on, dudes!


From Ultra-combo news post:
If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching the trailer for Rash repeatedly since its release early yesterday. And in those brief moments you’re not glued to each frame of Battletoad-y goodness, you’re humming the theme to yourself. Your reactions to the music in this trailer, like mine, have been filled with elation. Go ahead. Take another moment to listen to the Soundcloud embed above. We’ll wait for you…

Killer Instinct has definitely had an iconic sound to it thanks to the work of Mick Gordon, but the above title has already alluded to one fact – this awesome piece was composed by someone else.

First things first, we want to thank Mick for everything that he has done for the Killer Instinct franchise, the passion he poured in to the project, and the beautiful music delivered through our ears each time we play the game. Naturally, we wish him the absolute best going forward, and can’t wait to see what he has in store.

So who is taking over the mantle now? Allow us to introduce you to Celldweller and Atlas Plug who both have quite an extensive and diverse musical history. We got a chance to ask them a few questions around their work, Killer Instinct, and what’s in store for us all. So let’s dive right in to the Q&A.

The Q&A Interview is here --> http://www.ultra-combo.com/introducing-atlas-plus-celldweller-composers-for-season-3/ <--

So what do you guys think of this? Are you disappoined/excited? Where do you think will Mick go next?
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  • d3vd3v Coughing DAT PINK SPIT Joined: Posts: 37,280 mod
    IIRC, Mick never worked for IG. He was simply an outside contractor signed to do the music for S1 and S2.
  • noosetesternoosetester Joined: Posts: 856
    Celldweller is weird. He is super skilled but makes the worst music of all times.
  • TheSurefireGamerTheSurefireGamer Grappler Specialist. Joined: Posts: 1,210
    I knew this was coming, but I was at least hopeful he'd finish up Tusk & Kim Wu's soundtrack before moving on.
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  • Diek StiekemDiek Stiekem Team triple terror for MvCi Joined: Posts: 2,620 mod
    d3v wrote: »
    IIRC, Mick never worked for IG. He was simply an outside contractor signed to do the music for S1 and S2.


    On subject, Mick did a extremely wonderful job on the music for Season 1 and 2 (the only thing the was a bit lackluster imo. was Riptor's theme but that was due to time constraints so that's understandable).
    To me he set the bar on what a fighting game OST could and should be (something that has been overlooked a lot the last few years, especially compared to SF4).
    So yeah, I'm sad to see him go :( I'll wait and see with the new composers will do but they have big shoes to fill imho.

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  • BigBadAndyBigBadAndy Joined: Posts: 17
    So much going on and the ultra-combo forums are still down...

    I think Mick did a great job, although I'm not as obsessed with KI's music as many of the fans. I'm not hugely into heavy metal, which is the sort of baseline for KI's music. I tend to like the tracks that are unpopular - Maya's and Riptor's, for example. Anyway, Mick was certainly beloved and he will be missed by the community. Having said that I think the Battletoads theme is really well done so maybe these new guys with the weird millennial anonymous internet names will do a good job too.
  • SoVi3tSoVi3t Behind The Iron Curtain Joined: Posts: 29,196
    His integration of the music in the menu's and in fights and in ultra's was spectacular, it's a shame he couldn't finish the last season :(
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  • truendymiontruendymion Beer Me! Joined: Posts: 2,280
    Safe travels Mick, we'll miss yah.
    Based on the Rash theme it seems we're in good hands thankfully.
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  • DonkerDonker Joined: Posts: 69
    I was sad about this at first, but Mick has done a lot for the game already and I'm sure they new guys will give the music the attention it deserves.
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